I’m not sure if Tina handled them under one of her classes in Nursing Skills Laboratory or perhaps in one of their rotations under her tutelage at the Operating Room but one thing’s definite, I became their lecturer in Medical-Surgical Nursing years ago. I remember tormenting challenging them daily to exert their best with no mediocre exams, surprised recitations, longest quizzes and hardcore homeworks. And guess what?  These kids went beyond my expectations. Their batch was brilliant!

The last time Tina and I were with them was over a sumptuous dinner at Mr. Rockefeller restaurant in Greenbelt 3, Makati where they, together with their closest friends from our class, treated us after their graduation.

Fast forward to few months ago, Nicole and Carlo asked my permission to be one of their Ninongs or to stand as one of their Primary Sponsors in their upcoming post-Christmas wedding. How could you say no to something so special? It’s one of those events that we will attend on our days off in Manila soon! 🙂

Two of our best former students will march down the aisle in few weeks time.
It was early last week when Nicole informed me that they have sent their wedding invitation to our home address here in Penang however, it’s too late when I thought of providing our office address instead.  I should have considered it because no one is left in our home to receieve the parcel. I didn’t know that the pack was huge that won’t fit our mailbox and required a proof of receipt.
So after Nicole and I coordinated via fb, after we have both called DHL to change the address where they should deliver the invite, after 4 attempts of DHL in sending it over at our doorstep, I finally got it from our office’s reception desk. 
The wonder boy got his Santa hat and wore it and asked me to photograph him with that huge envelope. *excitement unfolds*

Inside that DHL parcel were the very first Christmas card we received this year and their uber perky pop-up wedding invite.

With great-looking invitation, comes great responsibility.

(In the Philippines) It goes without saying that Primary Sponsors’ role peaks beyond marching the aisle at the wedding rites, giving pieces of advice and a short speech and doing ceremonial toast at the reception, as it entails becoming a second parents to the (soon-to-be) newly weds.  At the age of 35 and with only 8 years (and counting) of marriage, I didn’t expect to assume the part so soon (have you ever heard a ninong or ninang in wedding younger than my age?). I take it as a blessing to be given an opportunity and a privilege to extend our family with theirs. 

one of the coolest invitations we've received! 🙂

Good luck sa speech ng Ninong-Doc sa reception ng kasal! (I was handpicked too by the couple to do that requirement and I kiddingly replied,“sana man lang ipina-raffle nila ang names ng Ninong at Ninang to do the part, hehe!). Will this be a precedent to string of similar events? hahaha! 🙂

See you soon, mga inaanak! 🙂


27 thoughts on “NICOLE & CARLO

  1. Galing galing! two thumbs up Ninong! See you very soon, =) sana maganda din kalabasan ng wedding para ma-iblog haha 😀 Thanks Doc, alam ko din namang hindi mo kame tatanggihan sa alok namin.

  2. Awww… I really wish I could be there as well. I’ll look forward to the pictures and Tito Doc’s blog about that momentous event.
    You could wait a few more years, Doc. Baka lang naman may another invite to knock on your doorstep 🙂

        1. freezing weather? we like! 🙂 i remember back in 2005 when we spent 7 weeks in auckland, nz, 8 degrees lang weather (at sa south island doon like dunedin daw ay abot pa ng -2!) sarap ng malamig, wag lang rayuma! hahaha.. at least you get to layer your clothing, madali nang manamit kaysa sa pagpawisan like here. oh well, i’m not complaining. i cannot. 🙂

    1. hi grace! the sled was part of the christmas greeting card.
      anyway, me? now a ninong-material? bagong term iyon ha. 🙂
      is that a compliment or what? 🙂 hehehe!

