We’re counting blessings, however simple and remain grateful. 

Dubai and Manila met in Penang

Gabby’s probably the happiest grandchild in the entire universe after his lolo and lola arrived in Penang for an unexpected family reunion. On the first week of July, my dad (who had been an OFW for almost 2 decades in KSA) came from Manila to be with us and watch over Gabby while Tina and I go to work, especially when he goes to school next month. Few days after, my mom who’s working in Middle East followed suit. We’re glad that she’s having her vacation with us after she left for work 3 years ago. 

Lola Tessie's first Rapid Penang Bus ride 🙂

Indubitably, no material thing can surpass the bliss of being together. Not even a brand new TV. 🙂

Happiness of family-togetherness is incomparable to enjoying ice cream.


…even to planned trips to neighboring countries.

On top of these blessings, we pray for continuous health and safety. Amen.


  1. thank God for tour blessings! 🙂

    batang bata pa pala si mommy tessie! she’s so pretty! happy si gabby! enjoy your time together!

  2. Happy to know that you are happy! Let the blessing keep pouring in. You get the blessings because you have blessed others as well.

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