Hainanese Chicken Rice… Fried Hokkien Mee.. Iced cold water chestnut… One-dollar-ice cream bar… Sri Mariamman Temple… Perhaps, the cleanest Chinatown… Orchard Road… Esplanade… Sentosa… Merlion Park… These and more can obviously describe the city where we spent our Hari Raya holiday this year.

Now, if you’re still clueless of the place, you may have left your brain cells somewhere, haha! 😀 *kidding*

We loved Singapore! Although our pockets and credit cards are now weeping, the experience was worth it! My wife,Tina and I took our soon-to-be 7 year old kid, Gabby to the Lion City for four glorious days (August 30–September 2, 2011) of food indulgence, fun and of course, family bonding!

Let’s begin this Singapore blog series from our arrival at few minutes before 2PM, Tuesday 30th August at the Changi airport, Terminal 1…

Gabby with Mr. Lee, one of the friendliest Singaporean drivers we’ve met (We encountered almost a handful, and you’ll meet them with some of their stories toward the end of this series).

PERSTAYMERS :  It’s our first time to be in the  city described by the National Geographic as “the smallest nation in Southeast Asia that has long been a financial powerhouse.” and by the –The Lonely Planet as a place with “a strange brew of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures, a rich social stew that’s anything but boring.” …Who would not be excited?

I planned the trip several months back with gradual let go of the budget by purchasing online plane tickets via Air Asia (Penang-Singapore) on its promo rates and reserving rooms in 2 different hotels (read: maximizing the range of experience at the same time, reducing the cost); we only chose one theme park over a volume of choices and pre-paid it online on a non-peak season. I even asked blogger-friends who have been to Singapore many times over and former colleagues who are presently based there, for their recommendations and whatnot (credits at the end of the post). I made sure my family and I would enjoy our vacation the way we know how.

After reading tourists’ reviews at tripadvisor.com countless times and after paying attention to what bloggers have been raving about, I finally settled for Quincy. I thought it wouldn’t be voted as the tripadvisor.com’s Winner, Travelers’ Choice, Trendiest Hotel 2011 for nothing. I know Tina and Gabby will like it too.

Our airport pick up, included in the room package I availed for my family…

Jologs lang po kami. (repeat : Jologs lang po kami!) We’re so easy to please, and so riding a Mercedes benz E-class limo that doesn’t happen on a daily basis was indeed something for the 3 of us! Hence, that explains those sweetest smiles mixed with pure bliss and excitement inside the car…

Mr. Lee made us feel so welcome while he was driving. He confirmed some of the (positive) things about Singapore that I have heard and read.  Everything, including the air in Singapore seems so sterile!

Singapore in so many ways is so expensive yet seductively beautiful. Prices of almost all items are notoriously steeper than you could imagine. Hotel rates and charges could leave you begging for alms in the streets, haha! 🙂 And so one of my considerations that made me chose Quincy is its being an all-inclusive boutique hotel. It’s amazing! 🙂 Imagine buffet breakfast, set lunch and dinner, all served with appetizers, salad, soup, bottomless canned sodas, free flowing brewed coffee and tea, distilled water exclusively bottled for Quincy and even beer and cocktails in the evening are all included in the package! It’s the first time in the history of our vacations that we didn’t buy bottled water from any 711!

About 25 minutes after we left Terminal 1 of Changi airport, we arrived in Quincy.

Tucked in the secluded end of Mt. Elizabeth Street, one of the laterals of the famous high-end shopping district, Orchard Road, Quincy is strategic in its location. Quincy is about 5-7 minute-walk away from Orchard Road.   It works best for guests like us who would like to walk after a sound sleep and particularly after partaking on a heavy, sumptuous meal. We felt so secured (physically) as we passed by Paragon Medical Center and Mount Elizabeth Hospital from Quincy just before reaching the upscale malls like Paragon, Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City, and as per Mr. Lee’s words, Lucky Plaza -“the little Philippines in Singapore” due to its Filipino stalls and patrons.

As Mr. Lee dropped us off at the lobby of Quincy, (although we know Singapore offers jobs to many Filipinos) it was (still) surprising that 2 Filipina staffs were at the reception area to welcome us. One of them accompanied us to the 10th floor to endorsed the entire room and its gadgets to us nicely.

This was the view from our window…

Pillows that provided us one of our restful sleeps…

Everything’s so impressive at Quincy. I love its interiors in neutrals and its atmosphere, so edgy and manly.

The king-sized bed with 400-thread-count-immaculate white sheets were too perfect to curl up in bed the whole day and do nothing. –now, that’s a luxury!

I told Tina, I like this desk lamp other than the presence of 42″ LCD TV and  everything so ergonomic!

