In the heart of one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where century-old structures fused harmoniously with modern and restored ones, a gorgeous hotel stands proud and celebrates its contemporary and stylish designs with non-intimidating ambience.
Saturday, 11 June 2011.  When you’re living an expat life with your wife and kid and you both work 5 days a week with a daily routine that can be almost utterly boring (read : home-work-home-work routine), you strongly need to be creative in spicing up your weekends to break and prevent monotony.
Last Saturday, Tina, Gabby and I woke up at 5AM to go to an event that I will post next.  After being sun-kissed, walked up and downhill and felt fatigued, we decided to reward ourselves by trying out the buffet lunch at G Cafe at the lobby of G Hotel located in Persiaran Gurney, Penang.
Tina, being modestly frugal as she is, reminded me to be conscious of our budget.  So after we all went to the toilet to freshen up, I approached the counter at the entrance of the restaurant to inquire the rates of their buffet. We were keeping our options in mind in case the price is beyond our taste.
At around half hour before noon, a friendly and courteous banquet manager spoke to me and informed me that their International buffet lunch on a Saturday for adult costs RM 52++ (PhP 743++ or USD 17++) inclusive of free flow of fresh fruit beverages, coffee and tea, and kids of Gabby’s age eat for free. Well, that sounded like music to my ears! The price is definitely a steal and imagine, our little-big boy would eat for free! We gave it a nod and reserved a table for three at 12 noon.  
The cool and edgy atmosphere at the lobby is spontaneous. Other than the use of various wonderful and comfortable seats, I like the air of having tall ceiling and the presence of glass walls to stimulate appreciation of huge trees and lush greens outside surrounding Gurney Mall. Yes, if you are familiar with Greenbelt Mall in Makati, Philippines, G Hotel in Gurney Drive Penang reminds me of home.
The interiors of G Cafe also boasts of simple lines, repeated circles and other geometric patterns which are also apparent in the use of modern yet ergonomic chairs and tables.  
The use of those striking royal blue drop lights on the walls somewhat like echoes and matches with the drinking glasses of the same hue; isn’t it nice?
Who would not want a breather from the usual homecooked dishes, or worst, the repeated consumption of fastfood value meals? Luxury sometimes, comes reasonably affordable as we always keep in mind that our pocket dictates indulgence need not to be expensive.
Who would not want to dine under these lights?
Without idea of being rushed (as in quick bites every breakfast and that 1-hour lunch breaks at the office except on Fridays, 12-2:30PM) and most importantly, dining comfortably with your family with foods you love eating, the experience was truly divine!  
And so Tina, Gabby and I took our taste buds to another gastronomic adventure at this sumptuous lunch buffet at G Cafe.
I started with their creamy corn soup; i like its light buttery taste with thick and textured consistency. 
Salad comes next : My plate had prawn salad, cheese, mix salad (tossed with crab sticks) and one of my favorites, potato salad… everything was superb! the prawn salad’s flavor wasn’t overpowering; it wasn’t too spicy, neither too oily. Sarap! it was like a perfect prelude to this wonderful dining experience. 
I tell you, I can eat this seafood plate everyday! hahaha! 😀
Although there were no sushi and sashimi, which God knows I am biased with (Japanese foods are only offered every Thursday nights at G Cafe as of present), and notable absence of carving stations except for some Peking duck and smoked chicken,  Tina and I concluded that when you enjoy every bite, everything seems to be complete.
At the spread, these burst of colors reminded me of my favorite season of the year, Christmas!
Defensively, we know buffet plates should not be stuffed with most from the spread to effortlessly look like you’re eating as if there’s no tomorrow, hahaha! but Tina had this plate because she wanted to share those dishes she preferred with me and Gabby, isn’t that sweet? 😀
My wife recommends this Chinese prawn dish and comments,“It feels like eating in Ongpin (Manila’s Chinatown).”   My palate dictates that it’s the sesame oil that makes most Chinese foods taste Chinese.  I miss having some dimsum and dumplings, though.
You can never go wrong with Peking Duck and smoked chicken with honey syrup… Yum! 😀  *unless you’re allergic to it*
Baked vegetables, spring rolls and calamares, anyone?
Delightful desserts!
Irresistible temptations!
Guinataan! Wow! 😀
As I’ve always stated it, the world is so incomplete without ice cream, agree?
Fibers are essential, we know.
And coffee is a must to end our meals.
Above all, my family is happy. It was indeed, a happy weekend!
Tina and I were so impressed at their highly efficient wait staff. Our glasses were refilled with freshly squeezed fruit punch promptly, attended to our needs in a blink making their service almost impeccable!
I almost forgot to tell you that Amex credit card holders receive 15% discount  on top of the reasonable cost of this lunch buffet. 🙂 We only paid RM102 (PhP 1,458 or USD 33.7) for two plates as Gabby ate for free, I know it’s the usual price of one buffet plate in some hotels when I left Manila last year, so it was truly a steal!
It won’t be our last time to dine at G Cafe in G Hotel, definitely.
I wish to bring back my family there to experience their room and amenities too someday.
After all, the view from their 300+ rooms include priceless sight of Penang bay and the tourist-famous Gurney boulevard. *wishful thinking*
G Cafe, G Hotel
168A Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang, Malaysia
Tel +604-2380000


