….to appreciating paintings, furnitures, sculptures, photography and any forms with art, I know I have my own eyes.

A month ago, during the celebration of George Town Festival here in Penang in one of the premier hotels here, I chanced upon an exhibit of glass sculptures of a local artist whose name I failed to note, with works that were truly remarkable but only few really caught my attention(view photos below).  

Looking at my captures of her glass sculptures reminded me that once upon a time, I almost pursue my interest in fine arts.

My appreciation of art, or at least my own, initially started during class arts in Primary / Elementary school, when we’re asked to heat crayons on spoon over lighted candles then blow it over an Oslo paper; one color on top of the other. I really thought then, those moments were magical!

Then it officially flourished when I was in High School, joining and winning in inter-level monthly poster-making competitions. And in my books (and my schoolmates knew this), I only had one tough competitor, be it in poster-making or in bulletin board display contests in school, it was always neck-to-neck healthy competition with my brother (who’s now a professional private aviator–yes, none of us became artists!). I’m always proud to share the stage with him when we always bagged the medals and recognition—him as second and with utmost humility, I usually ranked first.

During those times, when white cartolina was required to be our “canvass” or base for our posters, I would bring white felt paper instead, so that my craypasses would have a greater effect.

No, I am not good at painting nor at drawing but perhaps what brought our (class’) winnings were my creative imaginations on how to interpret a theme given by the school and the remarkable assistance of my High School classmates in executing my concepts (speaking like a true blooded artist, haha! Pagbigyan nyo na, those were the days; and I just hope my HS classmates can read this, haha!).

I almost took a talent test as one of the requirements in entering the College of Fine Arts in the state university back home but it didn’t happen. Most of my High School classmates knew I would take Fine Arts major in Advertising then but it was not for me. You knew I was led in to PreMed (BS Biology) then eventually to Medicine.  The love for the arts took a back seat.

I have no regrets taking the course that gave me additional 2 letters after my surname. At least not all of us in this playing field know how to appreciate arts or culture itself. Many are intelligent but few have talents.

Going back to these gorgeous works of art, these are indeed beautiful but when it comes to glass sculpture, one Filipino name stands out —Ramon Orlina

My wishful thinking dictates me to own an Orlina someday or at least a piece of furniture either from Roberto Locsin or by Kenneth Conbonpue. ….Ah, the perks of daydreaming, haha!



  1. Incredible pieces of art. Ang galing talaga. I’ve always beene nvious of people creative juices and what they do with that juice in order to create a masterpiece.

    Thanks for sharing a little bit about your creative past 🙂 Keep on cultivating your creative talent, pwedeng sideline yan 🙂

    1. don’t you want to own the voyager (the bed that brad pitt purchased from cobonpue)? 🙂
      pareho tayo, isang upuan lang, ang saya siguro.. kaya lang sobrang mahal… someday siguro… haha! *nangarap*

  2. in fairness, nasa dugo nyo pala ang arts! he he!

    i believe you can still pursue your passion for arts even though you have another career… it’s something that can be juggled with something else. well, that’s just me though. 🙂

    1. let’s wait and see, haha! iyong violin ko nga had to take a back seat too. now that my family’s here, amanda the violin had to rest for a while. time is spent more with family of course. 🙂

  3. Your parents surely must have been so proud of you and your brother with your creative juices even when you were younger and… winning in contests at that! Now that you’ve both pursued other careers, I bet the talent lays hidden there, just dormant, waiting again to explode!

    1. there were no cash prizes but medals and recognition were such a big deal for me during those times. nakakatawa lang maalala ngayon, hindi nga talaga “puro pera” ang nagbibigay kasiyahan sa tao. *serious! hahaha*

  4. Great photos! These remind me of some of the pre-loved and yet so expensive glass sculptures in those thriftshops in Bangkal. Nung tinanong ko kung bakit mahal, Murano daw kasi ang brand. Kaya naman pala hehe.

    1. murano naman pala kaya mahal, jun. kahit second hand mahal nga. e mamahalin mo talaga iyon, magandang klase ng koleksyon e.

      fyi, i have never been to bangkal. i heard it’s a quaint area in makati where thrift shops line the street.

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