At two years old, he was dressed as a pumpkin. The following year, as Count Dracula. And with his 3 years in Preschool –Nursery, Kindergarten and Preparatory, he wore ninja, scarecrow and tiger-chef costumes with appropriate face-paint makeups done specially by Tina.

From his school to malls in the Philippines such as our favorites, Greenbelt, TriNoma and Gateway, Gabby enjoyed collecting candies wearing his costumes we fancied every Halloween. He was even awarded as a student with “Most Creative Costume” in their school parties for 2 consecutive years.

Being abroad with limited budget doesn’t deter him from celebrating Halloween with other kids. Despite the fact that his school here and our appartment do not have similar activities, some malls here in Penang also conduct such events that add to priceless childhood happiness.  Although admittedly, it’s still best and more FUN doing all these things in our own country (read : we miss the malls and almost everything in Pinas!).

29 October 2011, Saturday –We arrived 10AM, so early at Queensbay Mall and headed directly to Starbucks Coffee, not only to grab quick morning drinks and bites but to be strategically near to the venue and stage where the Halloween Costume Contest for kids would be held. As I went to the counter to order a couple of ventis of frappuccinos (chocolate for Gabby, and dark mocha shared by Tina and me) and a plate of sausage roll, Tina didn’t waste any second and prepared her stuffs to do Gabby’s face paint.

If you must know, Tina doesn’t have any formal training, whatsoever on doing make ups. In fact, she only began wearing them few weeks after she first met me (she’ll kill me for this!). Apparently, she’s doing great with her face and with Gabby’s, isn’t she? 🙂 This proves that Tina has many skills and talents. My wife isn’t only a diligent Operating Room nurse, a dedicated mother, a passionate educator herself, but also a creative makeup artist in her own right! 🙂 She even managed to work well with the face paint I bought from Toys R Us here despite it was far from the brands she told me to buy (supply of those things is rare in this part of Malaysia).

In character before he ate his lunch!

Gabby requested one of his favorites, Pizza Hut for lunch. We’re delighted with a pitcher of Mountain Dew, a small loaf of garlic bread, soup of the day and a large 7-cheese-pizza!

Pizza Hut's Seven Cheese Pizza : Romano, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Provolone, Mozzarella and Cheddar. So heavenly!

Gabby remains to be a purist when it comes to pizzas so he wants it nothing but cheese.  This new offerring from Pizza Hut was welcoming to him and in fact, we all found it sublime that I am craving for another slice as I write this. 

We finished lunch a few minutes prior to 1:30PM call time for all participants. We went back near Starbucks, confirmed Gabby’s attendance and got his number-tag. He was contestant # 6 out of 33 (or was it 34?) kiddie participants all in all.

His royal blue Chinese-inspired satin tunic was a hand-me-down costume from his eldest cousin, that was worn at our wedding reception almost 8 years ago. We only added a few accessories that Gabby chose himself from a store also in Queensbay Mall for him to look more like a Chinese pirate (uniquely wearing a Beijing Opera mask).

Each contestant was called, asked to walk on the ramp and introduce themselves a little and greet everyone a “Happy Halloween!”. It was the very first time we saw Gabby became shy on stage (read : he doesn’t have stage fright for he had won and placed in several declamation contests in his former school back home).

They paraded on the entire Ground floor before the winners’ names were announced.

He lost but nonetheless, we’re definite that he enjoyed the experience this year. Tina and I had fun too being with these kids! As token of participation, we’ll be issued after a week, a  free 8R picture officially taken by Queensbay Mall photographer during the event.

Honestly, when Tina and I saw her and her props, we knew she deserves to be the contest’s grand winner, but this 10-year old girl geared as a ‘Halloween dinner table’ only bagged second place.

First place went to…

Tina and I told Gabby that he had done a good job on stage and made him feel our very own champion. He is and he’ll always be, of course!:)

Group shot!

One more time!

Gabby had fun, he even retained his face paint and costumes on until we reached home; except the fact that he only got candies and chocolates from the organizers of the event themselves because the shops and stores inside the mall didn’t prepare sweets like the way it’s done back home and else where.

How’s your Halloween?

