We cannot dwell on problems forever, we have no choice but to move on and forget issues and people that weigh us down. Life is so beautiful and precious to waste with worthless creatures.

And this is one way how to let go (or get rid) of the hassles : living life the way we know how.

At Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House…

Saturday, 25th July 2011. Penang, My.
After almost being exhausted in checking out the newly opened Tesco Supermarket in Tajung Bungah and bought some kitchen essentials for us to use as we move in to our own appartment to rent in less than a week, we went to Queensbay Mall for that much needed-haircuts for me and Gabby, did some more grocery shopping and brought our palates to a restaurant that we haven’t tried before.
With floral table tops and dainty curtains, relaxing mood complete with classical violin music, Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House in Queensbay Mall offers its customers an experience to dine British in the heart of Penang.  If you don’t want to kill your curiosity to know whether this charming cafe is affordable or not, you’ll get intimidated easily with its sophisticated and luxurious interiors.
Because it’s almost late for lunch and our tummies were literally growling (read: our borborygmi can be heard even without auscultation, haha! 🙂) I immediately called the wait staff to provide us menu.  We found out that they have set list which I preferred; they also offer variety of choices from salads, pasta, entrees like chicken, beef and fish dishes (Winter Warmers is a Halal-restaurant thus does not offer pork), desserts, coffee and tea.
Tina tried their Fettuccine Carbonara
Their version of Carbonara was fine but nothing spectacular (read: I think I can cook a better-tasting pasta than this perhaps because I am missing ham and bacon but nonetheless, it’s filling!).
She initially wanted to order Savory Fish Fillet baked with cheese toppings and Carbornara was Gabby’s choice, however after we tendered the order to the wait staff, he told us with a smile,
“Can you finish all these?”
Then, Tina asked him, “Why, do you have huge servings?”  Silently, I was telling myself, “He doesn’t have idea of our appetites!” hehehe! So my wife let go of her fish dish and settled to share the pasta plate with Gabby as he also ordered a yummy all-time-favorite, Chocolate Waffle.
Unsurprisingly, Gabby enjoyed this sinfully delicious goodness. Tina and I only dunked our forks a bit just to taste this irresistible delight but our son managed to finish the entire plate up to the last bite. Needless to say, it’s that toothsome!
As I wanted to try their tea instead of coffee but admittedly had no idea at that moment what to pair it with, I safely decided to go for one of their meal sets. I shared it with my 2 love ones who gave their thumbs up too.
My preference included fresh green salad
It was almost perfect introduction to the main dish : Bolognese Cheese Bake!
I’d say the Mango Pudding was the best compliment of this set meal…
This quaint cafe tucked strategically in one end of the mall would never be called Winter Warmers without their hot blends.
As a coffee addict myself, it wasn’t easy to leave the chance to try their cappuccino or mocha, but I don’t know, I just had a sudden and strong desire to try tea instead of caffeinated drinks at the moment. I trusted the waiter’s suggestion to try Green Tea Moonlight Rose with my meal set. I found it soothing; I liked it.
The steaming pot of Green Tea Moonlight Rose instantly made me a tea-lover too.  Even without its known health benefits of being an antioxidant and whatnot, a sip would make you like it in a blink! However, as it was Gabby’s first to see a dried little rose in a cup of tea, he innocently asked me, “Daddy, bakit may rose na patay?”  (Daddy, why is there a dead rose in your cup?).  I smiled and replied to our son,“It’s dried, not dead!” hehehe. 🙂
Tina didn’t like it at all. She mentioned the feeling was like drinking a cup of potpourri, hahaha! I didn’t agree. The floral scent was subtle and it was enough to stimulate relaxation amidst digestive process.
Before, I only liked drinking iced tea and rarely would you find me drinking Lipton in warm cup. But after our casual dining experience at Winter Warmers, I’m convinced that there are a lot of alternatives to my addiction to coffee; and dunking tea bags in a steaming hot pot is one.
Winter Warmers’ service was impressively quick; food and drinks graciously landed on our table in less than 10 minutes; wait staff was attentive.  They have affordable and reasonable prices of set meals and ala carte dishes and drinks. Best of all, if in some food establishments in Penang, a glass or a cup of ordinary iced cold tap water costs around RM 0.80 (yes, may bayad ang malamig na tubig sa ibang resto dito!), it has no charge in this cafe! And for ALL of those yummies on the photos, we only paid RM 50+ (PhP 700+ or USD 16.44+), tax and service charge included. We’ll definitely* come back to try their other stuffs. 
*My mom (and dad) who will be coming over to Penang in a couple of weeks time (for my mom to visit us on tourist visa and for my dad who will be on dependent visa, will continue his grandfather’s duty of being a nanny to Gabby) and loves anything floral will surely be delighted in this English-themed cafe.*
We love Strabucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf too, but apparently, we’re grateful that there are a lot of places that provide more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere with wider variety of goodies.
Have a worry-free new week filled with bountiful blessings, everyone!
Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House, Queensbay Mall, Penang
Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Lepas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


  1. this place reminds me of that store in Glorietta in the corner at the 2nd floor. i think its Starbucks na ngayon. Yung store na maraming tea sets.