For a moment, the world seemed to stop revolving as my lovely wife and our wannabe-chef son, had their amusement over the coffee gadget inside our studio deluxe room (read : My wife and I are coffee-addicts!). It’s not just your ordinary coffee making facility but Nespresso Expresso Machine! In Tina’s words, “kape pa lang, sulit na!” (“abundance of coffee alone makes the stay in Quincy worth it!”….  because Quincy also offers free flowing coffee at the spread every meal time, even have takeaway coffee cups to Tina’s delight!) 

How many hotels offer complimentary mini bar with Lays potato chips, cup noodles, lots of tea bags, canned sodas, soya milk and iced tea and even canned beer? They replenish it everyday for free!

It’s difficult to get over with that coffee machine, hahaha! …I should get one for Tina (read : but where’s the budget?), haha! 🙂

Availability of a number of electric plugs is also a plus! Everything spelled convenience at Quincy!

The tandas was spotless…

The toilet and bath left us in awe! Quincy provides toiletries by Molton Brown, London with scents that definitely, rejuvenating.

There’s that rainfall effect shower, pull-me-down curtain blinds if you want some privacy on that glass walled comfort room. Bath tub seemed sterile, weighing scale’s available, slippers were uniquely thicker than usual hotel room footwears, they’re even smart in providing toothpaste that my gums prefer!  Our toilet experience at Quincy was truly beyond expectation…

The wardrobe essentials are commendable too. Sana lang, Quincy goes for better choice of towels…

We didn’t waste time and checked out their facilities at Level 12…

The infinity pool gives you a relaxing view of the slice of Singapore skyline…

Popcorn’s offered every weekend, 9PM when they show movies on big screen by the pool. Chilled drinks are again available for free!

A gym, a sauna and steambath rooms are located adjacent the swimming pool.

The lobby boasts of mac computers and egg-shaped lounge seats too.

Now, the succeeding photos make us miss Quincy more…

Quincy pampers guests on the gastronomic department too! We’re given menu of entrees to choose from, then free flowing beverages from fruit juices, canned sodas, tea and coffee, and cocktails are at the bar for self-service.

The dining area gives you a view of the greens at the hotel’s facade…

Admittedly, Tina and I rarely drink. She tried sipping her red wine paired with her main dish, but she’s really not into alcohol, while I finished my glass of white wine.

My lovely wife had an appetite for prime steak…

She had it well done, still the beef slab was tender, passed Tina’s discriminatory taste.

While I was delighted with my salmon plate… yum, yum, yum!

Gabby had tomato-based seafood pasta; and unlike kids of his age, he loves mussels and clams!

Beverage bar…

The buffet spread is simple but satisfyingly good! There’s a self-service ice cream bar too! The soft ice cream can pass as gelato with its thicker and creamier- less-air consistency. We loved the chocolate syrup topping!

Gabby at the ice cream station …see the reflection of the lush green from the outside; i love this shot! hehehe 🙂

I asked the wait staff if there’s any available dessert, he replied, “Apple strudel.” Gabby and I ordered (repeat : it’s an all-inclusive hotel package!).  I went to the ice cream machine but was no expert in topping my apple strudel with it, nonetheless was superb!  Gabby’s apple strudel (on the right) was perfectly ice cream topped by the staff… Dinner was absolutely delightful! 🙂
 Simple yet sophisticated hotel dining experience continued through breakfast…
Tina’s favorite corner at Quincy… the coffee counter!  Here, Gabby makes me a cup of cappuccino…
Digestive indulgence so early in the morning : We tried fish congee, I tossed some greens, loaded fibrous fruits, & my family’s favorite (but not me), cereals+milk.
After breakfast must come lunch, haha!
I went to the salad bar and made this…
Tina prefered a sandwich called Modesto something… (sorry, slipped my memory; must be because of aging, haha!)… She liked it a lot!

I opted for an open-faced steak sandwich… sublime! 🙂

But Gabby’s choice was the winner that lunch…. He decided to eat Creamy mushroom pasta; even asked for more parmesan cheese! The fusion of shitake and button mushrooms with the creamy sauce was unforgettable! Sarap talaga…

Almond jellies and Longan was the dessert of the day. Of course, we had another round of ice cream + dark chocolate syrup topping!

These smiles apparently show that we loved our Quincy experience…

If you are looking for an ultimate relaxing respite from the busy and stressful life, a staycation in Quincy when you’re in Singapore is highly recommended. In a city where hotel accomodation defines a huge portion of its tourism, Quincy rose above the rest in my family’s book.

I’m glad I made a right decision in choosing Quincy. Wouldn’t you be happy if you’re family’s content too? 🙂


This is the first of Beyond Toxicity’s Singapore blog series. Disclaimer : DocGelo’s stay in Quincy was only for 24 hours; accomodation package was personally paid and Quincy has nothing to do with this blog entry. For specific inquiries and details about Quincy kindly *visit their website here -> Quincy Hotel Singapore. Thank you.

