09 July 2011. Saturday

We left our home in Butterworth at half hour past 11 in the morning. It was another memorable weekend for my family.

that little golden jeepney arrived in our home in butterworth, penang as we warmly welcomed the one who brought it from pinas!

After knowing that Transformers is only showing on 3D in one of the cinemas here, we decided to pass on the movie because my wife doesn’t want to watch anything that may trigger and aggravates her vertigo. Instead of a movie-date, we immediately brought ourselves to a Chinese restaurant and indulged in some dimsum and noodles for lunch inside Queensbay Mall, the biggest in the island that’s few kilometers away from Penang International Airport.  

We needed to kill time before we pick up my dad who came from Pinas on dependent visa (valid until my work visa expires) via Kuala Lumpur, to continue his being dutiful lolo to his apo, Gabby.

The no-drama-and very casual-reunion at the airport was almost like we just last saw each other yesterday. 

After the meeting, must eat Mcdo! Funny thing was, he’s also treated to Mcdo breakfast meal by my brothers in the morning of his flight right before leaving Pinas, haha! 🙂

Note to Jollibee : If you can bring your branches to Brunei and other parts of Asia, sa Penang wala pa! We’ll be your very first patrons, when that day comes. Promise!

lolo benruh (ruben or lolo ben for gabby) finally invades penang!

I arranged a pick up service with a friendly Indian taxi cab driver, the same guy who helped us haul and transfer our things when we moved in to our new place a week ago exactly. The trip from Penang Airport (Penang Island) to our place in Butterworth (mainland Penang) cost around RM 70 (PhP 980).

Daddy’s first glimpse of that 25km Penang Bridge….

After that long stretch of magnificence comes another flyover that connects the roads going to Butterworth. The structure mimics the majestic Penang Bridge…

Then the time came to unwrap his 25kg Balikbayan box (yes, he didn’t have any luggage and only brought few of his clothes to accomodate and bring our request).  

Tina wanted something from Pinas for our living room table centerpiece. My brother, Mac bought these balls for us from bazaars in Greenhills no less (tyangge, syempre!).  For the meantime, Tina placed her balls on one of her plastic banana leaf plates until I’ll find something more appropriate.

And because religious articles are apparently hard to find in a predominantly Muslim state…

Gabby's happiest with his first bible.

 More reasons to be happy….  Lapid’s Chicharon, FTW!

Best Package Ever!

Thank you, Lord for all the blessings, big and small. 🙂



  1. aaawwww. hindi ko alam bat naiyak ako. anuver, umuulan kasi dito doc, kaya ang emosyon, ang taas taas. yaan na haha. naiiyak ako sa tuwa pag reunions ang usapan. happy and sad kasi nagkita na kayo pero after nun, aalis din yung taong yun. ayan naaa, emotera mode super on. enough na haha 😀

    yay sa package! ganyan din laman ng maleta ko para ibigay sa mga friends ko nung nagpunta kami ng SG. si lolo hindi nagdala ng NamNam, yung product nina jlc yung para aji ginisa hahahaha

    1. hi dyanie! natuwa naman ako sa comment mo, binasa ko pa out loud kay tina.
      anyways, si daddy will stay with us for as long as we’re in malaysia para nga maging official taga-bantay ni gabby, taga-hatid sa school etc while we are at work.

      but mommy who will be arriving tonight (july 10) 9pm will be staying here for a month only unless she decides to apply for a dependent visa too.

      namnam? wala na ako sa pinas when that was introduced to the market. si tina kinwento nya, kinakanta daw ng “kanto boys” group nila jlc yang namnam promo sa asap?!

      solid fanatic ka talaga…

    1. hi allyn! wow, bumisita ka sa blog ko ha. at si daddy ang binigyan mo ng message hindi ako, amazing! hehehe biro lang! thank you! regards kina yep, alyza at pao.
      God bless.

  2. ang saya naman nito! hindi na ako nagulat kung ano ang laman ng box. 🙂

    may flat tops bang nasingit dyan? 😀

  3. ha ha! natawa ako doon sa balikbayan box! puro pagkain!

    all smiles si gabby! andyan na si lolo! how about lola? 🙂

  4. Wow, andaming pancit canton, favorite din ng mga anak ko ang pancit canton na yan especially yung yellow (original) added with the hot and spicy one. Ang bait ni Lolo to bring those over in Penang.

    1. it’s a comfort food for us! lalo na ngayong sabik na sabik sa lasa nito, hehehe!
      we like the one with toyomansi flavor. sinamahan din pala ng kaunting spicy.

    1. Gabby’s really happy with his lolo (and lola who arrived last night from uae) already here with him.

      Lucky you for having sari-sari store there that sells pinoy products; dito isa lang yata, mahal pa!

  5. awwww pangarap ko din dalin ang tatay ko sa Dubai nuon kaso di na umabot but im happy that my dream is coming true with my friends, hi daddy benruh, gwapo nyo pala. doc cya ba dad mo or ni maam tina? may pagmamanahan naman pala eh. haba ng tulay 25km huwaww

    1. gwapo tatay ko? hahaha.. im sure he’ll smile his widest when he reads this, kaya lang hindi sya fond of computers haha.

      yup, longest ang penang bridge at 25 km.

  6. Kakamiss magka lolo. 🙂

    Ano pala lasa ng food sa mcdo specially the Pancake na favorite ko, hehehe.

    Ang daming laman ng balikbayan box. drooling sa hopia ube….sarap!

    Enjoy the new week Doc G.

    1. mcdo in pinas is way much better than mcdo branches here.
      ang ok lang dito na wala yata dyan sa pinas are the flavored desserts sa mcdo.
      may cornetto sundae at RM 4.50 (RM 1 = PhP 14) , peborit ko ang choctop cone twirl (na mayroon din sa pinas) at RM 1.60 lang.

      have fun, jeanny! God bless.

    1. hoarding talaga ng pancit canton at hopia which i am certain will be wiped out in few days because of our monstrous appetite, haha! sabik lang sa pinoy goodies. kasi 1 lang ata pinoy store dito sa island, mahal pa!

  7. yan ang maganda sa may magulang eh, lifeline mo sa pagpapalaki ng sarili mong anak. you are so blessed. i’m sure adventure din kay lolo benruh yang penang, new surrounding, tyak after a month sya na ang magpapasyal sa inyong mag-asawa.

    kakatuwa naman yang goodie box nyo. alam mo easily and readily available yang mga items na yan dito sa mga Asian groceries kaya di na rin masyadong nakakamiss ang Pinas 🙂

    1. tumpak ang comment mo, maria.
      pero buti dyan sa US, daming pinoy store, it’s otherwise here in penang considering our proximity to pinas.
      siguro dapat halal-sealed ang food-goodies natin to be available here in penang, or someone should get serious in importing them from manila. kaunti lang kasi pinoy dito to be its patrons e.

    1. hi dennis! i know you felt the same way during your last homecoming. reunions are always heartwarming.
      my dad will be staying here until we’re here as gabby’s official nanny.
      so he needed a dependent’s pass to stay longer than 30 days (tourist visa for ASEAN countries).

  8. Angelo, lagay mo freezer yung hopia para hindi agad masira, then just heat it up in the toaster/oven later. Im glad you guys are all together. Enjoy and regards to Tito and Tita.

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