    I like my coffee but tea has been part of my life since I can remember. My mom and dad prefer drinking hot in the morning more than coffee. My dad used to bring those tin boxes of tea. The one I most remembered was this green tea sya na parang little pearl balls tapos pag nilagyan mo ng hot water, it opens up like a flower. its so fragrant and intoxicating. tuwing na aamoy ko yun i feel happy. 🙂

    Korek ka jan doc gelo, move on with your lives. No good will result to it if you just dwell on those viruses. 🙂 Can’t wait for the house warming post

    Maiba tayo, sinong nanalo nung coffee table book? Bigla ko lang naalala. 🙂

    1. ingrid, thank you for sharing; you have been so generous with me online, you know what i mean.
      God bless you and your family! 🙂

      ps : it’s grace / kg (kumareng grace) won that coffee table book. she already notified me via fb when she got that little prize.

  2. tama yan we should not dwell to much of them mas lalu lang silang sasaya dahil nakikita nila na affected ka. prove to them that they’re not worthy of your time.

    now for your post hehehe love the place. parang gusto ko dyang tumira. very feminine and floral. of course may pink hahaha. and perfect ang place for tea and not coffee 🙂

    1. i agree with you, iana entirely.
      bagay nga sa’yo ang lugar; pink na pink –your favorite!

      this experience widened my preference that there’s tea other than coffee! hehehe.

  3. Good! Kung sa previous post ay maninit ang ulo, ngayon kakaibang ‘warmer’ naman ang hatid. A customer should have an excellent imagination while dining in Penang’s WINTER Warmer… Rainy season po ba ngayon sa Penang? So how’s their carbonara, Doc Gelo?

    Those plates and cups- talagang British!

    Doc may caffeine din sa green tea, di ba?

    1. doc rj, if our own country has rains, typhoons and storms almost everyday during monsoon season, dito sa penang we hardly experience those. kung may ulan, kaunti lang, tapos rainy season here begins late, mga september-october pa based on my experience last year.

      agree! the plates and cups look as if directly lifted form a gazebo in an english garden, right?
      you know better than me, oz is a former queen-colony (and so was penang, hehehe!)

      caffeine in teas? i have to google. if there is, perhaps not as strong as in coffee. alam ko walang tannic acid ang tsaa; good in digestion and has antioxidant properties.

  4. The steaming pot of Green Tea Moonlight Rose instantly made me a tea-lover too.>>> im also not a fan of green tea or teas in general. but as how you describe… i will most likely get into it.

    kakatuwa at pupunta pala diyan parents mo. doble ang saya.

    1. yup, it’s almost more than PhP 11 or RM 0.80 (80 sen -> yes, cents here is sen!) so we’re happy if cold water is free in some food places. siguro kung may onli in da pilipins, mayroon ding only in penang!

  5. napaka homy naman ng lugar na yan docgelo! parang sarap tumambay! and i love their cup and saucer….so quaint! 🙂

    yay for the lolo and lola coming! 🙂

    1. tama, sarap tumambay dito, hehe! 🙂
      ang mahusay sa pagkain namin dito, gabby liked it so much, he wanted to go back and eat again.
      to quote him, “daddy, masarap doon, kain ulit tayo!” 😛

      and yes, the folks are coming to town! good luck sa amin 🙂

  6. It’s really nice to try things otherwise you woulnd’t know if you really like it or you don’t. I’m quite fascinated by all the dainty florals in the deocrs. I’m surprised that they also have entrees, I would have expected it to be solely a tea house with little tea ccakes and bake goods.

    We buy the rose hips in Chinatown by the pound and mix it with our jasmine tea that we buy loose leaf. Patay na roseas lumulutang sa tea 🙂

  7. At last! There are some times when we get to experience persecution, but that is the only way we know we are being loved and appreciated because we are scrutinized. Haha! Buti na lang di mo na pinatulan. Life goes on!

  8. Doc, speaking as a still-recovering survivor of bullying, I applaud you for taking the time to stand up to those people who have maligned you and your family. Honestly, people who claim to be educated yet do such mean things to others should be sent back to school till they learn to behave.

    But going back to the food, it all looks so warm and comforting! A perfect breakfast for a cold, stormy day.

  9. Move on…tama yan. Wag saying ang oras sa mga katulad nilang walang magawa. hehehe

    The food looks great ha except the carbonara na mukhang kaya kong gawin in 10mins lolz. Hope pag uwi nyo makapag kape tau one time. 🙂

    God Bless u and your family.


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