Whenever clock hits few minutes after 5PM on a Monday-to-Friday-basis, Tina and I head to the bus stop just in front of our work place to hurriedly go home. And while on our 30-40 minute ride, we wait for Gabby’s call to inform us that he’s on his way home too via his service-van from school.  During this time, I usually ask Tina what’s on her mind for dinner. 🙂  Her answer of course, depends on the contents of our fridge and pantry.

Recently, I’ve been craving for some salted eggs on a bed of chopped fresh tomatoes seasoned with either salt or fish sauce (yes, to make it more salty!) so I made sure I bought some.  I grew up liking this Filipino favorite combo and was so familiar with ready-to-eat-red-coated-salted eggs back home. Imagine our fancy when I brought home these from the public market here in Penang…

Those black and monstrous looking eggs are raw salted eggs and they're edible by the way, LOL!

Apparently, salted eggs here in Penang are traditionally Chinese. Unlike the ones sold in the Philippines that are dyed in red to easily distinguished them from fresh duck eggs, salted eggs here are covered in black sand and soil (in some parts of Asia, I read, in salted charcoal paste).

I paid 8 ringgit (PhP 112 or USD 2.54) for 10 pieces of raw salted eggs from the Chinese-Malay vendor at the public market here in Butterworth; cheaper than my recall to its price from Landmark Supermarket in TriNoma about 2 years ago (How much are they now in Pinas?). 

After throughly washing them one by one under running water, these salted eggs were boiled before peeled to perfection to look like these…

Craving satisfied!  🙂  The orange-red yolks are rich in cholesterol, I know. We only eat it once in a blue moon! *defensive* LOL! 😀 Meanwhile, Tina was up for something more…

Salted eggs + freshly chopped tomatoes coupled with fried fillet of cream dory and mangoes were part of our meal at home.

Another day, another feast.

Tina's fresh lumpia with sweet peanut sauce + chopped roasted peanuts & minced garlic toppings, steamed prawns, slices of papaya and some bananas.

Regardless of the dishes on our table, wherever we eat, we consider being together the most appetizing part of our dining! 😀

27 thoughts on “ITLOG NA PULA, ATBP

  1. kala ko nung una nasunog na itlog hahaha ganyan pala ang itsura ng raw salted eggs. sapar naman ng pagkain nyo salted eggs with kamatis. sibuyas na lang ang kulang with calamansi yum.

    and tama ka, kahit anong food ang nasa table it’s the togetherness of the family that makes it perfect.

    1. hindi gaanong kasarapan ng ang itsura ng salted egg dito kung di pa hugas, ano? hehehe 🙂
      however, tina and i find it more delightful than the ones in pinas. their version here aren’t as salty as the ones back home. just the right saltiness to perk you up when eating.
      sarap magkamay habang kumakain! 🙂

      thanks, iana.

  2. nice one doc! pinakita ko to sa nanay ko at natuwa siya at biglang tinawagan ang tita ko dahil hindi niya alam ‘yan… kaya lang sa butterworth mo nabili eh noh? pero meron siguro sa campbell? 🙂

    1. wow, salamat ha! simpleng post pero na-stimulate si mommy mo tumawag sa sister nya. ang husay! 🙂 mayroon siguro sa kahit na anong palengke dito sa penang, basta may chinese, may itlog na pula, este itim. 🙂

  3. oh my gulay, may cholesterol na, maalat pa, eto na yata ang kalabang mortal ni High Blood hahaha! in fairness, masarap nga and I can’t help but buy one myself occasionally at the Fil-Am grocery in NY to go with tomatoes, onions, kalamansi and the pritong isda!

    1. good for you, dennis at maraming pinoy stores dyan sa NYC. dito sa penang, naturingang malapit sa pinas, halos wala. mayroon man, paisa-isa. madalang pa sa patak ng ulan 😦

  4. wow! if only i can eat 1 itlog na pula a week I’ll be a happy camper! John always dissuades me to buy them kc high cholesterol yan.

    anyways, i think its done the same process pa din here – bury the duck eggs in a salty mud for a couple of days and then they boil them in reddish water. jan nga lang you buy them raw pa kaya its blackened. here luto na.

    i like my itlog na pula a bit warm. i wrap them in foil and then put it on top of the cooked rice. chopped tomatoes and inihaw na talong, solb na ko.

  5. the very best itlog na maalat i’ve ever eaten was made by the aetas of zambales. nag ethnographical research ako doon tapos pinakain nila ako ng itlog na maalat with kamatis na kapares ng tinapa at adobong baboy ramo. odiba?

  6. Hanggang ngayon paborito ko pa rin yung itlog na maalat at kamatis (lightly mixed together).You can never go wrong with that combo,sinangag,tinapang bangus and hot coffee in the morning.

  7. sarap naman nyan! favorite ko rin yan itlog na maalat e, kaya lagi akong may stock sa ref nyan dito hehehe, bakit ang itim naman ng itlog nila???! I mean itlog ng mga taga dyan pala sa Malaysia hahaha, pero pag luto parang ang sarap nga parang malangis langis pa yata hmmmp, nakakagutom!

  8. pinoy na pinoy!
    never fails – pag yung lunchmate ko may baon na itloy na maalat + kamatis + mangga, ittrade ko talaga yung baon kong kaldereta! haha

  9. “we consider being together the most appetizing part of our dining” – now that’s really sweet. kakatuwa nga naman pag mga paboritong pagkain ay matagal na rin di nasubukan.

  10. Salted eggs are common to most Asian cultures, but local itlog na pula are the best as they’re relatively less salty. Still, it’s interesting to see how they cure those eggs in Malaysia!

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