In one of the laterals of Chulia Street in George Town called, Love Lane…

Gabby and I spent an afternoon with this string instrument…

If you think it’s a guitar, look again…

It’s smaller version of guitar, or something like that…

A few Sundays ago, in the company of different nationalities, on a FREE musical workshop conducted by Joshua and his GF, Anne, both musicians from Australia, held in a quaint art gallery owned by Malaysian-Chinese, Clovis & Joey called, Unique Penang Art Gallery located in one charming street, Love Lane, Gabby and I enjoyed something that doesn’t happen on a daily basis.

Can you spot Tina & Gelo

Ukulele.  Have you played one lately or perhaps during your childhood? 

All ukulele were provided (only) during the free workshop session to all attendees which comprised of a group of Asians, Europeans and some other expats and tourists from various countries. We blended in. 🙂

Josh showed some ukulele videos before introducing the tiny string instrument to us. His girlfriend, Anne, also sang and played the ukulele with him.

Then he taught some basics of the strings, like how fingers should be placed properly arched on the strings, and instructed the audience (including Gabby & me) to play Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are” which we instantly learned and found ourselves so cool for trying. 😀 

But then again, just like any other instrument, it takes practice, hard work, time and dedication to master the craft. Josh offered everyone succeeding classes but with fees already, of course.  We took his flyers home and gave to Gabby’s schoolmates.

I for one, and Amanda, my violin are currently on a “cool-off” stage after an engaging in a 5 month-relationship. However, it doesn’t mean I love her less; I just felt the need for some space, haha! 😀 No regrets because I’ve learned the basics, a few simple songs and can absolutely continue learning it whenever I find a chance again (who knows, perhaps soon?). For the time being, my family and I have more important priorities. It’s enough for us to spend special times together and have fun with few extraordinary moments. Playing instruments and paying fees to master it can wait in time. 🙂

I had mixed feelings when I saw this unusual instrument. First thing came to mind : a turtle died or perhaps lost its shell for this.

What musical instrument do you play?



  1. sabi ko na nga ba, pagsasawaan mo rin si Amanda eh hahahaha, hindi kayo talaga para sa isa’t isa, matapos mo siyang paglaruan, pindut-pindutin, himas-himasin e iiwan mo na lang siya??? wala kang puso doc ha, LOL

    kidding aside, I used to play ukulele when I was young pero as in laro lang hindi talaga tumutugtog hehehe, akala ko nga dati laruan lang ang ukulele until I found out when we lived in Hawaii, grabe big deal pala dun ang ukulele…so teka bakit di mo kasama si Tina? may pasok? parang an glungkot pag dalawa lang kayo ni Gabby gumagala e 😉

    I know some basic playing guitar, at basic din sa piano, puro basic lang din 😉
    ay doc may bago na akong post, sa wakas (binanggit pa no hehehe)

    1. alam ko, sards, magkakabalikan din kami ni amanda. hehe..:)
      uy, marunong ka pala mag gitara, pinano musikera ka din pala bukos sa manghuhula-scoop!

      …tina didn’t go with us because she has a habit hard to break that she doesn’t go out (or at least avoid) on sundays.

    1. gabby was in the center of one of the photos, dom, playing ukulele…

      drums? astig! may pearl drums ang utol ko dati, dilaw. kaya lang nagsawa din ( o nangailangan ng pera) at binenta nya.

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