Good news #1 : God’s healing hands are upon my nephew…

Almost moved me to tears : Joshua's hand held by his mom (photo taken from my sister-in-law's fb).

My 12 year-old nephew, Joshua is showing positive signs a day after his neurosurgeries. He underwent 3 procedures, the third of which was done last Tuesday, evacuation of hematoma. The blood clot that was sucked out from his AV malformation that led to stroke was as big as an apple. My brother told me this morning via SMS that his son was able to move his legs and dangle them over the hospital bed railings, was able to waive at the female doctors on duty at the ICU but shed tears whenever in pain. One thing is clear now–although apparently, it will take a long (and expensive!) process, he rose above the surgical procedures done on him, including the diagnostics (dye was used to visualize the trauma), Joshua is on his way to gradual recovery. Thank you, Lord!

We will appreciate prayers for Joshua’s condition to continuously improve as he’s schedule to be subjected too to radiation at the end of next month. Thank you!


Good news #2 : Despite life’s challenges and stresses, we thank the Lord for a long holiday ahead!

How will you spend a paid work holiday that stretches from 27th August to 4th September? Those are 9 glorious days that include the commemoration of the end of the fasting month of Ramadhan for the Muslim community here in Penang and a perfect chance for us to spend quality time with our families.

Because Tina and I decided to take our vacation (my annual work leave) to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas and New Year, we skipped the thought of going home mid year.

Life has to go on despite its trials. 

Several months ago, I planned a trip somewhere for Tina, Gabby and I to enjoy on this year’s Hari Raya. I’ve patiently waited for a low cost carrier to even drop its airfare to a more affordable promo rate and I was successful. I just wish our 4 days next week to be spent outside Malaysia will de-stress us and recharge our spirits.


9 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS!

  1. God is really good, and all the time, He is best in giving us hope, and healing in HIS perfect timing. I have received good favors from GOD too, and I just love how HE blesses people.

  2. may kumabog sa puso ko nung nakita ko yung picture. thank God for small miracles. hope joshua goes on to recover fully, even if slowly. may God give him the strength and grace.

    swerte nyo docgelo, 9 days ang holiday nyo…kami 4 lang! tinalo nyo kami ha! he he! 🙂

  3. oh, i’m sorry i just learned about Joshua’s condition now. And I am so glad he’s recovering. I am surrounded by serious sicknesses, and I can attest the miracle of God’s healing hands! =) I’ll pray for Joshua’s continued recovery!

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