How often do you receive judgment before you eat?

Do you also feel some people easily label you by what you eat or drink? Neither I can blame them nor give importance to what they think. I know my palate so well that their words do not affect my appetite. But I had my widest smile upon receiving my ordered plate in one of our dinners at Nando’s. I almost burst into laughter after reading the label of the Lemon and Herb Chicken with “NOT SO BRAVE” tag. I cannot agree more! I and Tina (and Gabby of course) had developed the aversion to severely spicy food that others prefer. To each his own, I guess.

We had our very first taste of Nando’s from one of their branches near Botany Mall in Auckland, New Zealand when we stayed in that beautiful city with our family and relatives for 7 week-break in 2005. And since then, that flavorful flame-grilled chicken goodness remained a memory for a while until we enjoyed it again here in Penang.

Nando’s became one of our favorites and usually serves as one of our default restaurants whenever we feel like induluging a bit over affordable casual dining particularly when Gabby allows us to skip his fast food preferences.

“Nando’s is a restaurant group originated from South Africa with a Portuguese/Mozambican theme. Founded in 1987, Nando’s operates in thirty countries on five continents. Nando’s specializes in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot Peri-Peri marinades (properly known as Galinha à Africana). In some countries, Nando’s has other flavour options like mango and lime or Mediterranean.” (sourced via Wiki)

“Nando’s specializes in flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken. Peri-Peri is the Swahili word for the African Bird’s Eye chilli, a chilli indigenous to Africa.”(sourced via Wiki)

Without a word, you know who ordered this plate, and he enjoyed it, i think.

Gabby likes chicken dishes too but he favored those peri-peri flavored processed delights than those grilled ones. He paired it with a plateful of creamy chicken soup…

Now, children, altogether say, E S P E T A D A!  😀

“Espetada has been a favorite in Portugal for years. In fact, it has been rumored that it was one of Christopher Columbus’ favorite meals! Espetada means, “pierced”, referring to how the meat was pierced onto skewer. Undoubtedly, Espetada is the most famous dish to emerge from the Madeira region.”

It was quite an experience eating Espetada. The presentation was apparently appealing to the senses. I just felt short of its serving.

At Nando’s, there’s always a reason to engage in protein & carbo-loading
(as if we’re diet-conscious, hahaha! *evil laugh*)…

Tina and Gabby love french fries while I will dunk my fork onto potato salad at any given time!

We can’t handle too much spicy foods but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t try a little…

After all, we can always wash it down with cold beverages. Gabby’s iced Milo (or as they say it here, Milo Ais; pronounced as meelo ice) and iced tea never fail to be refreshing.

And end it with irresistible melt-in-your-mouth-textured-chocolate cake…

Regardless where we eat – be it on our humble dining table, at Nando’s or somewhere else, we make sure our dining experience is always simple yet memorable and less ordinary.


14 thoughts on “NANDO’S

  1. “De gustibus non est disputandum” – that’s how I always see it Doc Gelo. In matters of taste there is no dispute. We each have our own perception of what’s good for us. I’m with you on less spicy food too! When a good friend introduced me to Nando’s on a trip to London last year, I had to tell him about my preference – no problem, we both ordered the Lemon & Herb! Too bad, I’d have to travel all the way to Washington, DC if I want to eat one since it’s not available in NYC.

    1. thanks, dennis for agreeing with me. at least, it affirms my thought that no one should dictate my taste not only in food but in everything. we know best for ourselves of course.

      it didn’t surprised me that you’ve also tried nando’s, london pa! with your massive huge amount of experiences in traveling, it’s obvious you’ve tried a variety of dishes. ok naman ang peri-peri, very flavorful but i can handle the mild only. nothing more than that, hahaha! 🙂

    1. long queue at any food place means really something!

      lucky for us here in penang, nando’s has 3 branches in (or perhaps even more that i don’t know) -sunway, queensbay and gurney malls.

  2. Hayyyy my eyes are feasting with so much food tonight grabe. From FB to blogs hehehe. i want to eat pa tuloy. i love chicken hot or not. i’m a chicken lover and my son too.

  3. i have a smile on face too while reading ur post. looks like you did enjoy the food 😉

    the chicken for some reaon reminds me of mang inasal and i camt explain why… hmmmm. anyway, i like your photo wearing the signature overseas filipino shirt 😉

    1. an upscale mang inasal, perhaps? hehehe.. kaya lang sa nando’s walang unli-rice, sa mang inasal mayroon… 🙂

      that’s one of the 3 old C2 pilipinas shirts i have. thanks, anne!
      have a great weekend there in Sg. *wink*

  4. I don’t think we have a Nando’s here in LA or Orange country. I sure would like to give it a try – maski na pinapawisan ako kapag kumakain ng maanghang.

    1. kahit ang maanghang na pagkain gaya ng nando’s ay may kasamang paborito mong “inumin”, bert? hehehe… nakakatuwang malaman na hindi tayo nalalayo sa panlasa…sigurado ako sa bulsa! hehehe 🙂

  5. sayang d ko toh alam nung asa Penang ako. dame ko natu2nan about foodies and resto sayo Doc. mukhang like ko ang Milo ais! 🙂 wala na, nagugutom na tlga ako Doc, kasalanan mu toh. lol napansin ko din agad ang Pinas shirt mu. aylabet! 🙂

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