Is there any other terminal in the globe cleaner than Changi airport? Educate me.

Call me shallow and easy to please but Singapore’s Changi Airport is just simply impressive!

Notoriously known for being almost sterile and so strict on implementing rules, Singapore’s orderliness works for them and for their tourists too (My wife and I are so envious and felt the Philippines and the Filipino people deserve such system too), and we’re just fortunate to experience it for the first time ever. Needless to say, our 4-day visit to Singapore was indeed a memorable and pleasant one.

From the spotless airport to its very efficient immigration service (read: our passports were stamped smoothly in and out), i cannot complain a thing.There’s just spontaneity in everything.

Where else can we find cleanliness meets creativity?

My family and I were happy to see lush green amidst the city’s most famous shopping district. Apparently, even the air and the atmosphere are being kept fresh and clean by all means…

In this very expensive city where almost all luxuries are within reach and really come alive right before your eyes, you have the options to splurge or guard your expenses tightly. And for a less seasoned traveler like us with a limited budget on our pockets, we’re left with frugality and being wise to maximize the experience.

Case in point : I booked our roundtrip flights via a budget airline (Air Asia), even waited for their promo rates months prior to our break. We decided to visit only one theme park with entrance fee and just opted to go sight-seeing at those tourist spots free for public. We deviated our ideas of shopping spree to trying their MRT and riding the bus, at times, taking the cab and of course exhaust all energies at strolling and eating! Hahaha! πŸ˜€

But then again, I thought it’sΒ  also practical nice to stretch the range of our vacation by experiencing best of both worlds. I chose to bring my family to both upscale and budget hotels for our accomodation.Β  And so our little dreamer, Gabby who aspires to be hotelier-restaurateur-chef someday had a unique dose of exposure.

We all loved Quincy Hotel Singapore‘s all-inclusive-concept, its hip and edgy amenities and impeccable service. At S$405++ (USD 327++ or PhP 14, 122++) package includes Airport pick up by a chauffeur and a Mercedes Benz E-class limo, buffet breakfast for 2, set meals for lunch and dinner + appetizer and salad spread, free flowing coffee, tea, canned soda, exclusively bottled distilled water, complimentary mini bar, cocktails at 6-8pm, Molton Brown, London toiletries and more cool benefits any guest would enjoy…

Happy to relied on Trendiest Hotel Travelers’ Choice Award 2011. Now, we are one with those tourists who have tried Quincy and have appreciated everything about it.

But our warm and safe stay in the budget-friendly, Strand Hotel on our second to fourth day in Singapore was also noteworthy.

Glad that I took the recommendation of fellow blogger, Cza to try Strand Hotel. It’s a good choice if you only need a decent place to sleep and keep your things during your travel.

Located at Bencoolen Street, Strand Hotel’s strongest point is its accessibility to bus stops, MRT stations, restaurants, convenient store and must-visit spots in Singapore. At S$160 nett (USD 129 or PhP 5,580) inclusive of Deluxe accomodation for 2, set breakfast + buffet spread of fresh fruits, bread loaves, noodle dish, sausages, cereals, tropical fruit drinks, coffee and tea.

On our first morning at Strand Hotel (day 3 in Sg), we ordered a plateful of french toasts with maple syrup for Gabby (S$6) because our hotel package only included 2 food stubs per day; we were then unaware that the breakfast spread (other than set meals provided for guests) is already sufficient for a kid’s first meal to jumstart his day. So the following morning, Gabby just shared plates with us.

The S$160 nett hotel package at Strand was really a value for money although I bet tourists would be more appreciative if they would do some improvements like updating their interiors a bit, changing their “welcome to the jungle-sort-of-theme” curtains and headboard to a more plain and simpler hues.

The choice of hotel accomodation truly depends on your preferences, travel needs, and of course, your allotted vacation expenses.

We may not have visited the beaches at Sentosa Island and were not able to watch the city’s attractions–Songs of the Sea and The Lion King musicale, didn’t ride the cable car, failed to go to Singapore Museums, Botanical Park, Night Safari and Zoo, passed on the chance to try the Singapore Flyer and the Luge, thus, these remain to be the reasons to find time and save money to go back to this beautiful city again soon.

All in all, it boils down to the fact that vacation need not to be too expensive neither it should be lousy and restrict you on having fun memories with yourself and your love ones. The possibilities of enjoying a break whether in Singapore or anywhere else is just limitless!

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  1. i am glad you enjoyed singapore. i agree with your thoughts on this being an expensive city to visit. but working here, i have appreciated the efficiencies in exchange of the higher cost of living. probably because i am locally employed that is why i have begun to think so…

    the airport i agree is one superstar airport! you should see the terminal 2… it is one airport i dont mind being stranded at, hehehe πŸ˜‰

    and you stayed in the strands! my friend who visited stayed there too. i think the place is ok and in a really good location. you are near almost everywhere… shopping, site seeing and the kopitiam! did you try it?

    1. anne, your workplace is just beautiful. lovely to be precise. or is it an understatement still? πŸ™‚

      yes, we tried kopitiam in front of strand. we actually bought a chicken rice there (forgot the name of the stall, near the exit door) and boy, we love it! the rice sans the chicken stimulated our palates to the max! sarap! πŸ™‚ …and since you know that sg was a part of malaysia years ago, our places share the same dishes & food places; we also have kopitiam here.

      see you when we revisit Sg. πŸ™‚

  2. I have plan to visit Singapore soon. And I’m really interest with Strand Hotel.
    How to book it ? Do you have their contact person ?
    Appreciate your help ^^

    1. hi gina! thank you for visiting my blog.
      i reserved a room in strand hotel by googling their website, taking their contact details and emailing them. you can post your queries and concern to them on your email and rest assured they’ll respond in a day or two. i think i also called them over the phone and made a follow up. people from strand may be more senior than other staff of other hotels but they’re very efficient.

      have fun on your trip to singapore!

      1. Hi… I just back from Singapore
        What you say is totally right. Me and all my family love to stay at Strand Hotel.
        That hotel will get my 5-star if they have hair dryer and more socket πŸ˜€

        1. Glad you enjoyed Strand in Bencoolen Street! Their buffet breakfast was simple yet so surprising!
          Thanks for the comment here. Happy 2012, Gina! πŸ˜€

  3. this coming february 7-10 wer going to singapore and want to stay in strand hotel..ask ko lang po may reservation pay po ba cla? thank u and God Bless

    1. hello alan! thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a query.
      no, there’s no reservation fee at strand hotel; they’ll just book you after you email/call them. you need to pay or make at least a deposit upon arrival and before checking in.

      have fun and enjoy yous Sg trip!

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