Because obviously, we cannot visit cemeteries of our departed, we’ll just utter prayers for our late grandparents and relatives. It’s what we practice back home on top of trick or treating.

22 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN IN PENANG, 2011

  1. Grabe career yung ‘Halloween dinner table’ girl! in character sya ha, i got scared. good job!

    and of course, hands down to Tina and Gaby for always putting creativity and effort every year. i remember those 3 costumes. ganun na katagal akong nagbabasa ng blog mo Doc. haha!

    1. we liked her costume too and whenever people take her photo, she was indeed in character! sampung taon naman na kasi. we liked her to win, kaya lang first place went to another one with towering props. however that dinner table costume had a similar one, boy naman na halloween baquet kaya parang duplication. nonetheless, our vote was with the girl and of course, with gabby! love your own syempre! hehe 🙂

      thanks, chyng!

  2. your wifey has talent docgelo! tina should try her hand at prosthetic makeup next halloween. i’m sure she will be very good at it as well. i heard mahal daw ang bayad ng mga prosthetic makeup artists.

    1. from being an operating room nurse, to clinical instructor to prosthetic makeup artist? haha, teka muna, tanungin ko si tina.. hehehe 🙂

      thanks, jun! :p

  3. dapat nanalo si gabby! hehe! but isn’t it fun to see all those kids in costume?

    ang galing naman ni miss tina! so creative! nice one! 🙂

    1. biased ka, kumareng grace! hehehe…thanks!
      ayos lang, we had fun specially gabby! gustong gusto nya ang pirate toys and accessories nya! 🙂

      where are you taking wendy? mag trick or treat din ba kayo dyan sa pinas?

  4. gabby is so cute and the make up really excellent. g’leng2 naman ni mrs. tina.

    wow, mukhang bigatin yang contest na yan. fully prepared ang mga bata 🙂 next year ulit sali kau.

  5. Gabby looks so cute in his costume! And props to mrs. Tina for doing a great job for Gabby’s Halloween makeup. Anyway, I’m glad you guys still retained Trick or Treat-ing even if you’re away from Pinas. Most of my friends kasi who migrated would usually change their ways na and would stop doing some of their fave hobbies. I wish I enjoyed Halloween when I was a child, as much as these kids did.. 🙂 Di pa ata masyadong uso ang Trick or Treat sa Pinas dati? haha.. Btw, thanks for sharing! Love Gabby’s photos in costume, and the Halloween Dinner Table girl. 🙂

    1. i consider myself lucky for being with my wife and our kid here. we make the most out of being together.

      thanks, sumi for dropping by here. welcome to my site!
      …will link you up!

  6. It’s good to know despite not being in the Philippines, you still found this contest for Gabby to join – kahit di man sya nanalo, he was able to enjoy wearing some Halloween costume. What’s important was he had a great time. At panalo na naman si Tina for being such a multi-talented wife! Ayos!

  7. Ohmy! The dinner table girl is haunting. I will never let my kids wear something like that. Hahaha. I love Gabby’s costumes through the years. Ms. Tina is very creative too. 🙂

  8. Wow! The costumes are really good and creative. Seeing the second place gave me the creeps haha. Winning is not everything. The activity is a great family bonding. Gabby looks really happy in the pictures too!

  9. Congrats pa rin kay Gabby and Tina! Tina is really very creative ang galing niya 😉 magface paint. Akala ko panalo si Gabby pero ok lang yun, better luck next time. Pero ang galing nyo ha, you always join the halloween contest at meron pala niyan sa Philippines di ko alam hahaha. Siguro pang sosy lang ang halloween sa tin, like you guys hahaha. Kaya siguro di nanalo yun girl kasi, ang hirap nyang kainin e may nakatusok na kutsilyo kasi hehehe. Yun first place di naman maganda, hmmp dapat si Gabby na lang hehehe.

  10. talagang late mag open ang mga malls and other establishments diyan noh? i remembered na 10 a.m. na pero closed pa mga stores sa gurney… and i must say na may talent si wifey sa face painting! and good job to gab… 🙂

  11. belated happy halloween, gabby! mukhang marami ka sigurong nakuhang treats!

    katakot yung bata na may kusilyong nakatarak sa ulo! waaah! sana wag ko mapanaghinipan! :,(

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