my wife & kid : just getting lovelier!

All we wanted was to see my mom 3 years after she left for work in Middle East but the good Lord provided more!

I never thought that our family reunion will be in my work place abroad. God works in mysterious ways... In this photo, we missed my 3 brothers- Capt. Mike and his family, Mac & JC. *photo taken by my wife, Tina at G Hotel, Penang*

15 July 2011, Friday.  It’s my mom’s birthday and she decided to celebrate it with us here in Penang! After 3 years of working in Middle East, she’s having her much deserved holiday and we’re having a happy family reunion!

Because Tina and I had less time to prepare for a special dinner for Mamy’s birthday (she requested for my wife’s baked macaroni, actually) due to work schedule, I thought of bringing them to the hotel-restaurant that became one of our favorites in this side of Malaysia  –G Cafe at G Hotel, Penang.

 Cheese, anyone ?
Gabby likes cheese so much that he didn’t forget to sample them.

Hors d’ oeuvres on my plate : some fried dumplings, prawn rolls, fried oysters, beancurd salad & one of my favorites from G Cafe, prawn salad…

I texted Mr. Alwee of G Cafe, the friendliest and most efficient restaurant manager I’ve ever met, to inquire if they offer buffet lunch on Fridays and to make a reservation for 5 (Tina, Gabby, Daddy, Mamy & me).  He responded via phone call few seconds after I sent my SMS.  He often amazed me with his Tagalog words, like “Kamusta?” (How are you?) every time I converse with him. I learned that lunch at their hotel-restaurant on Fridays are only given ala carte but themed dinner is Seafood Barbecue, eat-all-you-want!

I made a reservation for the 5 of us and took my chance of requesting a slice of cake as a little surprise for my mom’s birthday. He told me the cake-request was no hassle and even gave me an offer hard to refuse. According to him, I’ll only pay for 2 pax on the buffet because he promised an invitation to dinner for me and Tina weeks ago after we ate lunch (and blogged about the fantastic experience) at G Cafe.

G Cafe at G Hotel for me stands for Great food & service, Good Ambience, Generous people.

Because it was Seafood BBQ night…

Tender & toothsome : grilled udang (prawns), sotong (squid) and salmon plus choices of dips and sauces — tamarind sauce, tartar sauce, BBQ sauce and more!

The friendly chefs are ready to hand you your choice of grilled seafoods…

Freshest tuna and salmon sashimi, prawns, mussels, oysters to enjoy…

Daddy’s seafood plate overload!

Have you ever tasted a Fish Shawarma? Tina and I loved Beef Shawarma particularly from small food kiosks in supermarkets back home; this variation of shawarma was new to my palate, found it not bad.

Desserts are always divine…

Heavenly pieces on my plate…

Would you say no to a chocolate fondue?

Was so happy to see Tina and Gabby liked it!

While I had fun in a scoop.

But Mamy Tessie had the widest smile that evening especially when Mr. Alwee and his warm associates led by Mr. Arnel, a Pinoy staff, sang the birthday song for her and brought in a huge slice of chocolate cake.

We cannot thank G Cafe, G Hotel, Mr. Alwee and his staff enough; my mom was in wonderland that night! 🙂

best chocolate cake in the world! velvety, melt-in-your-mouth goodness; my mom wanted to order a whole piece!

Because we’re already full after about 2 hours of indulgence, my mom opted to bring her cake at home. Where in the world would you have a takeaway or take-out or however you put it, in an eat-all-you-can dining? Isn’t G Cafe sweet? 🙂

As we reached home, another surprise was waiting for Mamy.

A bunch of flowers with a solitary piece of ferrero rocher was waiting at the security post sent by my cousins and niece and youngest brother all working in UAE.

Thank you! You all made Mamy’s day wonderful.


Visit G Cafe and G Hotel when you’re in Penang. My family and I highly recommend it. View their website here –>G Hotel, Malaysia

G Cafe, G Hotel
168A Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel +604-2380000


  1. Your blog never fails to make me hungry. This is a very heartwarming post. Now, not only am I hungry, I also miss my mom in Texas. 🙂

  2. your mom truly had a wonderful bday there, celebrating it with all of you. now the food at the G Cafe especially their desserts are so inviting. kakagutom namam.

  3. happy birthday tita, you deserve the best in this world because you are a very good person and a the best mom to your kids. Enjoy Penang

    1. hey, thank you for the greetings and for everything, ‘lam mo na iyon. you’re family has been a great help to me, thank you, thank you! 🙂

  4. Happy birthday to your beloved Mamy. I think I gained some weight just looking at the food spread at G Cafe.

    1. hi carla! my mom used to swing to their offices/branches in doha, abu dhabi and dubai.
      my cousins and youngest brother are also currently based in abu dhabi.

  5. your recommendation was really great doc gelo. thank you! tried the lunch buffet today. love the salmon with mango salsa. 🙂 will try the seafood barbecue buffet on friday night. sabi ng staff may lobsters daw.
    anyways, i think kayo yung nakita ko with your fam kanina sa komtar area talking to a cab driver. next time i see you po, will come up and introduce myself. 🙂 kudos to your blog po doc gelo! keep those wonderful post coming.

    1. hi reena! if my memory serves me right, you emailed me before stating you’re living in bayan lepas, is that right? oops, nakita mo pala kami sa komtar! we came from cheong fatt tze mansion (which i am blogging next), then first avenue and were taking a cab to towne steamboat buffet when you saw us. hahaha!

      glad you enjoyed g hotel. we love their g cafe! 🙂

      1. yes doc gelo, we’re on this side of penang (bayan lepas). kakatuwa how you spend your weekends, ganyan din kami sinusulit talaga. well, hope to bump into you and your fam one of these days! 🙂

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