And so the weeklong break has come. We’re up to enjoy the Hari Raya (end of Ramadan) vacation from work (for Tina and I) and school (for Gabby) beginning today, 27th August until 4th September. I will take my wife & kid on Tuesday next week to a short trip in a neighboring Asian country for the very perstaym, but since it’s too early to pack our luggage and bags, we’re just happy to spend more time together for more than a week (repeat : no work, no school, yahoo!) and do things we’d like to do. 

De-stressing at home : As Tina’s busy preparing our meals, she also finds more time to play her favorite computer games. Gabby’s doing a cartoon marathon on TV (making me miss to watch one of the series I follow, The Amazing Race but that’s OK of course) while I go online to do a little research on our itinerary next week, making last-minute reservations and bookings (akala ko ba de-stressing?) and blogging and blog hopping in between.

I’m happy that a popular Filipino website called featured few of my blog pictures of the Japanese restaurant back home called, Zensho, with, permission, proper credit and link to my post (back in 2009),  I was inspired to browse my photo files once more.

I chose to repost my favorite photos taken after I purchased my Nikon D7000 early this year. They may be far from your standards, but I’d like to share them again to you as my favorites to date as these captures simply make me smile when I browse them in files. Comments for improvements, particularly free tips on this hobby called photography (I consider it a big word for I am a neophyte with still so much to learn –blame my laziness to read the few photography books and magazines I acquired) will be appreciated. 🙂

And of course, my main reason for owning a camera is to capture moments with them with their precious smiles…

I don’t know of the technical aspects of photography yet but I like these pictures not only because of the subjects but the memories that come with them.

PS: I agree with what I have read before that “owning a DSLR doesn’t make you an instant blogger more so a photographer”.  My 2-cents-worth: It’s not really the camera that matters for it’s only a tool; it takes passion, talent and the will to learn new things for you to love and improve on these hobbies. 🙂


  1. Those are beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of the blue wall + Chinese door, and the lanterns 🙂 I am learning myself, at the moment I just try to play around with the settings of my camera before resorting to Photoshop (haha). I’m still not sure about trying out a complete manual mode so I use shutter or aperture priority for most of my pictures and adjust as I go. 🙂 What mode do you use for pictures?

    1. hi kari and welcome to my blog!
      thank you for your kind words. i still have lots of grains to eat before i can perfect or at least master the perks of my cam.

      i initially use manual mode on my nikon D7000 but now, like you, i’m more on shutter priority particulalry in taking pictures at night (thanks to fellow blogger & friend, chyng who taught me this generously) and few times, aperture priority when taking portraits.

      as of now, i have no intentions to learn photoshop. i have nothing against people, more so experts who use photoshop but my belief as of present, is better for me to capture and post my photos in raw form, rather than to lose its own nature.

      i consider photoshop similar to aesthetic surgery. you can get away without it, unless there’s an urgent and life-threatening need to use it. 🙂

      1. I like your Photoshop philosophy, doc! 😉 And I quite agree. I only use Photoshop to crop and tweak brightnes/contrast a bit, but otherwise I’d much rather get a good shot than try to doctor (hehe) a bad one.

  2. simply superb photos, I mean the colors are so rich and vibrant… fantastic photography… my favorite snap is the the lamps hanging below a tree.. i rate it 12/10 and the remaining 10/10…

  3. “It’s not really the camera that matters for it’s only a tool; it takes passion, talent and the will to learn new things for you to love and improve on these hobbies.”
    That’s what I should have said to a friend, instead of teasing her that her film-based Instamatic camera was probably the one that Columbus used when he landed in America LOL.

  4. i like the floating river shot…yung top view. why don’t you submit that to reader’s digest? they have a section there called unseen asia. i think this will fit perfectly! 🙂

    i’ve also been thinking of doing a similar post. but i have to browse through thousands of pictures! he he!

  5. whoa, i cant pick my favorite. lahat maganda! seriously. ikaw na ang fast learner!

    okay eto na top picks ko
    1. red boat – superb framing
    2. 2 boats top view

    good job=)

  6. I really like the rickshaw image against the vibrant facade and door.

    when it comes to photography, I am getting disappointed at my slow progression. That’s why I planned on taking formal lessons in the next few months. I have to learn the technical aspects of this hobby/passion.

    Kasi I just rely on my gut and heart in taking and composing images.

    1. now, the more i envy you (deadly sin, i know!) if you could find time to sit in a formal photography class. that would really be something! good luck and have fun! share mo na lang muna matutunan mo ha, maria! thank you! 🙂 (but i have to share the same thought with your last statement).

  7. great photos Doc I love the boat (top view shot) and umbrella photo. 🙂

    I have a DSLR kaso not using it that much kasi mabigat becaue I always bring along extra lens, a flash, a battery pack kaya laging sumasakit balikat ko pag dala ko cya. Kya madalas kong gamit lately eh yung slim digicam ko 🙂

    1. good for you that you got extra lens, ako lens kit lang ang gamit ko, wala pang extra budget to purchase other lenses.

      yup, it takes effort to bring dslr, kahit ako nabibigatan. pero tanggal ang pagod sa mga magagandang comments from people like you, thank you! 🙂

  8. ang gaganda ng pictures! ang hirap pumili ng favorite. pero ang galing ng big water lily. pang giant! and it looks very family. i think i saw that sa plants vs zombies. hehe. then the bird feathers are so vivid! reat job doc! best bet ko yung pics ni tina and gab. 🙂

    1. dom, if complimenting words come from you (and other photo-travel bloggers) whom I look up to, i always take it as a flattering and humbling comment. maraming salamat! pasado ba sa panlasa? but your photos are marvelous! always amazing… ang husay lagi ng framing at mga anggulo mo, not to mention the subjects and places you capture are worth the fascination.

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