Love food? Who doesn’t?

Do you have passion to travel?

Whenever one travels, it’s difficult not to be curious of a local cuisine, taste & eventually indulge.

Another Wiki project was put up called MyCityCuisine.Org that encourages contributors to share the most original and tasty traditional foods from different countries around the world.

So if you are a traveler and/or a foodie, make MyCityCuisine.Org a more engaging website! 🙂

How To Contribute

At the heart of this project are food lovers from around the world. You can contribute to this project in the following ways:

Provide content:

  • Write a new dish description
  • Expand an existing dish description
  • Correct mistakes in an existing dish description
  • Suggest a new dish to be included
  • Upload a new dish photo features authentic and traditional cuisine, representative of local cities around the world.

Dishes to be featured on this site should meet the following criteria:

  • Dishes widely consumed by locals and generally considered local dishes, even though they may have originated from another region.
  • Dishes that are widely available in the city under which they are featured.

NOTE: Dishes do not have to be unique to a city. It is alright if the same dish appears in multiple cities.

We make every effort to include the following dishes on this site:

  • Well-known regional/national dishes.
  • Dishes that originated from the region, which are still consumed by locals today.

Dishes that should not be included:

  • Fast food from international chain restaurants such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc…
  • Foreign dishes, even if popular among locals (i.e. Chinese food in San Francisco or Italian food in New York).
  • Dishes based on personal recipes, as they are not commonly found in the city.
  • Uncommon dishes that are difficult for visitors to find.

You’ll know more about How To Contribute on MyCityCuisine.Org when you CLICK THIS!

And please don’t forget to inform Ms. Emilie McDonough that you read this from docgelo *wink*

2 thoughts on “FOR TRAVEL & FOODIE BLOGGERS : MyCityCuisine.Org

  1. sa travel part lang ako docgelo…wa ako macocontribute na dish! he he! ayoko naman magmarunong baka masita pa! he he!

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