UPDATE : 11 September 2011 sourced from tripadvisor


*Thank you to fellow bloggers, Dyanie (she did my initial itinerary!), Cza (recommended the other hotel we stayed in), Chyng, Sards , Dom/Dong Ho, Annevdns, Bambi (all of their blog posts about Singapore and replies to my queries served helpful references for this trip) and former colleagues, Ms. Gina (who provided useful links online about her work place), Dr. D. and former student, Lea for replying to my questions about the city we all like.


  1. From Quincy’s website :

    “Our stylish boutique hotel provides both business and leisure travellers a unique getaway.

    Experience an all-inclusive stay at Quincy. Rates are inclusive of:

    Personalised limousine pick-up from Changi International Airport upon arrival (Kindly indicate flight details in our booking form)
    Daily buffet breakfast, set lunch & dinner
    Cocktails served from 6 pm to 8 pm daily
    Local telephone calls and unlimited broadband Internet access
    Two pieces of laundry, per room per night
    Complimentary minibar replenished daily
    All day coffee and tea at the Restaurant
    Complimentary stay without meal benefits for children below 12 years old (Charges apply for meals consumed)
    Children above 12 years old will be charged an additional S$60++ per child per night.”

    (The studio deluxe king size bedroom-city view we availed cost, at present posting, S$405++, Gabby stayed for free but we paid additonal S$60++ for his meals, all inclusive).

    1. Hi there! You can walk from Quincy to Orchard Rd where MRT stations are for about 10-20min perhaps, or take a cab if you wish.

      Thank you for reading my blog; really appreciate it.

  2. Oh my gosh. Everything looked amazing! I went to Singapore last year and stayed at Concorde Hotel, it was nice but nothing special. The location was pretty convenient as the building also housed a public food court and arcade with a variety of shops (karaoke bars, massage places, that kind of thing). I think I’ll suggest this when I get the chance to go back. 🙂

    P.S. My favorite photo of this lot is the “drive safely” one, however much I loved your documentation of the hotel. Haha!

    1. thanks, kari and i’m so glad you swing back to my blog.

      in my book, a good hotel need not to be expensive but should be clean and something that provides good service. (needless to say, quincy exceeded my expectation)

      quincy hotel in singapore is really something. actually, amazing is an understatement.

      i’m pleased to invite you to follow this blog’s singapore series; thanks again!

      1. will do! 🙂 I’ve actually been following your blog for a long time on my Google Reader, but I cannot for the life of me think why it took me this long to comment. looking forward to more entries then 🙂

    1. thanks, marian. gabby’s really have so many antics!
      actually, we already did enjoyed our 4-day vacation in singapore. we’re now back in penang and back to work and school (for gabby) on monday, 5th sept. nonetheless, we really had so much fun and good times spent thinking nothing about worries and stress.

      …more to come on this singapore series. thanks!

  3. hi doc,

    the Quincy looks impressive! sayang talaga… i liver quite near to Orchard. i could have very easily met up with you and your family…. NEXT TIME PLS, let us keep in touch and update if we are visiting each others location 😀

    so, you were quite impressed with the Nespresso machine too, huh? i want one actually but it is sooooo expensive! the cheapest is arount $450 i think. hay…. im back to my ever realible braun coffee.

    cant wait for the next posts!

    1. wow, with that price of nespresso, sulit na nga kami sa quincy.

      i just really want my family and i to enjoy a piece of luxury in your city, anne kaya kami nag quincy even for a day. it’s indeed, impressive!

      ps : until our next singapore trip (question is, kailan kaya ulit?)! or perhaps you can drop me a line when you wake up one morning and decides to visit george town, penang. 🙂


  4. Yay!! SG series! 🙂

    Ang gandaaaa ng room nyo! Ang sarap ng food! Kaya pala ayaw mo sabihin kung saan kayo mag stay kasi alam mong hahanapan kita ng mas mura hahaha!!! Pero for the family, oks yan! Walang kapalit ang bonding! 🙂

    Now lang ako nakapagbasa ng free ang food sa ref ng room. Kasi diba palagi may bayad? Uhmmm hulaan ko, naubos nyo ang snacks noh? Ahihihihi! 😀 Nagutom ako sa pasta na inorder ni Gabby!

    PS: You’re much welcome doc! 🙂

    1. ang aga ni dyanie mag-comment! 🙂

      ako’y taos pusong nagpapasalamat sa binigay mong panahon sa paggawa ng itinerary namin sa singapore. ngunit, subalit, datapwat, saksakan ng mahal sa singapore, kaya minarapat naming piliin lamang ang mga dapat puntahan at ilaan ang ilang lugar sa ibang panahon…haha 🙂

      ps : quincy doesn’t disappoint. it exceeded my expectations. i am so glad tina and gabby loved our stay there. lalo na yung free flowing coffee (imagine, it feels like you’re in starbucks for 24 hours!) at yung nespresso expresso machine; she liked it so much!

      the next day we transferred to the hotel cza recommended. it’s simpler, cheaper but has so many good points too. abangan sa succeeding posts… 🙂

    1. yes, mordsith. complete with inflatables on the pool but it’s only offered every weekend so we failed to avail it. ang Qool ng Quincy ano?! 🙂

      they also offere yoga and baking classes, also on weekends.

