Happy Father’s Day to all daddies in the world!

To my in-laws, Papa Chito, Maligayang Araw po ng mga Tatay! 🙂

Daddy Larry and Jun, Happy Father’s Day po! 🙂


To my uncles and truest friends who have sons and daughters, to my cousins and cousin-in-law, and to my blog buddies who are fathers too, let’s celebrate fatherhood everyday! 😀

And of course to our very own Daddy Benruh, who despite imperfections, managed to raised us 4 by being an OFW himself (just like his eldest and youngest now), thank you! And to my brother, Captain Mike, Happy Daddy’s Day too!


15 thoughts on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

    1. hey, dennis, musta weather dyan sa NYC? saan ang susunod na lakwatsa ni Nomadic Pinoy? 🙂

      thank you for those kind words. really appreciate it.

  1. oh my gosh! four boys kayo? he he! saludo ako sa magulang mo! 🙂

    i love the last pic. there’s something about sons and parents that move my heart.

    happy father’s day docgelo!

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