This was how God greeted us last Saturday noon when we viewed Him from our porch…

It was a sunshiny day too perfect to go to the Island.Β  It was a long weekend, by the way, because last Friday, 16th September, 2011 was Malaysia’s 54th Merdeka or Independence Day! However, Tina and I were actually lazy to go out last Saturday and had psyched ourselves to spend it at home, rest, eat and do Grey’s Anatomy marathon (We loved Season 7 Episode 18 – the Musical episode of that Medical drama).

The plan to be a bum at home didn’t push through. I was too weak to resist Gabby’s wish to accompany him to the Island. OK, fine, I also shared the same thoughts with my kid. πŸ˜€Β  So while Tina had her much deserved-rest at home, Gabby and I hopped on the bus, went to the jetty in Penang Sentral and headed to the Island…

Enroute to Georgetown aboard the ferry…

Round trip Ferry rides from Butterworth to Georgetown jetty cost RM 1.20 per adult (PhP 16.8) and RM 0.60 sen (cents or PhP 8.40) per kid. And you only pay once at Butterworth (so if you’re coming from the Penang airport or anywhere in Georgetown, crossing to Butterworth is always free).

Another very short bus ride took us here at Sweetenham Pier..

Gabby and I had the chance to board a 12,000 ton vessel and the boy was as excited as his dad.

No we didn’t go on a cruise! How we wish, but you certainly know we won’t board a cruise ship without our muse (Tina of course!).

We went to Logos Hope, the world famous floating library that took its maiden voyage to Malaysia this year; docked in Penang since last week of August and will leave for other parts of Malaysia prior to Singapore on 25th September.

“A community of 400 UNPAID VOLUNTEERS from over 45 nationalities lives and works together on board Logos Hope. With over 5,000 book titles bringing knowledge, help and hope to the world…” Absolutely it’s a unique and inspiring experience! πŸ™‚

Has Logos Hope visited your country already?Β  Check it out…

Apparently, itΒ already docked in the Philippine shores too but it took us to become expats in Penang before we get to experience it.

The little kid was so happy on board the floating library…

There’s a book for everyone, even if you’re looking for the most delicious ones…

Since this largest floating book fair travels through so many countries, book titles are priced in units and there are a charts provided that convert the unit prices into local currency…

Titles are so varied and mostly affordable.

Logos Hope has different sections, prior to the main book fair, there’s a “Welcome LifeBoat Theater”. There’s that “Journey of Life” that will surely melt your heart by merely looking at the illustrations on the wall; they tell story even without trying…

Those walls will make you reflect in a blink…It cuts through me.

Then there’s everyone’s favorite part of Logos Hope, the International Cafe where you can have ice cream or coffee or both, depends on how you were inspired by those books, haha!

Volunteers of different colors and hair-dos try to make kids’ visit to Logos Hope more fun and memorable; they even hand away colorful sculpted balloons…

Imagine the passion and dedication these unpaid volunteers have as they serve Logos Hope; truly inspiring…

I know I still have a lot of grains to swallow, but as a young father and a medical educator, I say it’s so easy for any fool to teach anyone to earn a livinlifeg but it takes a ton of passion and skills and dedication to teach anyone how to live a life.

I’m glad I accompanied my son to Logos Hope last Saturday. We both learned beyond books.

28 thoughts on “ABOUT LAST WEEKEND

  1. Wow that was a nice adventure…going to Logos Hope, how I wish they have it here πŸ˜‰ nice night shot on your last picture. I think I missed your post on your last day trip in Singapore πŸ˜‰ hehehe I was so busy this last week πŸ˜‰

    1. thanks, sards but honestly, i think the last shot’s a little grainy for me. wala kasi akong tripod at gumagalaw ang ferry when i captured *lame excuses!* hahaha! πŸ˜€

      you can always swing back and scroll down to my last post on Sg series. thanks for the visit here!

  2. must be an amazing experience for Gabby to be on this ship. the 4th photo, by the way, reminds me of our own pier scenes here—parang sa Pier 2 pag pauwi via Negros Navigation (hehehe). the view from your balcony is relaxing.

  3. I remember visiting MV DOULOS here in our country. Same with LOGOS HOPE VALLETTA. Got to meet volunteers from different parts of the world. They were selling books too. I stayed til night and got to eat dinner with the volunteers. It was a joyful experience.

    1. that’s breakwater near the highway in front of our appartment. the long stretch of beach in penang is located in batu ferringhi in the island. we’ll go to one of the public (free) beaches there soon. i know you’re such a beach boy, dom! and you can easily spot a nice one from otherwise.

  4. John, Peewee and I were aboard the MV Doulos about 2 years ago. Parang same din with the Hope Logos which sells books. Super entertaining ng mga foreigners when they docked here in Manila.

    Learning shouldn’t be confined in books only, but through experience as well – which I believe is more important.

    1. where was i when mv doulos docked in pinas? at least, we didn’t pass the chance to be on board logos hope here. gabby was so happy seeing kids of his age going to that floating library too. it’s his first time to board a ship. stationary nga lang.

  5. oh, i remember MV Doulos din… parang Hope Logos din. ang saya din dun sa loob tapos mura pa ang mga books. i love reading books. here in germany, i buy english books via ebay — mas mura πŸ˜€

  6. I am a teacher in a long day care center, and I must say the best thing about my day is reading a book aloud to my kids, looking down and seeing all the wrapt looks on their faces…

  7. Na experience ko na rin yang floating library nun nandto sila sa manila…the mv doulos…I remember i bought 5 books at ang sarap ng ice cream nila…I wonder kailan na kya ulit sila pupunta dito:)

    thank you for sharing Doc and belated happy birthday:)

    1. hi sunnytoast, welcome to my blog.
      nice to know you also experience mv doulos. kami hindi e, buti may logos hope na dumaong sa penang.

      thanks for the greetings! ..really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    1. you really know learning beyond books, chyng. with your countless travels and adventures, you’ve equipped yourself with amazing life’s lessons.

      yup, it’s the story of the prodigal son, but gabby didn’t want to hear it yet when i tried storytelling it to him. he has bible class in school though, so i’ll let his teacher do the works.

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