With no imposed obligations from them, I’m trying my best to give back to my parents by doing things to Gabby what they did to me and my brothers. It’s one of the simple ways I know to show gratitude to the people who raised us well.

Before I got married and raised a family of my own, I used to put up a Christmas tree with my mom, siblings and cousins on either the last day of October or after Undas (All Saints and All Souls’ Day).  Like ordinary Filipino family, it has been a tradition for us to welcome and usher the yuletide season in our home by gathering around our living room to assemble one of the most famous holiday symbols, the Christmas tree! 🙂

From malls to shops in Divisoria, we usually update our decors almost every 2 to 3 years back then. Once, our mom even brought us to a specific distributor of Christmas decors and novelty items somewhere in San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City (a company called ‘Unique’ that supplies National Bookstores and some department stores in Pinas). We used to have 6 feet Christmas tree with decors that are older than my nephew and nieces.

While on Tina’s end, my in-laws are also fond of sprucing up the house with holiday cheers. Last year, Tina, Gabby and I unboxed my in-laws’ collection of Christmas village that they have purchased over the years from US. (View them HERE!)

Now that I have Tina and Gabby, it’s more apparent that a simple activity as raising a Christmas tree can foster family bonding. 🙂

With only 150-cm- Christmas tree and its decors, he did not contain his happiness! The moment was priceless!

Except for the Christmas lights, Gabby decorated the tree himself, piece by piece…

S & J, a novelty shop in Queensbay Mall, Penang issued their free quarterly “Bento magazine” to promote their items on sale. For the 3 of us, the most interesting items on the pages are the Christmas tree packages with mostly European themes.

There were a lot to choose from; themes were inspired by the key cities in Europe and few from other parts of the globe. There’s Barcelona, New York, Paris, Moscow, Helsinki, Rome, Edinburgh, and the one we brought that the three of us selected in its medium size (4 feet+) -Black forest (in Germany).  The ‘Black forest’ tree was described in the Bento magazine with phrase, “Mesmerize with fairytale toys of wonderland Germany.”

Not only with their themes, but sizes of these Christmas trees vary from small (120 cm), medium (the one we got at 150 cm) and large (180 cm).

Here are detail shots of our tiny Christmas tree….

We love Christmas balls in any color, in any size!

The Black forest Christmas tree package from S & J was lacking of stocks of two types of Christmas balls so the sales ladies asked us to choose from their shelves. Tina singled out little mirror-balls for our tree.

From Mr. Snowman to Santa Clause and reindeers, the decors are a delight to our eyes! Gabby enjoyed putting them on the tree that’s only a bit taller than him.

Got to believe in.... Santa Clause! 🙂

Putting the star on top of the tree is somewhat symbolic. We also wanted Gabby to do it however he told me that he’s already tired so I did the job for him. The boy’s energy was exhausted in our first Christmas activity, hehe! 🙂

Et voila….Gabby’s masterpiece! 🙂

With no explanations needed, Christmas goes beyond those glittery and sparkling decors. We anticipate more our celebrations of the reason for the season as we do this earthly preparations.

Our Christmas tree heightens our excitement to come home to the Philippines on the 3rd week of December.  We cannot wait to see how Manila and our relatives’ places have been decorated for this season!


21 thoughts on “GABBY’S CHRISTMAS TREE

  1. since i bought most or maybe all of the gifts last year, I have more time this year to decorate and enjoy the season. i can feel it already. i’m more relaxed looking forward to the season and i have been itching to start decorating. pinapatapos ko lang thanksgiving namin 🙂

    very elegant naman yung balls.

    1. i heard too that christmas celebrations there in the US starts after thanksgiving, unlike pinas, september pa nga lang pasko na! 🙂

      good for you that you already have gifts prepared. i think that’s more practical and economical. buy things as gifts whenever they’re on sale, set them aside and wrap them before the big day! 🙂

      thanks, maria!

  2. come to think of it, i haven’t put up our tree. it’s so much fun putting up the Christmas Tree especially if you have kids. it’s not in the size of the tree and how elegant or extravagant it’s decorations. it’s symbolizes oneness when the whole family put up the tree 🙂

  3. Wow, Christmas season na nga pala especially in thePhilippines which we always start it in September, here it starts after Thanksgiving which is almost December na talaga. Buti ka pa uuwi ng December, nang inggit na naman hehehe, I miss Philippines pag December kasi mas masaya, maraming pagkain kahit maraming holdapan hehehe. Dito totoong Christmas tree ang ginagamit and ang bango ng amoy, parang amoy…..Christmas tree hahaha. I never had the chance to decorate christmas tree 😉 magastos e lol, by the way nagbabahong buhay na ko may post akong bago hehehe hopefully oce a week na or twice na

    1. hehehe! hindi ako nang iinggit, sards (biro lang!), uwi talaga kami! 🙂

      ikaw naman ang nang iinggit sa fresh na pine tree. mabango? wow… authentic!

      …will swing to your blog soon, thanks!

  4. .. gabby surely did have fun decorating. ‘lam mo, we’ve never had a christmas tree in the house (maliliit na parol, meron, at lights na sinasabit sa kisame), nung bata ako tinanong ko sa nanay ko bakit wala kaming ganyan – sagot nya di kasya sa bahay namin! 😀

    .. until now wala pa rin christmas tree sa bahay pag pasko, di na nga kasi nakaugalian.

  5. We have also already decorated our house with Christmas tree and all. I still need more. I am starting to make Christmas more exciting for the kids, now that we have enough budget for Christmas!

  6. namamasko po!!!

    ang galing naman ng christmas tree may kasama ng decoration. I have had our little (about 3ft tall) christmas tree out of the box since wednesday and it is still bare. ‘lam mo na, busy busyhan. LoL

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