Feeding the ego or lauding the soul? Either way, I know perception is relative. I’m posting these compiled proofs of GRATITUDE because I’M PROUD not of their praises but of the fact that GRATEFULNESS still EXISTS in this age when almost everything is digital, wireless or remotely controlled.  

Chatty's one of my former Filipino Nursing students, registered and currently enjoying her life in Europe. She's one of my most intelligent students; her class was a gem!

 Appreciation, if freely given makes you happy, definitely!

Eric's also a former Filipino Nursing student, now licensed and is into traveling and photography. He's one of my most responsible and behaved male students (at least on my class); others were notorious.

 In whatever form, expressions of THANK YOU always leave a healthy scar on the heart. 🙂

Hannah's one of my Malaysian PreMed students who's now in Galway, Ireland studying Medicine in one of those schools affiliated with my current work place.

 On a much lighter note, even CELEBRITIES know how to say THANK YOU to anonymous soul like me.

Exhibit A : Jim Paredes of the ever famous Filipino singing group APO, replied to my email when I asked him about schedules of his photography class in Patis Tesoro’s garden cafe in Quezon after Christmas (I got a negative response but made me smile ear to ear!)….

Exhibit B :  Immediately after watching The Kitchen Musical on AXN (musical TV series presently being shown all over Asia where Filipino artists are featured with no less than Gerard Salonga as musical director and arranger), I tweeted Karylle Tatlong Hari (the star of the show and daughter of Zsazsa Padilla) and she INSTANTLY sent me DM!  *kilig*

Exhibit C : A simple appreciation of my unsolicited advice in one of CVS’ well-read posts. Those words were short but totally spoke of acknowledgment.

I therefore conclude, GRATITUDE is the BEST ATTITUDE!

When did you last utter the words, THANK YOU? 

What were your most memorable recognition or acts of gratefulness?

Me? The mere fact that my family and I are waking up every morning is more than enough to be thankful for! 

Thank you to those people who are appreciative.  Sana huwag kayo maging extinct! 🙂





  1. yes every single moment always say thank you.i remember nga na pag sinabihan ka na “ang galing mo naman” we always say “hindi tsamba lang” but that is wrong. we should say “THANK YOU” hindi ka naman nagyayabang eh your thanking them for their appreciation.

    kaya Doc, Thank you too 🙂

  2. naku docgelo, sa totoo lang, overflowing ang thank you sa aming buhay. that’s one thing i’ve always tried to instill in my daughter: gratitude. kaya ayun, si wendy, minsan napagasasabihan na sobra sa thank you! hehe! pero mas maganda na yun kesa naman sa wala diba?

    as people, and as bloggers for example, our heart will always swell (in a good way) hearing words like these. sa totoo lang, ako, sa pagboblog ko, i don’t expect to really make an impact. i just want to share. but when people send me messages of thanks for inspiring them [even telling me that i’m one of their idols in blogging…OMG, are you sure? hehe!], nakakataba ng puso. it’s certainly one way to touch other people’s lives. 🙂

  3. oh we’re thankful in this family too. we never fail to say that either.

    these thanks from students are your ROI (return of investments) after your hardwork you put into shaping and teaching them.

    i worked as a guidance counselor in a private all-girl high school, so i’m not foreign to the school setting. i remember one day one of my students told me how i prevented her from cheating on the exams. how did i do that i asked her? she said by simply standing next to her while i was proctoring their test – their adviser was in a meeting and i had to fill in. she further added that i may have esp since i can tell she was planning on cheating. malaman yung tingin nyo sa akin miss eh, parang alam nyong may kodigo ako – i can’t forget that.

    sa truth lang i had no clue, ikot lang ako ng ikot sa buong class 🙂 i never told her that i had no clue.

    sarap din mag turo ano?

  4. Teacher’s Day ba? Happy Teacher’s Day doc! hehehe those were all nice comments, inspiring kakainggit (na naman hahaha). It’s very timely here in the US, xoz next week is our Thanksgiving Day hehehe but of course it’s more on historic ang pagpapasalamat 😉 Ako, masaya na ako every time my hubby thanks me after he eats our meal hehehe ( di kasi marunong magluto e lol) at ako naman panay din ang thank you sa kanya dahil kinakain niya luto ko hahaha (ang sweet! LOL).

    1. hi, sards! teachers’ day was several months ago and incidentally, this post was a week before your thanksgiving day there in the US.

      bakit iba ang naiisip ko sa last statement mo? LOL! 😀

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