This is my blog; my personal virtual home for 4 years now. If you have a problem with me and/or my blogging, by virtue of freedom and free will, you have the right to leave this site.

Just because I am silent doesn’t mean I am weak.

My family is hurting because some poor souls have been tormenting us. Imagine, even our 6-year-old son, Gabby has been called, Batang X for reason unknown to us. LEAVE OUR INNOCENT SON ALONE! Parents like Tina and I can bear their blows despite lack of proofs, but our hearts have been crushed after our son has been involved!

These people dared to post on their facebook walls and commented on their friends’ ridiculous fb posts heartless words that maligned my family and I severely last Father’s Day, June 19, 2011. Although they did not directly named us, it was crystal clear that they’re referring to me, Tina and Gabby. Hindi ako insecure at inggit sa inyo, hindi nga ako topnotcher sa Medicine Boards, hindi man ako scholar noong nag aaral ako, hindi nga ako sintalino ninyo,PERO HINDI AKO BASTOS AT DUWAG GAYA NINYO! Marunong akong gumalang sa bata at nakatatanda. Despite my parents’ imperfections, they raised me and my brothers well with respect and manners.

The truth is, these people are like dogs without balls, they only know how to bite and bark at you from your back.

My valued readers know that I rarely post rant particularly about worthless individuals who, because of their worst attitude do not deserve to be given importance. But enough is enough.

What will you do when people suspect you of being a traitor to fellowmen, a spy of the management and other evil things despite the fact that they cannot present a single tangible evidence to prove their cheap words?

What will you do when people invade your parenthood by provoking you on their facebook walls that you should prioritize your son’s education instead of your personal happiness which they equated to few of our travels and hotel-dining? If you are a parent yourself (which they are not as of the moment), you know that everything revolves around our children; and I for one, have not gone to any trips alone, nor dined in hotels without my wife and our kid. It’s none of your business whether we eat in premier hotels or wherever!

Hindi kami nagpapalibre sa inyo sa hotel o saan man, Hindi kami nakikialam sa mga pinag gagastusan nyo, kaya tigilan nyo kami!

I do not need to explain to anyone that Gabby will start schooling here in Penang on August. If these unpleasant people are as wise as they think of themselves, they should have thought that it’s no longer their business if and when Tina and I, or whoever parent for that matter, decide to make their child/ren stop schooling, even for 10 years! WALA KAYONG PAKIALAM SA PAMILYA NAMIN!

Sa susunod na may paratang kayo, siguraduhin nyo na may ebidensya kayo! Sa susunod na may gusto kayong sabihin, sabihin nyo ng diretso, hindi parang wala kayong bayag na sa likod namin kayo nagtatawanan at nagsasalita laban sa amin!


Iyong isa babae pa naman, kung makapag mura sa facebook ang husay; mataas pa naman ang pinag aralan, palengkera din pala! (no offense meant to market vendors who may have better personalities than her).


I should have listened to my wife’s reminder long ago, “Mga katrabaho mo lang sila, hindi mo sila kaibigan!”


What will you do when highly educated professionals look down on you as bobo as they can think?

I don’t care of what you think of me now, JUST LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!


May God forgive me if I have cursed them that their souls should rot in hell!





29 thoughts on “LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!

  1. OH MY!!!
    I feel for you doc. Hell hath no fury like a parent scorned. Continue doing good and these nasty rumors will just die down.

    When my personal life was involved, I stopped blogging or let me paraphrase that, I stopped publishing my blog.

  2. docgelo, what happened?

    i sympathize with you, whatever it is. pag pamilya na ang tinitira, lalo na ang anak, ibang usapan na. i’ve known you only for a short time, but i know that you love your family very much. and i agree with you on many points, mainly that wag nila kayong pakialam. that is your family. [i’ve always been against people making pakialam on how parents should raise their children. kung gusto nila mag anak sila.]

    in the end, i can come to a conclusion, whatever they did or said docgelo, maniwala ka, they did out of inggit, because true and kind people will be happy when good things happen to others.

    i’ll be praying for you and your family docgelo. i know that you are strong, and bahala na si God sa mga taong walang ibang magawa kung hindi manira ng ibang tao!

  3. I immediately opened this the moment I got the twitter message and I feel you. i am also a parent and kung kasali na mga anak ko sa kabulastugan nila, we have to make tuos. the thing is, i am a professional individual that is the reason why i cannot just make a fuss out of petty things. Whatever it is you and Tina are going through, I am praying that life will be good in the next coming days. I have known you only in this blog and what you have posted here are trustworthy things I admire because you have been a great dad for Gabby and a responsible husband to Tina. I know this just by reading your post and I think that whoever they are making negative remarks about you, they should just shut up and leave your family alone. jealousy, or any kind of inggit will not take them anywhere, so if they have nothing good to say, they should just zip their mouths. Ako, I always say this: Huwag maging hadlang sa pag-unlad ng iba. And if that’s what they are doing to you, do not get utterly affected. Karma works in ways we cannot see…

    God bless you and your family. i know what a pure heart you have.

