“I love you, Ma, I love you, Daddy!”
These phrases never fail to melt our worries and stress away. And now that Gabby is turning 7 years old this Wednesday, 5th October, Tina and I cannot be grateful enough to the Lord for giving us His greatest blessing; we love our son beyond words.

Because his birthday falls on a weekday (we have work, he has school), we decided to celebrate it in advance last weekend. Tina was suggesting for us to dine at T.G.I.Fridays again but of course, the birthday boy’s wish prevailed.

He has been craving for some bites at an all-cheese-pizza from Pizza Hut so we gave in to his request…

He’s a purist when it comes to pizza as his preference is exclusively partial to 3 to 4-cheese pizza; like he really doesn’t like anything on top.
Gabby also favored calamari and garlic bread from the menu…

I maybe a doctor and an educator but I honestly don’t know everything. I’m not sure if the love for great-tasting food (read : huge appetite) can also be transferred via genetics, can it? Gabby might have been blessed with good genes, don’t you think? LOL! πŸ˜€
My choice : Pizza Hut’s Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings –sarap to the bones! πŸ™‚

We washed everything down with iced cold water, canned light Pepsi for Gabby (yes, I know sodas are junkie too!), and a tall glass of citrus flavored drink infused with calamansi and champoy at its bottom–uniquely refreshing; an eye candy too!

After that hearty lunch (we didn’t finish everything; we had some slices as takeaway *defensive*), Tina went to the department store and bought Gabby a new shirt while I headed to the mall’s barbershop for that much needed haircut. We met about an hour after, and had some grocery shopping too.
Then the time to blow candles on a birthday cake came; we sat inside Secret Recipe and the rest was momentous…

While waiting for Gabby’s cake, Tina took this photo on a whim. A littly grainy but I just had to post it because Gabby’s too adorable, isn’t he?

Chocolate Indulgence cake landed on our table with a cake slicer and 7 pieces of candles. Our little big-boy didn’t waste time and made his wishes…

The multilayered and richly textured chocolate cake was truly to die for; there’s no other name more apt for it but Chocolate Indulgence. It’s one of our favorites!

At seven, Gabby’s still a baby. He still likes toys a lot! Good thing he knows how to profess what he wanted to receive so we know what to give. Best, it’s afforbale and functional too. Uhm, I think so… hehe..

He could have asked for a remote control aircraft but opted for his second wish. With these, you now have a clue where we’re heading next weekend, if and when weather permits…

We left Queensbay Mall last Saturday with happy faces and full tummies.

The simple celebration continued the next day on our humble abode here in Penang. Tina cooked another irresistible dish – creamy carbonara with lotsa bacon bits on penne, yummy!

We’re joined by my dad whom we picked up from Penang Airport after we spent our entire Saturday at Queensbay Mall. With his Lolo Ben around (who went home 2 months ago to Manila with my mom for some important matters), Gabby will have longer sleeping hours again before he goes to school daily. The birthday boy’s smile reached ear to ear when his Lolo Ben brought out from his luggage a gift imported from Pinas from his Lola Tessie (my mom).

And there was a candle on a birthday cake again; he really enjoyed blowing candles on his cake. There must be something special about it.

What made his birthday preparation this year a bit different from before, he took the initiative and the efforts to pack his simple loot bags for his classmates and teachers on Wednesday (his actual birthday)…

Alone, he segregated candies and packs of chocolate bicuits piece by piece and put them on these loot bags. Such heightened his excitement to share his special day with his Chinese and Indian schoolmates too…

But we made known to him that he’ll only have loot bags as giveaways and no party will be thrown in his school here (read : we’re cutting on expenses, seriously!). Nontheless, it’s fine with him, after all, he understands and loves us so.

Our family life, although far from being perfect has been incredibly special and seems like there’s always an everyday-celebration because we have you, anak! We love you very much, Gabby! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “ON GABBY’S SPECIAL DAY

  1. Im so amazed that a 7y/o kid would crave for a four cheese pizza! haha
    korek Doc, ibang level ang taste buds ni Gabby! kanino pa ba magmamana.. ^_^

    happy bday Gabby! share your bday party in your new school!

  2. Happy Birthday Gabby! Always be a good boy as much as you are now. Keep on dreaming and pursue your passion! Hugs hugs!!! Plus kurot sa pisngi haha! Love Tita Dyanie and Tito JLC (choz lang ahahaha) πŸ˜€

  3. Happy Birthday!!!. I’m happy for Gabby to be so matured at his age. for some kids, having a party would be what they wantut for him, it doesn’t matter. Both of you and Tina have raised him so well i see that with just simple things makes him happy.

  4. Gabby, you are a wonderful gift to your Mama and Daddy. Happy Birthday, may each day be a wonderful blessing to you and your family!

    Ang daming pasalubong!

  5. hey Gabby! You are a very blessed child of two wonderful, proud parents. Now that you’re a 7 year old kid, I’m impressed that your culinary taste buds have become sharper – and hats off to your being a purist pizza lover! Happy birthday!

  6. What a celebration! Simple yet very meaningful kasi kasama ni Gab ang mga nagmamahal sa kanya, at ang mga mahal nya.

    Ano kaya an gift ni Lola Tess?

  7. belated happy bday to ur son, doc…my mom celebrated hers also last oct 2 and we treated her in an SG resto here in Manila [namiss ko lang ang mgbyahe kse sa SG…hehe]…i bet he’s going to grow up being a foodie too…it’s nice to see your blogsite where the two essentials in life are there — food and family…keep it up lang po ^_^

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