As parents of an almost 7-year-old wonder boy, Tina and I always consider Gabby’s preferences whenever we eat out (read: he’s like our big boss). We frequently ask him of what he likes before deciding where to dine. Are you the same when you go out with your own kids or nephews and nieces? Good thing with Gabby, he knows what he wants despite he’s a littly picky when it comes to food but has been keen on his favorites. He’s very particular with what he eats, like he wants his pizza with only cheese and no other toppings (the four-cheese pizza tops his list).

At home, he eats some veggies; he likes kangkong whenever we have sinigang (sour broth) on our table. Gabby eats practically most greens and fruits that we offer him. But whenever we go out, expectedly like kids of his age, he usually craves for fast food meals.

You can just imagine whenever Gabby gives his nod for us to try other food places over Mcdonald’s and Pizza Hut…

Some few months back, while we’re walking at Lebuh Chulia in Georgetown, we found a seemingly ordinary looking Kedai Kopi (coffee shop).

We’re a family who likes Starbucks Coffee and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but beyond their frappuccinos in venti, we also enjoy some bites from these coffee shops, even from coffee nooks less famous and commercial than those two.

There’s always something special about simplicity; about places where pretentions do not exist, venues that allow you to be as casual as you are.

Inside Trois Canon Cafe, I found a charming painting of Shanghainese woman (kamukha ni Ate Vi, hehe!)…

Good thing I captured the menu on our table, without it I won’t recall the name of this hole-in-the-wall Kedai Kopi.

The menu contained a combo meal that passed Gabby’s taste : a thick buttered toast, oatmeal infused with maple syrup and milk and Milo ais (meelo iced!).

It’s great that this kedai kopi also serves a variety of all-day-breakfast meals; it gave me the chance to load my gastric pit. I picked from their menu something called East meets West combo : Oriental fried rice topped with fried egg, served with pork luncheon meat strips and frankfurter (yes, they’re non-halal).

While my lovely wife was content with her ham sandwich that tasted better than it looks on photo; the buns were slightly toasted with butter that made it different from the usual burger or sandwiches in common fast food joints.

I felt we also must try something that’s soothing; so I also ordered a warm bowl of beef noodle soup.

It was so good and too bad to resist.

The dining experience in a Kedai Kopi like Trois Canon Cafe would not be complete without trying their signature white coffee (actually, it came with my combo meal…)

We indulge once in a while but indubitably, we also like the simplicity in dining space and the delight in eating uncomplicated and affordable foods. And if Gabby says yes to it? It’s always icing on the cake!


26 thoughts on “IN A KEDAI KOPI

    1. expensive? hindi ah… delicious siguro pero hindi naman mahal. 🙂
      –about carla, she just mentioned she wished for us to bumped into each other but no meeting yet was arranged. punta kami sa island on weekend, sat-sunday, let’s see if both of our scheds will allow. i am thinking her aunt & mom have plans for their weekends too. but i will be glad to meet her. pa-autograph pa ako, hehehe!

      it’s raining here in penang, so apt to sip a cup of kopi. (oops, ayaw mo pala sa kape, chyng!…tea na lang!)

  1. ganyan din kami doc, tinatanong muna namin si Mica bago kami umalis ng bahay kung saan nya gusto kumain at ano ang gusto nyang kainin. madalas mcdo ang gusto nya but then again,we try to offer and introduce something new to her and most of the time she likes them and sometimes becomes her favorite.

    1. i think most parents are like that. we prioritize our kid/s all the time.

      ….gabby also likes mcdo, he never gets tired of it and i am not complaining. i like it too; love
      ko ‘to e! 🙂

  2. we all do the same to our kids. lam mo naman ang mga bata simple food gives them joy. kahit araw araw chicken joy with lots of gravy solve na.

    back to your post, i like the place. hindi cya yung typical cafe (i think??) parang chinese resto cya hehehe. pero mura ang food nyo.

    1. ako din kahit araw-araw chicken joy, solb na! …now, i miss chicken joy terribly! 😦

      ….lam mo naman dito sa malaysia, 3 lahi sila – chinese, malay and indians so needless to say that penang is a melting pot of those cultures which are so reflected in everything, even in cafe.
      mura dito food compared sa kaunting bansa na napuntahan na namin.

  3. Old-school kopi tiams like this one offer the sort of food that appeals to everyone – and I see Gabby has joined the ranks of kids who grew up in Malaysia and Singapore who love a good slab of buttery toast with a Milo ais on the side. 😀

  4. sabe ko na, pag daan ako sa blog nyo nagugutom lang ako. haha. that’s what I love about Malaysia esp sa Penang the delicious foodies! 🙂 and I must say, love ko ang interior ng resto. keep the great shots coming Doc Gelo!

  5. Sarap naman! We also ask my son where to eat every time we go out and he always says, “sushi” but sometimes I’m tired of eating sushi kaya minsan ayaw ko ng tanungin sya e hehehe, di nagsasawa sa sushi hehehe, bakit nga “meelo” ang tawag nila sa milo natin? hehehe…ano ba yan doc, tataba na naman ako sa blog mo nito panay food hehehe

  6. hi doc! i’m a fan of your food blog every since. just wondering, will you be visiting manila soon? i miss your entries about restaurants here in manila! wishing you could at least review one in the near future. 🙂 anyway, still love your blog. God bless you and your family! 🙂

    1. hello kaye, thank you for your kind words. maraming salamat for following my humble site.

      yes, my family and i will come home to pinas this yuletide season so by early next year, you may expect blog entries about our vacation.

      i’m not much into in-depth food/resto review like the other foodies around. i just blog our family experiences and that include most food we enjoy and most food places we visit.
      the list of restaurants and hotels in manila that we’ve tried are on my blog’s right side bar.
      cheers! thanks again.

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