In the age of computer games, tech gadgets and applications, creativity in play and activity is still alive.

Several weeks ago, Tina and I brought Gabby to a toy store in a mall.  After giving him the liberty to pick a new toy he fancies within our prescribed minimal budget (read: mura dapat sa hirap ng buhay ngayon!, haha!), he disregarded our toy-suggestions and handed me this at the counter…

We gave our thumbs up for his choice. It wasn’t pricey and more importantly, we didn’t want to kill his artistic inclinations…

It’s one of the best options with his almost daily routine of computer games and watching cartoons and downloaded movies and at times, reading his books (FYI, he’ll start his schooling here in Penang in August, God willing).

But in between being artistic and (God forbid–) being interested in our fields… 

Tina and I still like him to be what he wanted to be.  Last week, he professed he still wanted to become a chef, restaurateur and hotelier someday.  So help us, God! 🙂


Do you still remember your favorite toy/s before?


17 thoughts on “OLD SCHOOL TOY

  1. oh i hoard those boxes! they are nice gifts for little kids. thats around 200-300pesos sa toy kingdom. 🙂

    i miss playing chinese jack stones and those 3d puzzle blocks thingy.

  2. as i’ve said Gabby can still be a chef doctor hehehe.

    fav toy hmmm parang wala hahaha. though i have pig stuff toys which i love to collect before especially nung may oink store pa.

  3. If and when Gabby decides to be an exotic male dancer rather than a chef,a restaurateur or a hotelier someday, then it is indeed time to ask for God’s assistance for help LOL; otherwise, just keep shooting with you Nikon, explore Malaysia and enjoy your family and your friends.

  4. docgelo…pwede magkasosyo si gab and wendy. si wendy gusto fin maging chef at restaurant owner! he he!

    i remember myself with this post…kasi when i buy gifts for kids, i always want gifts that stimulate the mind and hone the kid’s talents and skills. 🙂

  5. Doc Gelo and KG, pwedeng na ring makisosyo si little J kina gabby and wendy, kase yung mga ambitions nya changed from being a rock star, to a doctor, to a cartoonist, to a lawyer, and recently gusto naman nya maging food taster. 🙂

  6. Good choice, Gabby! My husband want my son to study Petroleum Engineering someday, but after we have watched 3 Idiots, we just want them to enjoy what they really want.

  7. These toys are really nice. Educational.

    I remembered my pamangkin, we were at duty free, I asked him to get any toy he wants. I was expecting he would get a transformer toy, to my surprise, he picked scrabble upwords. 🙂

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