Can you guess where I took my shadow?

Those are the waves at the foot…..err the tail of the merlion…

Merlion has been iconic that a trip to Singapore would not be complete without a visit to its park. I don’t know with Tina and Gabby but I was in awe; it was actually bigger than I thought.

Across the statue of half-lion half-fish are a couple of structures equally worthy of admiration…

The Esplanade : Singapore’s theater for performing arts creatively built with shopping and dining complex, with fantastic architectural shape similar to durian; only more sophisticated looking than the tropical pungent fruit because it’s made of glass. Its waterfront location is just perfect to wait for the sunset in this side of Southeast Asia.

One of the luxurious hotels in the Lion City is The Marina Bay Sands, famous not only for its service, and noted spectacular amenities but it’s strategic location.

At our first sight of its magnificence, Gabby asked me, “Is that a boat above those buildings?”.Β  I replied to our kid with a smile, “It’s the Marina Bay Sands’ SkyPark, anak.” πŸ™‚

Believe me, if Tina and I have the fortune, we could have brought Gabby to Marina Bay Sands to watch and marvel at the musical, The Lion King.

From the Merlion Park, we strolled to Esplanade via their sidewalk on the bridge. Had a dose of S$1-ice cream bar, watched the glorious sunset and went inside the Esplanade mall.

When dinner time came, we had to ask directions to Makansutra Gluttons Bay. A few steps more within the Esplanade Mall, we found what we’re looking for.

Our meal that night could have been cereal prawns or chili crabs but our Filipino palates became so biased with 1/2 kg of Liempo (grilled pork belly) from a Filipino hawker food stall in Makansutra. We coupled it with Seafood Fried Rice and downed everything delightfully! πŸ˜€

These capped our day 3 in Singapore after we enjoyed Universal Studios.

Other than having the lack of budget for The Lion King, failing to taste cereal prawns and chili crabs, another little regretΒ  I also passed the chance of trying to capture Singapore’s beauty at dusk in my lens but then again, it’s all because I prioritized bringing Tina and Gabby back to our hotel to rest.Β  At least there are a lot of reasons to go back to Singapore. It’s that fascinating!


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13 thoughts on “SINGAPORE BY THE BAY

  1. I’ve only been to Singapore for a very short spell. Sige, inggitin mo pa kami! Just kidding. Seriously, I’m very happy for you. You’ve got your love ones sharing and enjoying your passion for food and travel.

  2. The Lion King on Broadway is also an expensive ticket yet sold-out all the time! I still have to see it myself although I did see a shorter version in Orlando’s DisneyWorld a few years back.

    I can feel how much you wanted Gabby to watch the show – I’d be feeling the same way for my nephew & niece.

    1. Oh yes, how can i forget you’re from NYC, Dennis and Broadway is just around the corner!
      Ang mahal kasi ng Lion King musical sa MBS sa Sg.
      Like you, we have also seen the feature in Disneyland Hong Kong when Gabby back in New Yr of 2007.
      But of course, I’d like to bring Tina and Gabby to watch a (kiddie) musicale someday.

  3. singapore is really beautiful at clean pa. mahal nga lang ang bilihin sa city. but one thing i like in that country although i haven’t been there, was that they are very strict in their rules and policies. if countries like singapore can do it, why can’t our country do it? oh well… we all know the answer 😦

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