We’re moving in to a new appartment-to-rent in July. 

About couple of months back, I texted a Chinese agent whom the other Filipino expats relied onto to find and look one for us during lunch time and just before dinner that same day, Tina, Gabby and I found ourselves appreciating this simple yet quaint appartment owned by a Chinese-Christian landlord.

Sharing with you some snapshots before we do some cleaning in few weeks time and perk it up a bit…

The kitchen and the laundry areas…

I am guessing that this will be Tina’s most favorite spot…

This fully furnished 3-bedroom-2-toilet & bath located at 10th level of an appartment may be far from being a mansion, but definitely we’ll make it a “HOME”.

While condo units and appartments (what’s the difference?) located at Roxas Blvd in Manila-Pasay City would cost a fortune, this seaview appartment in Butterworth, Penang has reasonable monthly fee with a priceless view of Penang bay…

Any suggestions for the interiors? I mean, little add-ons?

Salt. Rice….hmmm… what do we need to bring in first to a new home?

We’re like playing bahay-bahayan in Penang!

This will be a new exciting chapter in our lives.

Pray for us, thank you!

38 thoughts on “ITCHING TO MOVE IN

    1. thanks, bert! it’s a love-at-first-sight for me & tina with this appartment.

      natawa naman ako sa “till death do us part” linya mo. i signed a contract for 1 year, renewable and the rent requires us to pay one month advance and 2 months deposit for RM 950 (PhP 13,300) monthly fee.

  1. ang ganda docgelo, promise! and the view? haay….ganda ganda! 🙂

    as for the interior, i say go minimalist. just go for the basics and what you need! the house is nice as it is. 🙂

    1. hi grace! yup, the view is priceless! i’ll capture more sunsets and sunrises when we transfer on july! you’ll see the before and after photos too after we move in. 🙂

  2. furnished ba sha doc?

    i’d go for minimalist too. walang kalat at konti lang kargada pag lumipat ulit kayo.

    naks, million dollar views ah.

    1. yes, maria it’s fully furnished. the owner told us that it’s his vacation place and has been only leased once, making us second to rent his place. he even promised us to provide a brand new washing machine with dryer.

      yup, yup, yup! it’s a million dollar view up there!

    1. yup, thanks! we like the ambience, the atmosphere at masarap daw ang hangin pag hapon! excited na kami lumipat! can we pull the days to july? hehehe

    1. thanks, sheng! 🙂
      we’re planning to add some photo frames of who else of course! hahaha, then ako personally, i like some potted greens para may kasama naman kaming living things!

  3. wow.. this is it doc! Parang kailan lang you were just planning things up on how Tina and Gabby can move there. Now you’re about to move in to your new home. GAling! God really is good 🙂

  4. you can make it cozy by adding light fixtures, some framed art on the wall, a beautiful vase or bowl on the coffee table and console table. books, framed photographs–they always give warmth to a space. oh, and maybe a beautiful curtain to complement the walls.:p

  5. Doc, it’s salt, rice, matches, and coins for moving into a new home. Salt to keep evil at bay, rice so that the kitchen/pantry never runs out for food, matches to protect the family from harm, and coins for prosperity. 😀

    1. thank you for completing the list, marga! nakalimutan ko na ang mga pamahiin ng lolo at lola ko e.
      you never fail to impressed me. 😀

  6. beautiful place. pwede bang ipa-change yung color ng wall? if yes then you can check out magazines ng mga in na colors ngayon. furnished na pala cya so ok na. add paintings/ photos and some decors on the wall.

    invited ba kami sa house warming 🙂

    1. salamat! there are many more beautiful appartments in penang, but budget restricts, ok na kami dito.
      we’re really excited to move in!
      yung wall na peborit color mo, hindi pwede irepaint e!

      invited kayo sa housewarming! let’s go! hahaha! 😀

  7. Good vibes ang lilipatan nyong unit. 🙂 Dito sobrang mahal ng rent. Nakakaiyak heehee. Yung cousin ko na nandyan, mag isa nya lang pero 3-bedroom unit kinuha nya hahaahaha.

    1. hi jo. i know sobrang mahal ang rent dyan sa abu dhabi, lucky for my cousins and brother who are there, the hospital they work subsidize their rent, pero mahal pa din!

      dito sa penang, usual na ang 3 bedroom appartment.

