PRAYERS are all we can offer against all trials that our family has been experiencing. Unbelievably, things have been emotionally, physically and financially draining but it is only through prayers that we gain strength and could keep our sanity intact amidst things that are happening beyond our understanding.

Just last Saturday, I was informed that Joshua, my 12 year old nephew back home had CVA (cerebrovascular accident), commonly known as stroke. His case was a result of an aneurysm or ballooning and rupture of blood vessels in his brain brought about by AVmal (arteriovenous malformation); unknown to all of us, he had that intracerebral vascular abnormality since the day he was born.

Who would have thought that a very active youngster as Joshua who has been playing basketball with his team in their school and community has congenital vascular abnormality that can suddenly lead to stroke?

I saw my nephew grow before my eyes and I can personally and professionally attest that his medical history had remained unremarkable until the said diagnosis. He even engaged in a game before he had the attack at home last weekend. He was immediately brought to the ER of The Medical City in Ortigas, was admitted to ICU and subjected to diagnostic imaging procedures (CT scan, angiogram).

When I called my mom, I chanced to talked to one of my nephew’s MDs; she confirmed it’s AV mal that led to bleed. Two days after, he was put under the knife to evacuate the clots and repair the 4 intracerebral blood vessels. According to my brother (Joshua’s dad), the first operation was a success to initially repair the 3 blood vessels, and his son will be operated on for the second time (hopefully the last) today, Tuesday.

(At such a young age,)  He’s already post left frontal burr craniectomy with placement of ICP monitoring device, post embolization of left parietal arteriovenous malformation and craniotomy, evacuation of hematoma.

We ask for prayers for his uneventful surgeries and less complicated recovery.

Months ago, when my paternal grandmother passed away, one of my aunts failed to bear the situation, she also incurred stroke and until now, has been undergoing rehabilitation and recuperation. Our prayers also go out to my Tita Violy.

I need not elaborate on our other domestic problems; nothing can be more difficult than having family members with physical ailments. In my almost 35 years of existence, it has already dawned on me that life’s full of inevitable challenges but we believe we have a good Lord who’s definitely bigger than our burdens.

Life goes on.

We just have to keep the faith.

And uplift our spirits.

UPDATE : As of Tueday, 23rd Aug 2011, accdg to my relatives back home, his operation went well, the clot that was removed as per their description was as big as an apple. 72 hours post-op observation is highly critical, so please help us in praying for joshua’s recuperation. thank you po.


About the photo above : Sunset viewed from our porch last 22 August 2011. For some, sundown is perceived negatively, i think otherwise; it’s a promise of a new hope, a fresh beginning.


10 thoughts on “DURING OUR TRYING TIMES…

    1. yes, grace, sinlaki daw ng apple yung blood clot na na-evacuate. imagine, the AVmal has been asymptomatic for 12 years until last weekend.

      thank you for praying for my nephew, joshua.
      thank you so much!

    1. full recovery to what he was before the stroke is what we all pray for but admittedly, the recuperation and rehabilitation will take years and years….but with the good Lord, nothing’s impossible.

      thank you for your prayers, bert! God bless you too and your family.

    1. maraming salamat, marga! if it’s not too much to ask, may your brother-priest include my nephew in his private prayers too? his name is joshua matthew santos. maraming salamat muli. God bless you too and your family.

  1. doc i hope your nephew will get well soon, we will pray for him. mom was at the hospital for three days kakalabas lang kahapon, i can’t blog about it, it put me in tears. but only prayers keeps me sane.

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