  1. amazing how they would place modern hotel and restaurants along side the beautiful heritage site structures. you never fail to bring out the good food and great deals out of your food trip with Tina and Gaby. i hope there are deals like this in Manila.

  2. presyo pa lang mapapangiti ka na talaga! imagine, ang mura, tapos free pa si gabby! WOW talaga! 🙂

    kakagutom! he he!

  3. nagugulat naman ako or sadyang kuripot lang ako. pero namamahalan ako sa $17 for buffet. lunch ba or dinner? sabi ni KG mura daw, which means ganyan ang pricing din sa PI lately? wow.

    kaka discover lang namin ng seafood buffet sa daly city last month. we went for lunch 12.99 lang, affordable. plus that’s one of the top 100 buffets in usa 🙂

    pero i guess with the selection sulit naman ang price. usually anyone under 7 is free right? other have under 12 eats free.

    1. hi maria! tama si kg, ang buffet sa atin sa pinas sa mga hotels cost around PhP 1500++ and up, sometimes may PhP 3K per pax pa nga sa ibang hotel doon. but we do have more affordable ones ranging from PhP 199++ to less than PhP 500 depending on the resto, food choices etc…

      di hamak na mas mura nga ang USD 12.99! when we visited Ca and Vegas ages ago, ganoon na din ang presyo before. you’re lucky to find such offering in daly city that’s so pocket-friendly.

      yup, that’s a general rule i think in most hotels, kids below 7 eat free even in most restaurant particularly on weekends. but sadly, not all food places observe that!

  4. eto namimiss ko sa entries mo Doc, hotel buffets!
    the price is quite a steal! specially they dont know how expert Gabby is in buffets – tapos free sya. hehe

  5. I love how you described the place and the food, it seems as though we were tasting every food you have mentioned and drooling while looking at it with some wishful craving. Nice one! Baka tumaba ng husto si gabby diyan!

  6. nakita ko yung comment ng isa mong reader—presyo palang mapapangiti kana—hahaha. and yeah–you are one of the bloggers I admire when it comes to good food find. which makes me wonder how much you spend on food Doc.hehehe

  7. huhuhu ginutom na ako. i just had an eat all you can stuff and promised myself not to eat muna kaso your post makes me drool more especially the seafoods. hayyyy mura nga yung buffet plus free si gabby. btw, is the G hotel there related to the G Hotel here in Manila along roxas blvd?

  8. I like edgy designs and this one – just looking at your pics – pleases me well. It must be a good counterpoint to all the “old” sights in the UNESCO world heritage area just outside, isn’t it?

    But you’re obviously happier that you got a great buffet for such a good price! I’d feel the same way too – dinner buffet in NYC is priced from $26++ (lunch a bit less).

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