    1. i’ve been wooing Tina to get a new TV! medyo affordable kasi dito compared sa presyo sa pinas. kaya lang, practical as she is, may TV na daw yung appartment to rent, but i told her I welcome an addition. hehehe. 🙂
      i like your suggestion ms elna, thanks!

  8. and btw, yea don’t forget to bring rice when you move in plus don’t forget to toss coins on house warming and lastly hang braided garlic to drive bad spirit away (pinoy na pinoy ang style 😀 )

  9. Hi Doc! Congratulations on the new apartment! What a view!!!:) Thanks for inviting me to give you free advice. haha. Well, it seems like you’re ready to settle in since the main furnitures are already in place. I presume the apartment is furnished by the owner already. Ano pala nasa contract niyo? Are you allowed to replaint? Hehe. Kasi the pink wall clashes with the brown sofas. Haha. Pero that’ll do.

    1. If you have extra money for cushion covers, you can buy those to cover the sofa. I think Ikea sells them. Check your sofa’s size first. Buy neutral. Add throw pillows too.
    2. But if your landowner isnt very strict, you may add long curtains to cover the pink wall. And hang the floral curtains narin while you’re at it. Sorry, naka focus sa pink wall. haha
    3. I’m trying to think pa how to rearrange your furnitire. Pero merong door facing the pink wall where the tv console is, diba? Is that tv console one big piece? Or are they three separate furnitures? Also, if your bedroo is big enough to hold one of the single sofas, move it inside the bedroom nlng para you have more living space.
    4. I think overall you’re okay. I think you just need to add some other small items. Buy an area rug/carpet. Fill up your console table with pictures, books, and well selected souvenir items from Malaysia. Have some soft linens cover the center table and the console (the furnishings are a bit manly kasi) Fill up your walls with painting, maybe Gabby’s paintings and family photos. Don’t overdo it though.

    I’ll research on this and i’ll send you more advice. hahaha. Masyadong nawili. Basta my best advice, as i’ve said in my recent post, don’t rush it! Buy items one at a time. 🙂 Goodluck!

    1. i am overwhelmed and grateful, architect!
      i read your comment-advice to tina outloud and we are keeping notes. thank you, thank you!
      additional suggestions will be highly appreciated *pormal* hahaha!
      seriously, salamat! libre kaya ito! hahaha

  10. Very beautiful apartment. I wish I can also rent like this one in the future; I like it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. nananabik na nga kami jeanny na palipasin ang buong araw dyan na walang gagawin kundi magpahangin at tumanaw sa sunrise at sunset hehehe

  11. I love the pink walls! Haha! I’m excited for you guys 🙂 So far hubby and I rented one house for ourselves, a 1 bedroom unit in Baguio and I remember being so ecstatic moving in. Pictures will definitely make your space feel more personal 🙂

    1. hi gae! wow, nice to know you have a house in baguio. i like cool places. i’ve been dreaming of providing my family a house in tagaytay someday. *wishful thinking*

      thanks for the suggestions! we’ll surely bring in some framed family photos as we move in by july 1st *fingers crossed*

  12. Hanep sa view! parang manila bay lang. 🙂

    Doc Gelo, before banging on nails sa walls to hang the picture frames may nakasaad ba sa contract that you CAN do that? Kc some property owners are a bit icky with that. Make you sure have that in contract (lawyer in me speaking). KC ang mangyari nito eh you might find yourself moving out for a bigger place tapos the owner will ask for extra fees for the repairs due to the nail holes on the walls etc etc. And the painting of the walls baka bawal din.

    My suggestion is ask first from the owner if you can do some changes. 🙂

    Happy for you and the fambam on the new place. 🙂

    1. atty! hehe! thanks. no, i think we cannot burr holes on the walls but i will let you know via my future post if our contract will state as such. kasi sa present penthouse namin, verbal lang sinabi ng may ari to ask permission first if any renovation or to say the least, burring of holes on walls or any part of the house will be done which i think is proper. ok lang.

      you’ll see the before and after photos of the appartment of course after we transfer on july 1st.
      countdown begins! 🙂

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