our intake has been more palatable.
Do you ever ask the staff of a restaurant before making your order if the oil that they’re using in frying has less cholesterol or is zero-trans-fat ?  If so, you’re highly conscious  giving a great thing for your health and the staff, if and when knowledgeable about their menu must be commendable!
Do you consider the type of cooking oil when you do grocery shopping? Preference includes olive / extra-virgin olive oil, canola, safflower, truffle and walnut oil for salads, sesame oil for most Chinese cuisines, palm oil (which is so cheap in Malaysia!) and the list goes on…
deep fried prawns wrapped with shoestring potatoes. Unlike the usual ebi tempura, the prawns weren't covered with thick batter but with thin potatoes served with fries --lipid & carbo overloading!

We love fried food. I know, it’s unhealthy (but our cells need fats too, you know! *sounds like pacquiao*  the key is “everything should be in moderation.” –easier said than done though).

fish be with you! fish and chips

Sinfully delicious!

Fridays' shrimp with tartar sauce

Fine, I don’t practice what I preach but can you blame me? My family and I are too weak to resist fried foods, haha! 🙂

cajun chicken fingers + fries + HONEY MUSTARD SAUCE = wow, anytime!

But we eat veggies and fruits in between to cleanse excess oil in the gut. the key is fiber, fiber, fiber!

Apparently, anything grilled, blanched, steamed and poached has less untoward effects compared to fried.

salmon pasta

cheesey soup adds up to the calories!

french onion soup

These artery-clogging dishes can put anyone at risk to develop cardiovascular disorders IF and WHEN taken frequently. Remember the cliche, “anything in excess is bad!”.  You are warned. I admit, my family and I are sinners. But we know how to repent! haha! 🙂

thankful for all the blessings!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Happy eating! 🙂


  1. apir tayo dyan docgelo! i also love fried foods! he he! pag wala, ihaw na lang! 🙂

    when my mom got sick, naging conscious kami sa cooking oil. pero ngayon, back to the old habits ulit! he he! ano ba ito! ayoko mamatay ng maaga! he he!

  2. paminsan minsan nakain din ako nyan. although lately conscious ako to veer away from ordering fried food when i eat out. good girl eh 🙂 pero sa totoo lang i’m trying to cut down on other fried food stuff para sometimes I can binge on french fries.

  3. doc, those foods are really yummylicious! and “pampabata!” hehehe just take omega 3 fish oil after eating those fried food na yan for moderation lol (nag advice pa no hahaha, nahihiya kasi akong magtanong sa waiter kung anong oil ang gamit nila, kaya ako I drink fish oil na lang after eating too much fats hahaha, ganyan na lang gawin mo no hahaha)…by the way I saw Tina’s new hair style, nice ;-P

  4. Ang salmon pasta I’m sure masarap.

    The oils in my pantry: vegetable oil, extra-virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and corn oil (for baking). o”,)

  5. oh man, i’m neck-deep in drool!*LOL* the fried shrimps and salmon pasta are giving me goosebumps!
    i try to lessen eating fried foods, sad to say, i’m not succeeding.:p fortunately, i am conscious when buying cooking oil–less cholesterol is the top consideration. and big thanks to an OFW sister who sends me steady supply of olive oil.:p

  6. Am not a fan of oil and fried food. Nauuyam na ako sa food na mamantika, but it sure helps especially if you’re utterly hungry.

  7. I did not know I have to be concerned about cooking oil! I only cared how the fried food tastes and how much it was going to cost me. Now you got me worried for a bit. Oh, well – we are all going….we might as well go gustatorily satisfied LOL.

  8. never thought of that doc. it gives me the consideration of actually checking. kadalasan kasi kung anong meron or kung ano na yung nilagay ok na.

  9. i read this somewhere “fat is love”. 🙂 i think mark bittman said that or was it alton brown. Anyways as long as nakakaprito ang oil oks na.

    I think sa US frowned upon ang palm oil because its not good for one’s health. I think its in NY state that bans them totally i’m not sure.

    im a bit conscious about labels bcause i had gestational diabetes at ang family history namin eh may heart related diseases. So when ordering/dining out, si John bahala sa sinful-heart clogging meals ako naman sa steamed items at si Peewee ang may say sa sweets.

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