  4. Doc! Nagulat naman ako nung nabasa ko to sa reader ko. I agree, pag pamilya na ang usapan, iba na yan! Grabe naman yang mga kasamahan mo doc, nagsasalita patalikod! Ah excuse me mga workmates ni doc, kilala nyo lang si doc pero hindi nyo alam ang buhay nya kaya wag nga kayo mangelam! Tigilan nyo silaaaaa! Kung may problema kayo, kausapin nyo hindi sa FB kayo nag uusap!! (sensha na doc, affected ako sa ginawa nila sa inyo eh)

  5. grabe naman sila. bakit ano bang ginawa mo sa kanila para magsalita ng ganun at idamay pa si gabby. grabe grabe. hayyan mo alam namin na wala kang ginagawang masama. you’ve said everything and leave everything to God. ingit lang sila kaya sila ganyan.

  6. Hay nakakainis nga ang ganyang klaseng mga tao. When I was reading your post pati ako nanggigil sa kanila e. Isa lang ang dahilan niyan, INGGIT. Pag pumasok na ang inggit sa isip ng tao hay naku nandun na yata ang lahat ng kasamaan sa utak nila, gagawa ng paraan para lang ibagsak ang taong kinaiinggitan nila. And I don’t think napapabayaan mo naman ang anak mo. By reading and following your blog I know how good you are as a father, a friend and as a husband. Ingat ka doc sa mga yan, gagawa pa yan, di lang patalikod, pailalim pa…sana matapakan mo sila pag nakita mo sa ilalim hehehe.

  7. I probably missed a lot. I don’t know what the heck is going on. Anyway, I do not find anything offensive about your blog or your relationship with your family and friends. Your detractors are probably tormented dieters who can’t put up with the mouth-watering pics of the food you enjoy. Keep cool and let it slide, it is not worth letting your blood pressure run amok. Take care, watch your back and the food you eat. That’s what I do after my wife found out she is the beneficiary of everything I have LOL.

  8. Hello sir Doc, I emphatize with you regarding this issue. I have known you for a long time as my tutor/professor/teacher and I always believe in you. Just pray for these poor souls. I am pretty sure that these people are just jealous to the highest level because you have a happy family. God bless you always.

  9. Naku doc, I think they’re just envious of the life you are having right now. Naiinggit sila that they cannot provide the same to their kids. And for the singles who bash you, baka they’re jealous of Tina and wished they have a man like you. haha. i’m just making you smile. 🙂 I’m sure it’s easier said than done to just say na pabayaan mo na muna sila. But eventually, you’ll feel better and feel fine and realize that they’re not worth it. Sabi nga ng friend ko minutes ago “Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” The attacks are not against you doc. Everything they said about you were relections of their own insecurities. Remove them from your life. Be happy. 🙂

  10. Tsktsktsk. Grabe. Backstabbers. Anu ba yan. I do not and cannot tolerate such people. Walang magawa siguro sa mga sariling life nila kaya kayo ang pinagiinitan. Tasteless ranting on FB.. wow ha.. ang tatapang. Sorry Doc, affected ako obviously kasi naexperience ko na rin yan. At the end of the day ang iniisip ko na lang… fans yang mga yan. Hehe. Akalain mo nagaaksaya sila ng panahon para pakialaman yung iba. Just proves na sikat ka Doc. 🙂

    Ako fan ako ng family nyo Doc.. I love how loving, carefree and happy Gabby is.. and lahat yan dahil sa nakikita nya sa inyo ni Tina and the way you love him. Stay happy.. 🙂 As long as you know na wala naman natatapakan na iba.. go lang. Enjoy life! 😀

  11. clearly they are just jealous. i am not a father yet, but i know i’d probably feel the same as you are feeling right now if anything like that happens to me. i don;t know exactly what happened, but i think i have slight idea. docgelo, goodluck sa iyo at sa pamilya mo. 🙂

  12. just keep your cool brother ha, let them do what they want, wag ka pumatol para wala cla masabi. keep ite and gabby away from them, anyway aalis nanaman kyo. i always jun this ” not all the people you meet can be labelled as your friends, they are just acquaintances.”

  13. Hi Doc,

    Take the higher ground. Those are just stupid and jealous people. They don’t deserve your attention. Just ignore those evil creatures. They just want to drag you down. Involving Gabby shows how evil they really are.
    I personally know you and I can vouch for your integrity. You are a good man with a wonderful family. Your blessed and this makes a lot of people jealous. Ignore them. Ingat palagi, Doc.

  14. whoa!!! there are really those kinds of people who say such words??? i agree with eks….they’re just envious, we can never please everybody…to each his own naman dapat tlga eh…i’ve been reading thru ur posts for months pa lng, but i find them inspiring that if i’d have a family of my own, i’d do the same as yours…just keep blogging doc =)

  15. don’t waste your time and energy on these lowlifes…mamatay sila sa inggit!:p
    you and your wife remain strong, enjoy great food, enjoy the good life. life is short to get sidetracked by negativity.

