Thank God it was another extraordinary weekend! We spent our Saturday night celebrating an event momentous to kids and their parents. Gabby and I attended his school’s Graduation and Rewards Night which was done without formalities, nonetheless with fun, food and more importantly,  values transcending cultural and religious diversities.

An infinity pool at the 5th level of a premium appartment building in Butterworth, Penang served as backdrop of the event.

Gabby arrived at the venue about 2 hours before I came. He was picked up by his Mandarin teacher at around 6PM from our place because they needed to have last minute-rehearsals so he was brought to Seaview Tower, the venue of their program (where his school’s principal and teacher lives).

Neither grand stage nor velvet drapes were at sight. What welcomed me were a casual poolside platform and a group of happy and proud parents with their kids! 🙂

It was my first time to attend a poolside Graduation event. Informal yet fun and memorable!

Blame her VERTIGO (read : severe dizziness) that Tina wasn’t able to join. 😦  

Meet the first two people who greeted me at the event.

The Unsung Heroines of Gabby's school : Indian-Malaysian, Mary who impressed me with her English fluency and Ate Josephine, a Kababayan! Both of these women take good care of Gabby and his schoolmates before, after and whenever their teachers declare breaktime and class dismissal.

Few minutes after I arrived, the program began. However, I had to give Ate Josephine’s spread a try so I stayed with her in one corner while I dunk my fork in some of these…hehe! 🙂

Parents can’t wait to see their kids perform…

Not long after Ms. Jasmine, their Principal and Gabby’s teacher made her welcome remarks, the little beautiful “ducks” came out dancing, quack, quack, quack! …nice!

Who could not remember this “walang-kamatayang” dance song from those Korean singing sensation, Wonder Girls…

Most kids have musical talents…

There were inspirational performances too! One by one, kids came in front with boxes labeled with Hate, Sorrow, Fear, Greed, Pride, Stress then one of their groupmates introduced them to the Holy Bible, thus their negative boxes were transformed into Love, Joy, Security, Giving, Humility & Peace.

But of course, I am partial to Gabby’s acts.  His first with his friends was a brief drama skit about a King and his Ungrateful Servant. Guess what Gabby portrayed….

Then he sang his heart out with the song, Shepherd of My Soul….

After the song of the choir, must take a bow!

looks more like meeting de avance!

 Certificates were given to those who graduated the Primary School.

I also went on stage after a colleague, Dr. P (on-photo, whose daughter is one of Gabby's schoolmates) gave away honors and certificates to the graduates; I did it too! It was a pleasure sharing the stage with those cute twins who came out in immaculate ballgowns. It was a moment that I wished that Tina and I have little daughter(s) too!

 I was given a simple token for being one of the kids’ presenters…

simple but it's the thought that counts! 🙂

 The program ended at almost 10 in the evening and we all went home with smiles and stories to share.

our precious one!


    1. grade 1 sya dapat sa pinas after graduating prep last march dyan.. pero dito when he took the exam, he was accepted to grade 3. all his modules from USA are for grade 3.

  1. LOL @ meeting de avance. malay mo nga naman, baka future president si Gabby.:p pati ang smile, pang-artista. i’d prefer this casual affair, mas relaxed ang parents and the kids, too. i remember my nephews running around in their stiff barongs, their mother running after them afraid they’d get dirty before the performance.:p

  2. ang laki na ni gabby grabe! 🙂

    mukhang multicultural ang school…judging from the kids and the parents. that’s a good training ground for gabby.

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