If gastronomic indulgence is a sin, then my family and I are always guilty as charged, hahaha! 🙂

pass the vinegar, please! yum!

Apparently, gluttony is one of the deadliest sins, but gastronomic indulgence isn’t. I believe when you only try to please your palates with a digestive feast without eating excessively, you are just being a foodie.

Enough with the defenses. Great foods are really meant to be enjoyed and the moment becomes instantly priceless when you share delightful dishes with your love ones.

If not for one of my few valued senior colleagues who generously shared his affordable eating discovery with his family here in Penang, we wouldn’t sample it too.

Along one of the busiest thoroughfares in George Town, Penang is Jalan Macalister (or Macalister Road); it is one of the places in this part of Malaysia where hawker food stalls and restaurants can be found almost side by side. With tough but “healthy” and delicious competition, one of the establishments that was referred to us by my senior fellow is Town Steamboat Restaurant. He only had good words about this eat-all-want-food place; his family’s satisfaction was enough for us to give it a try.

Popular among Asian countries, Steamboat also known with so many names like Shabu-shabu because of some Japanese influence, Chinese Fondue, or Hotpot if claypot was used, requires no skill in cooking but creativity in combining various slices of raw meat -pork, beef, fish, seafoods, veggies, noodles and other interesting ingredients simmered in a pot of boiling stock, cooked directly on the dining table and readily served hot!

tender beef strips cooked slowly on butter and sinigang na hipon or prawn on sour broth simmered to almost perfection!

 I think the affordability of the buffet in Town Steamboat Restaurant is difficult to top with its wide and varied delicious spread. The flavors are almost infinite!

Other than bottomless ice cream, ais kacang (say, ays ka-chang!), the Malaysian version of Filipino Halo-halo or vise-versa served with red bean, nuts and shaved ice…pastries and other sweets, Town Steamboat Restaurant has a  dimsum corner where you can take a volume of steamed goodies!

They got me on this one; I am sucker for dimsum and dumplings!  ….And you?

Drinks from orange, grape and lychee juices, Chinese tea and my favorite, iced cold soya are all available as bottomless and via self-service; it’s all inclusive!

after a hearty meal, must drink tea.
 You’ll never go wrong with a casual atmosphere… 
…unless you make a big deal out of an overly exposed cooking gas beside your dining table, hahaha!  
I think the exposed cooking gas tanks are nothing to these hungry pack…
Admittedly, I didn’t like the red and spicy broth that they also serve; we prefer the plain soup as base for our steamboat; it’s most appropriate in cooking sour broth or our very own Sinigang!
This is more we like it….
except those with hypersensitivity to it, who doesn't like sinigang na hipon? imagine a Filipino dish personally cooked in a Chinese-Malaysian restaurant! Sarap! Ang saya!
Heeding my colleague’s advice, we brought our very own, Knorr Sinigang na may Gabi Recipe Mix which made our Steamboat more appetizingly good! Now, if only Knorr could sponsor and send us here lots of their goodies, we’ll be more than grateful! Because Philippine products are rare here in Penang, can someone refer this blog post to makers of Knorr mixes? Paging Knorr Sinigang Mix, hehe!
We brought the mix, baby!
We’re definitely spending another gastronomic feast here when we find a chance…
The first time we dined at Town Steamboat Restaurant, I only paid RM 49 (PhP 686) for the three of us –Tina, Gabby and me. Then several weeks ago, when my parents came over, we paid around RM 80 (PhP 1120) as lower rates are charged to senior citizens (age 55 and up) and only RM 4.90 (PhP 69) for kids of Gabby’s age and height. It was really a great deal! Now, if only YAKIMIX (which post continuously gives me highest blog hits per day!) or Tong Yang in Manila can top this restaurant with its price, more Filipinos back home can enjoy good food with their families and friends. But I know, YAKIMIX‘s edge are its smokeless grill, airconditioned and more comfortable ambience. 
Town Steamboat Restaurant. 
63 Macalister Road (slightly opposite UMNO building)
10400 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.


  1. i’m amused with the knorr sinigang mix. i don’t eat prawns kaya walang effect sa akin ang picture. pero ang crab at dimsum…. haaay.

    1. wow,you really waited for hours for me to post this. amazing! salamat!
      regards to sir lenin! model platoon nya ako before, haha! 🙂

      ps : allergic ka sa prawns? it’s one of my kryptonites, haha…

    1. hey nina, salamat sa pagbisita dito. i am humbled,really. 🙂

      i wonder if tong yang and similar restos in manila would allow clients to bring the mix without corkage, sarap kaya! hahaha…

  2. bringing your own sinigang mix is brilliant. i’ve only been to a shabu shabu twice myself, but both times I enjoyed myself thoroughly; although the slection s not as wide as you have there.

  3. natawa naman ako dun sa gasul sa tabi ng mesa! he he!

    i love the ingredients you have here docgelo….the seafood, the veggies, the dumplings! yummy!

    1. noong una kong nakita iyong gasul sa tabi ng mga lamesa, natakot ako, haha! pakiramdam ko noong una mabubusog ka nga, pwede naman sumabog anytime, haha! 😀 *paranoia*

    1. i’ll take note that we share the love for dumplings, sheng.
      so in the future, when chance comes that we get to visit gensan, foodtrip tayo ng dumplings and tuna (sashimi & panga!)….

      “di ka naman tumataba diyan?” —that’s what you think, haha!

  4. sabi na nga ba eh maglalaway na naman kami 😀 grabe ang taba ng crabs ang sarap ng dimsum hayyyy gusto ko tuloy magbuffest ulit. ang kakaiba pwede kang magdala ng knorr seasoning hehehe ayus ah. yun lang ba ang pwedeng dalin? other sauce or iba pa?

    1. making the readers drool wasn’t intended, haha! 😀
      we actually sneaked in the sinigang mix; no corkage for it i guess; it’s not an actual food/drink anyway.

      but i think if someone does this in other food place other than steamboat/shabu-shabu, it can be perceived as a pure insult to the chef/cook, right?

  5. kakainis ka doc, kakagutom yun post mo ngayon, nang inggit pa hehehe e ako pa naman mainggitin hahaha, but of course in a right way naman lol….inggit lang pero happy for you hahaha

    doc, hinay-hinay lang ha at baka mahirap sunugin yang mga calories ng alimasag at ibang seafood hehehe, masarap kumain sa shabu-shabu pero yun asawa ko ayaw, kasi raw nagpunta ka na nga sa resto at nagbayad tapos kami pa raw ang magluluto hahaha, reklamador ano

    1. i repeat, drooling much more, envy aren’t part of the intentions of blogging –haha! 🙂

      on a lighter note, i have to agree with your husband’s point of view –humorous din pala sya gaya mo, match na match kayo, sards! 🙂

  6. If gastronomic indulgence is a sin, then my family and I are always guilty as charged —> including ME!

    Keep the buffet posts coming,. lam mo naman I look up to you pagdating sa ganyan. =)

    1. we had this buffet several weeks ago,chyng. medyo hinay-hinay lang sa pagkain, haha!
      enjoy kami ngayon sa homecooking… pero you know we’ll engaged again in another “adventure” soon.

    1. oh yes, they’re observing fasting season here too. nagutom ka ba? haha…
      how’s ramadan in dubai? the breaking of the fast here every dusk is so lively; hawker food stalls are almost everywhere.

  7. PhP 1120 sa inyong lima! Maski na dalawang seniors at isang juniorette ang kasama ninyong mag-asawa, that is a steal of a deal. Walang ganyan dito unless you carry a gun LOL.

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