  3. hahaha oo nga. wala pa akong kilala na at that age nagninong or ninang na. pero i guess it’s not in the age. it’s how a person is mature enough to share and provide guidance to a person. yun ang nakati nila sa inyo.

    ganda ng invite btw. 🙂

    1. it’s flattering actually to be standing as one of their second-parents soon. e halos barkada lang kami ng mga iyan (sa edad di naman nagkakalayo, hehe!).

      yup, we like their invite too. kaya nga i asked permission from nicole if i can share it here on my blog. pop-up na pala uso; 8 years ago ours was so simple, custom-made pa kasi on a budget. 🙂

  4. Hi docgelo…Its my first time here in your blog. And I should tell you I was in awe of your photos.

    I’m still mastering the basics of photography as of now…Will keep on checking for your soon-to-be adventures 🙂

    1. hello, rich! thank you for those kind words but like you, i’m still in that getting-to-know-you stage with my cam; i only bought less than a year ago and still got to learn the art of photography.
      thank you for visiting my blog and as i tell my other blog buddies, you’re welcome to frequent here and feel free to browse my previous posts. enjoy!

  5. ang bata mo ngang NInong Doc, baka alam nila sigurong galante ka hahaha and of course you deserve naman maging NInong dahil sa kwento mo palang magaling na lecturer ka talaga 😉 so malamang magaling din mag advice sa mga magsing irog 😉

    ang cute ng invitation and syempre ang galing na ng mga kuha mo, naks idol talaga…at sana magrenewal of vow kami para magkaroon naman ako ng bonggang kasal (na wala kami nun) at gusto ko yun mga designs ng invitation ngayon unlike noon …… baka maging Ninong din kita lol so breaking the record yun yung tipong matanda pa yun ikakasal sa mga ninong at ninang hahaha

    1. bata? oo! malayo pa ang treinta y singko (at edad natin! –ilang taon lang tanda mo, di ba PO, sardz?) sa pagiging senior citizen. galante? hindi. mali. dyan sila nagkamali kasi may taste lang ako kaya lang low-budget, hahaha! bahala si tina sa regalo. sya pipili but seriously, we have something in mind already. not much but we’ll make sure it’s remarkable for the newly weds.

      baka maging Ninong mo din ako? ayos yan, submit natin sa guiness pagnagkataon. hahaha.. 🙂

  6. hey that’s nice! maybe i will have a pop up wedding invite too 😆 talk about creativity and fun. this couple must’ve rocked. and you’re a lecturer? wow. that is so cool 😀

  7. btw, i was just on a blog friend’s website, with a… idk how you call that, but it has the latest posts from other bloggers and i saw beyond toxicity. i was like, “i know beyond toxicity, i’ve been there before” and then you pop up my page and i knew i’ve really been here before!

      1. i don’t know, i’m not techie, most times i’m stupid about these things. i’ve been here before, it’s just that i don’t know my way back! usually i rely on links from people leaving comments on my blog so thanks for dropping me the line and i was able to be back here. 🙂 i think you’re cool. you are in msia right? you are lecturer there too?

        1. fret not, i’ll frequent your blog from now on. 🙂
          yup, i’ve been lecturing in a medical university here in penang for about a year and a half now. but my wife+our kid and i will be coming home for the holidays very soon! iba pa rin ang pasko dyan sa pinas! 🙂

          1. oh god that is so cool! i was once a CI but it did not work out 😆 i agree, christmas here is crazy. my boss is chinese and he asked me what was it about our christmas that we start preparing for it once -ber months come in!

  8. very exciting. so you’ll be in manila for the holidays, how equally exciting that is.

    enjoy your new role. you’re a bit young for that, but i guess they respected you and thought highly of you to give you that role. enjoy the party.

    1. “you’re a bit young for that…” –thank you! i mean, age is the least of my concerns but i thought so too! nonetheless, i cannot say no to these 2 people who’ve been a part of our (mine & tina’s) so-called careers. we’re thankful they’ve considered us. it’s an honor, actually (am i beginning to sound like a ninong? hehehe! 🙂

  9. Hi there,

    I’m representing HK Disneyland looking for bloggers to send over to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2012 for a sponsored trip and in exchange bloggers would have to do a few blog coverage on Hong Kong Disneyland on behalf of the client.

    Shall you be keen, please email me.

    I have previously sent some bloggers like Hannah ( and Vince ( for 2011 and we are keen to work with more bloggers for 2012.

    Do hope to hear from you soon!


    1. wow, thank you ms. jaclyn for including me in your list of bloggers for that sponsored trip to HK Disneyland.
      i have emailed you, maam about this. again, thank you! 🙂

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