  5. ang sosyal naman! ang ganda ng nag pick up na service ha. bago ba yung header photo mo? 😀 looks like nag-enjoy ang pamilya. sana masundan na si gabby. hehehe. speaking of gabby, love his yoga pose! 🙂

    1. architect, that was social climbing 101. haha!

      minsan lang naman po, saka if you search the web, sulit na talaga ang quincy with its all inclusive package (did i wrote that again? over and over?! haha) compared to other 5-star hotels in singapore.
      sobrang dami pang mas mahal at mas sosyal na hotel.

      quincy for us is reasonably pricey but so worth it!

  6. Ang ganda ng Quincy! Panalo! Pero di abot ng budget ko yun kaya abangan ko nalang ang mga kwento mo tungkol sa mga lugar na pinuntahan niyo. Baka sakaling afford ko hahaha.

    1. quincy’s a sure winner! we’re happy to experienced that qool staycation with them. so qool ang quincy, get it? hahaha!

      ps : jun, sobrang tipid mo kaya ka lalong yumayaman at lalong maraming naeexplore na lugar.
      so after barcelona, paris, egypt, malaysia, korea (surely, i did miss some more cities), saan na ang tungo next?

      seriously, alam mo when you emailed me your travel/budget plan to malaysia in excel, na up to the last centavo naka budget, sabi ko, iba ka, jun… iba ka… you take your traveling adventures seriously! ang husay! 🙂

  7. wow, your pictures really can tell that you enjoyed your stay in that quincy hotel 😉 and I feel busog again sa mga food na kinain ninyo hehehe at doc nakakatawa ka naman at pati yun thread count ng pillow and blanket e alam mo lol grabe ka parang feel mong matulog pero wala kang choice kundi gumala hahaha

    I hope your experience in Singapore would be memorable…. for me, memorable din pero ibang klase nga lang hehehe I met some rude Singaporeans na masyadong racist pag alam na Pinoy ka, ibang-iba talaga sila compared sa Japanese 😉

    1. sards, naaliw ako dito sa linya mo, “nakakatawa ka naman at pati yun thread count ng pillow and blanket e alam mo lol grabe ka parang feel mong matulog pero wala kang choice kundi gumala hahaha”

      the truth is, tina and i decided to maximized our stay at quincy for our entire 24 hours by just being lazy (or busy with something else, hahaha! oops, kasama si gabby!) inside our room & enjoy their facilities also. it worked well, except that we spent around 3-4 hours in orchard road immediately after checked in and came back to quincy just before dinner. timing kasi pagod at gutom na kami sa malling at lakad! haha, planado talaga 🙂 *strategies*

      on a serious note, sorry for to know your unpleasant experience on your Sg trip before. fortunately, we met good Singaporeans, particularly the drivers of our rides –the limo pick up, mr. lee, taxi cab driver named mr. andrew (whose story is worth blogging…i will, soon!) and even the bus driver who took us to the airport on our way back to penang were all wonderful. blog ko yun dito sa series..

  8. I love to stay there when we visit sgp on Nov…kasoooo ang pricey nya. Grabe tumataginting na Php 10K plus plus. OMG. hehehe

    Pero in fairness, sulit kasi super duper homey cya at ang sarap ng kape. I wanted to have that machine too. May nakita akong ganyan when I was in Aus, sana pla bumili ako. 😦

    1. hi jeanny, we only stayed for a day, just to experience quincy and (for the nth time) it’s worth it.
      even my wife, tina gave a thumbs up (read: notorious na kuripot iyon but with discriminatory taste)!

      sarap ng all-inclusive-nothing-to-worry concept nila! the best (all though it’s pricey, yes pero super sulit)! our favorites are the meals, the coffee, and the room itself. 🙂

      we hopped in from quincy to a (recommended) cheaper but accessible and nice hotel not only to stretch the budget but the range of experience as well. abangan sa mga susunod na posts. 🙂

  9. Ah.. Quincy… one the favourites of fly-in patients visiting Mt Elizabeth Hospital. I had no idea it is so luxurious!

    1. wow, what a virtual name, ana_banana! welcome to humble site and thanks for dropping by!

      you’ll definitely enjoy quincy! too bad we stayed there on a weekday, weekends are much fun because of their activities for guests. nonetheless, we savored the experience! 😀

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