Tina and I were astonished this Thursday afternoon upon seeing one of my friends’ posts in my own facebook wall. She shared a video she found uploaded in youtube with our wedding photos (not one, not two but many!) together with some other foreign couples’ pictures over David Pomeranz’s love song! The thing is, we don’t know the person who used our photos and uploaded it on the video-sharing website. We would have appreciated it more if she/he asked permission to use our photos and we would have granted him/her our sweet nod. But I must state, Gabby was happiest to watch that video with his parents’ wedding photos.

View it HERE!

PS : Because some of the photos were not uploaded anywhere, neither in our online wedding album nor on my social networking sites (this blog, fb & twitter), the person who created and uploaded the video must have been so resourceful with a good taste and great sense in choosing our photos among so many other married couples around. hahaha! Thank you but next time, please ask permission. It’s called courtesy and ethics, in case it slipped your mind. *wink*


16 thoughts on “SURPRISE, SURPRISE

  1. wow, that’s a little scary…he or she could be your photographer’s assistant.:p
    no question about his/her good taste—your wedding photos are elegant, but i wish he/she had asked permission first.

    1. it’s wrong to blame someone without evidence but we cannot think of anyone else who has the copy of our wedding album particularly the raw photos but the photo-videographer. i think it’s not him for he’s trusted in the industry; maybe one of his assistants/staff.

      “your wedding photos are elegant” –thank you! 🙂

  2. creepy, but at the same time flattering. hehe saw this in FB. =)
    btw, since it’s super flooded in our area, i live here kina Dyanie. ansarap pala tumira sa south area!

  3. I know it’s very easy to grab someone’s photo on the web, even those with watermarks – but the very least the person could have done in your case was a simple email or even a comment where your wedding photo appeared. Did you leave a comment on that Youtube clip to drive your point?

  4. oemgeeeh, kung ako ito, kinilabutan na siguro ako hehehe. i could understand if someone copied it from an online site pero sabi mo nga hindi naman. tsk, tsk. you have a gracious heart docgelo!

  5. Hi Doc Gelo!

    I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of your blog, I just came across it a little earlier tonight and I just fell in love with your food reviews! Your reviews on known buffets around the metro is a big help, my fiance and I are also tremendous foodie fans and I have to say, we will have a lot of fun trying out your best reviews, we’ve only tried Spirals buffet but your review opened our adventures to a whole new level, not just buffet but other food boutiques as well. I also love how all your food trips involve your loving wife and cute son, it’s so inspiring since we’re about to have a little angel of our own and at first I was scared that we may not find time for each other anymore after having kids, but seeing you with your wife and son on all your gastronomic adventures inspires and excites me for what’s to come for our family.
    Thank you so much for this blog and may you have more wonderful foodtrips to come with your family!

    Cheers to you!

    1. hi camille, thank you for your sweet words; they’re really flattering.
      thank you for following my blog posts particularly the food adventures that my family and i are mostly into. however, in as much as most readers enjoy my posts about food, this blog isn’t exclusively food and restaurant reviews as i rarely do hardcore analysis of service, food, ambiance etc about a food places and their offerings unlike the other food bloggers around. i just post whatever memorable moments we had as a family that for me, are fascinating to share. needless to say, my site isn’t only food but also about family and the fun that happens in between. i only blog for few things -initially for someday, there’ll be something for our child/ren to read and go back to when they grow up, and of course to feed my passion that has grown on me… blogging is addicting; it’s a way of life for me. it de-stresses me oftenly.

      good luck on your family life and have fun creating your own adventures! i hope with my posts on whatever, i may have inspired you to do better. *wink*

      thank you so much for following beyond toxicity! God bless. 🙂

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