One afternoon, I came home to Tina and Gabby with these 3 wooden pull-me-down puppets which I spotted at a store near our place. With tacks, I pinned them on our appartment's door. They may be cheap but they symbolize something about our family. That to me, at the end of the day, it's just the three of us.

I’m going through trying times the past week and although regret and putting blame on me may be useless at this moment, I’m still taking all the charges. Lessons are definitely learned the hard way.

On top of a private issue concerning me and my parents, our almost 7-year-old son, Gabby has been having loose watery stools and occasional vomiting since last Friday, 05 August and needless to say, Tina and I have been so worried. 

Instead of the service-van-driver, his school teacher/owner had to drive him home earlier last weekend because he initially had his first episode of vomiting in class.

Despite the fact that we knew based on history, that he doesn’t like its taste, we still tried to give him ORS (Oral Rehydrating Solution) to replace electrolyte and fluid losses but he just vomited what he drank.

I bought Smecta Dioctahedral (Smectite) which is an anti-diarrheal powder to be dissolve in water, Gabby didn’t like its taste too given its orange-vanilla flavor.  Amidst his LBM and vomiting, we’re thankful that he remained up and about with no signs of dehydration.

Fast forward to Monday morning, before conducting my lectures, I consulted our medical university clinic and asked for some pediatric medicines, luckily, they have and provided me for free as part of our employees’ benefits. (read : Can you easily imagine how difficult it is to deliver a lecture on Muscle Contraction and Nervous System Physiology in 3 classes almost the entire day and your child is sick at home? I was actually begging for prayers for our kid from my Muslim, Indian and Chinese students)

Nothing is more difficult for any profession than being a doctor and you become helpless when you’re family is in unhealthy state. Kung pwede lang akuin ang sakit ng anak, ginawa ko na.

Like a preschooler who receives his report card with marks of “Needs Improvement“, I know I have to change a whole lot of myself particularly in dealing with problems head on.  I should learn to calm down and pray in troubled times; keep words to myself that might hurt someone.

One of the 2 senior colleagues here in Penang whom I respect and value the most, reminded me that these things are nothing compared to what he and his family, and other people who are severely burdened went through. The other senior fellow who also understands me never wasted time and visited Gabby and Tina in our unit despite she came from long hours of trip from work commitments.  Even with little words, both of these people have been constantly inspiring me to be tough through tough times, continuously motivating me to do only what is right and had moved me to further love my family next to God. 

With hope and prayers that Gabby’s condition will improve soon, I also ask God’s forgiveness for whatever words I have said to people whom I’ve hurt particularly my family.

I may be one of the worst sons on the planet; I may be astronomically far from being the best husband to Tina but I am trying my best to be a good father to Gabby.

To all parents and people who may be emphatic to my situation, your prayers for our kid will be highly appreciated.


8 thoughts on “NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

    1. it must have been the homecooked fried rice with shelled garlic buttered prawns we gave him for baon last friday. it slipped my memory that fried rice, when not warm or not reheated may easily become a breeding ground for a bacterium known as bacillus cereus and the like which irritate the bowel.

      thank you; i have no choice but to strong.
      problems,regardless of extent are always part of life.
      i have to perceive them as challenges.

      blogging on the otherhand, gives me venue to take something out of my chest, and somehow, gives me reasons to avoid dwelling on problems but on the lighter side of things.

  1. Gabby, my dear apo, just wait for 3 weeks, and Lolo Ben will be back there to take good care of you, he is just waiting for his passport renewal. Gelo, Ite just be strong and everything will be fine. Just pray and keep smiling come what may. I Love you all. Mommy

  2. Life as a parent or parents, is always difficult. But kudos to you (and Tina) you are one of the best fathers I have met (cyber) and you excel in my expectations.

    It is sometimes challenging, and later on very rewarding.

    Take care and be well and happy.

  3. ay, wawa naman gab. at least he’s not showing signs of dehydration. i hope by the time i’m writing this, ok na sya. if not, i will pray for him.

    be strong docgelo. problems and trials do come. be strong and pray a lot. 🙂

  4. Doc Gelo, we all have our down times, I just fought off a struggle too, and still learning to stand from a bad stressful week. I have exams to hurdle and no money in the pocket to make me smile, but know what? We have GOD, and HE is way way bigger than our problems! Cheer up! God is our partner!

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