  16. doc one word – INGGIT. yan ang ugat ng lahat ng yan. mga inggitera at inggetero. alam kong mahirap sa ngayon itong advise ko (unsolicited) na ignore it especially nasangkot pa pamilya mo, pero inggit lang talaga sa iyo yung mga yun doc.

    just continue doing what you’re doing. mas maraming sumasaya sa mga posts mo gaya ko at madami pa jan.

    hugs to gabby and tina and tell them we hold them dearly in our hearts and prayers, kasama ka na doon.

  17. Sige Doc Gelo, ipagdadasal ko po kayong magkaroon pa ng pasensya at lakas na harapin ang mga pinagdadaanan niyo.

    Manood nalang po ulit kayo ng Kung Fu Panda 2. “Inner peace…” o”,)

  18. Doc Gelo, I’ll pray for God to keep your cool. I pray to God for those people who malign you because they don’t know what they are saying. Pinoy crab mentality is so sad talaga, kayo kayo na nga magkakasama, kayo kayo din ang nagsisiraan. tsk tsk tsk.

    I have been through that before. What made it worse was people who were maltreating me were relatives. At least yan they are just people who you work with, ako I’m stuck with those people maltreating me/us. Have you heard the saying “Idle minds are the devil’s temple”? People who don’t have anything to do tend to look out others’ daily activities. Lahat napapansin nila – magnified 1000x. So pag may pansin sila na something they wished for themselves, they attack you. ENVY is the greatest SIN. Like you I started blogging at Friendster and my posts were read by relatives and friends alike. All of my posts had nothing to do with ANY of my relatives nor friends but they thought otherwise. Their envy of what I have and what I do came to the point sinusugod ako sa house at sinara ang pinto.

    Anyways, whatever you are going through hold on to your family real tight. Pray together. AND always have a grand ol’ time together amidst the ENVY of others.

  19. It’s my first time to read a rant from you….too bad there are these kind of people out there. Don’t make them pull you down – they’re not worth it. God bless you!

  20. this is happening everywhere. when someone seems to be having a good life and a positive aura, someone will pull him down. very familiar scenario. and it is sad that it is becoming so rampant na sa lipunang pinoy.

    you know where you stand and what you having is what you and your family are entitled to have. do not let anybody affect you in a way they want you to be affected.

  21. I understand where you’re coming from Docgelo…Don’t mind these people, you are not accountable to them in the first place and they don’t have any right to malign you and your family moreso question the way you raise your son. Don’t worry eventually they will become tired of what they’re doing and probably have a dose of their own medicine. At the end of the day they cannot define you and your family’s happiness. So stay happy Doc.

  22. You are a good dad. You and your wife are wonderful parents. Gabby is an adorable son. You love each other and God loves you and your family. We, your friends, love you, your family and your blog. That’s all that matters.

    People are always envious of other people’s happiness. As long as you know that you are being a good citizen and not hurting anyone in the process, then feel free to bask in your happiness for as long as you want.

    Smile and continue to live your adventurous life! Just don’t forget to share them with us 🙂

  23. Hi Doc. How are you. It’s been days. I know you are so okay na. Pabayaan mo na ang mga yan, I am so sure naiinggit lang sila sa inyo. Ang mga tulad nila hindi pinag aaksyahan ng panahon. 🙂

  24. Just keep Smiling. See you soon. We will enjoy traveling and eating during my visit in Penang and nearby Asian countries with your family and Daddy Benruh. I LOVE YOU Son.

  25. Nakakagigil nga, Tito Doc. We all know insecurities can make one very, very pathetic.. and annoying. Making those stuff behind your back. Your readers, closest friends, and former students would attest that you are one great soul. Push the IGNORE button. Hayaan mo na sila. They’re not worth your time, even your attention. Live life the way you’re doing it. And don’t forget to smile.. because I know you still have a lot of reasons to than spoil it with this issue.

  26. over to the max grabeng below the belt naman yan! i agree, when something involves our kids, ibang usapan na talaga yan! i’ve been a reader of your blog for some time now and i firmly believe you are nothing but a good father and doctor who wishes to provide the best for his family. i felt your pain when you were away from them, i sympathized with your homesickness and loneliness. so i don’t think you deserve any of this. don’t stoop to their level!! you are better than that! huwag mo silang patulan. i learned this also recently when a mom at my daughter’s school made api my daughter. i wanted to say a lot of hurtful things to her but my husband and friends all advised me that at the end of the day, if i retaliated and verbally attacked her, i’d just be showing that i’m as bad as her. also, my other friend advised me to just think of all the friends and family members who love my daughter so much. this b***chy mom is only one person compared to all of them. so iyon, that helped get me over my anger. i hope by the time you read this you are feeling much better!

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