As cute and lovely as it gets…

Tina must have been so excited and overwhelmed with all these photos that she borrowed my SD card, copied and  edited them on her laptop, and posted an album on her fb account tagging me and Gabby long before I put watermarks on them and come up with this blog post.  It doesn’t happen usually. And I love her more for doing so, because it affirmed that she appreciates even the little efforts that I do for us to enjoy our days here in Penang. 🙂

Gabby's hot chocolate from Charlie Brown Cafe

Apparently it’s not only Tina who became happier when I brought them to Charlie Brown Cafe at Straits Quay but more so, Gabby!

It's the first in Malaysia that opened last April 2011. The second branch will follow soon in Kuala Lumpur as told by one of the staff.

Saturday, 22 October 2011.  We hopped on Rapid Penang Bus 101 from Jetty in George Town and got off at the newly opened Tesco in Tanjung Pinang (a enormous supermarket that opened another branch in the island months ago).  We took a 5-minute walk from the bus stop and easily found Straits Quay.

We’re glad that we didn’t get lost looking for it but we all got a bit homesicked. Straits Quay, tagged as “Penang’s First Seafront Retail Marina” reminded us of a lot of places in Pinas. First thing Gabby uttered was, “Mukhang Eastwood!” (“Looks like Eastwood!”).  Tina thought so too. With its facade and its entire structure, it really looks like those upscale condo units in Eastwood City in Quezon City. I had Serendra, Alabang Town Center and Mall of Asia fused in my memory when I first saw Straits Quay. But its lobby and everything behind it told us otherwise…

I don’t know much but every amazing geometric structures incorporated in the interiors will confirm its uniquely Malaysia… Beautiful, is it not?

It aint a quay without these…

and a magnificent looking lighthouse…

I digress. The reason why we paid Straits Quay a visit over those few malls in Penang that became a part of our weekends was to experienced a cartoon-themed coffee shop called Charlie Brown Cafe…

This dining place is more than a coffee shop not only because it serves entrees and desserts too but it’s so picturesque and an eye-candy particularly to kids like Gabby and kid at hearts like Tina and me!

As Tina was more excited than Gabby and me, I gave her the freedom to decide where to sit. And I bet it wasn’t easy choosing a spot because every corner of this cafe is fascinating if you’re a Snoopy fan! Obviously, we all are!

The three of us were all under these gorgeous lights that made us wish we have them too at home. Imagine looking at those colorful Peanut characters before and after you retire to bed. Fantastic!

I knew Tina was really having blissful moments being inside this cafe for the first time because she even got the camera to shoot several photos of the place herself.  Without spoiling her excitement, I got the menu and asked what they want to try.

Spontaneity, I liked it! Even the menu is animated! ...If only we can try everything at the same time, hahaha!
Are you a Peanut-character fan yourself? Did you also grow up browsing anything with Charlie Brown and Snoopy comic strips?
Are you also fascinated with that beagle named Snoopy who sleeps on top of his doghouse instead inside it? hahaha! 😛
Snoopy loving Woodstock
Follow those dog paw prints to order! 😀
And so Tina had Charlie Brown on her Cappuccino, I had Lucy Van Pelt on my Caffe Latte…
It took us a while before we got our spoons and stir those caffeinated mugs; so wonderfully done you just want to stare at them!
From these chilled display….

We tried these…

It's so good, i forgot what it's called, hehe!
Gabby wanted a chocolate cupcake with Charlie Brown on top while he enjoyed his mug of hot chocolate drink with Snoopy design.
 Not sure if he’ll able to finish it, Tina requested the wait staff to put it on takeaway cup…
There are a lot of interesting stuffs near the cashier at the counter that will surely catch your eyes and attention and could enticed you more to order, haha!
Everything we tried tasted great! Prices a lot cheaper than other coffee shops. Service was quick, staffs were pleasantly attentive. But to us, the selling point of this cafe over all others around is its entire theme…
Do you play chess? I don’t but I would not mind learning the game with these too-cute-for-words King, Queen, Bishop and Pawns..
This was how Gabby manifested his happiness…
We liked the place, we’re glad that we spent our weekend there!
Before leaving Charlie Brown Cafe, we checked out its souvenir shop and got affordable takeaway…
Gabby chose these Snoopy collectibles. Tina and I wanted other versions in various national costumes but just like the chess set, they're not for sale.
Proof that we like Snoopy was this plate that we’re using in our home in Penang; I got a half dozen of this in different theme-countries (Africa, England, Malaysia etc) for FREE from Jusco Supermarket at Queensbay Mall last year.
Even Snoopy barks, "Malaysia, Truly Asia!" hehehe!

It’s definitely not the last time that we’ll be in CBC at Straits Quay! All for the love of coffee and Snoopy, haha! 😀


  1. waaaaaa ayan na nga ba sabi ko eh maiingit ako. i want to go there pleaseeeee :D. grabe i love the design and i love their cakes. hayyyy padala ka naman doc hehehe.

  2. omg. i am so inggit!!!! i want to go there too! ang ganda. the place looks like a lot of fun and i like seeing the details on the cakes, the coffee and the decor. wonders if we can do the same for batibot. haha.

    1. architect! i hope this post inspired you somehow on your worthwhile projects! hehe..

      and putting up a batibot-theme cafe would be such a hit. itayo nyo na, customers kami! 🙂

  3. ang galing…para kang pumasok sa isang malaking cartoon strip! he he! how nice! ang galing galing naman nung drawing sa kape! haha!

    although i’m not really a fan, i do read charlie brown and snoopy. 🙂

  4. awww…envy*envy*nd more envy…hehe

    how i wish CBC will have branch here in Manila…parati nako me tatambayan…hehe

    there’s one in HK, SG and in MY pala…oh and i wanna go to Penang too, ive visited KL way way back nd a revisit hopefully soon =)

    1. oh, i didn’t post this to make you guys, envious! hehe…
      so it seems you’ve googled their site already, ako hindi pa. hehe.. 😀

      drop me a line whenever you find time to visit penang; sakaling nandito pa kami, we may enjoy a cup of coffee…ok ba sa’yo charisse ang 3 in 1? biro lang! 😀

    1. you bet! food & drinks are a bit cheaper than our favorite Starbucks Coffee (but we remain to be biased, hehe!) …we’re all delighted to have tried Charlie Brown Cafe last weekend, marga.

  5. W-O-W as in WOW! hahaha it’s so fascinating to see those pictures and snoopy stuffs, grabe sa ganda I want to try that hehehe….so there is a Jusco mall in Malaysia?? Japan has Jusco mall too 😉

    I like Eastwood mall too 😉 maganda siya you know doc Japanese people like snoopy too, I bought some snoopy souvenirs too from snoopy store in Japan, but this cafe is so amazing, I bet my daughter would love to see this (with me hahaha)…ang cute and I haven’t seen a coffee with design much more with snoopy pa, kakainis ka naman Doc e, tulo laway na naman ako nito sa pictures mo hmmmp, nang inggit na naman hahaha, hindi ko masisisi si tina to take pictures, kaka in love e hehehe

    1. hey, you know jusco too? amazing! one of my readers previously commented may tesco din sa UK. oh well, malaysia was a former british colony anyway; i should not be surprise.
      what’s surprising is the fact that you also love snoopy, amazing! 🙂

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