I completely understand that it’s essential to sample local cuisine from a place you’re visiting for the first time.  And I forgot  did not do that when we were in Kota Bharu. *epic failure!*

Defensively, there are 3 reasons why we didn’t have the chance to taste Kelantanese food – firstly, we have limited time (lame excuse, I know). Secondly, when you’re on a trip with a 6-year-old kid, it’s more often than not that he would prefer to eat in fast food joints rather than to try native delicacies (I’m not blaming you, Gabby! I love Pizza Hut and A&W too!). Lastly, we were weak to resist the hotel’s buffet spread…

At Renaissance Hotel, Kota Bharu manned by Marriott, the restaurant that offers International cuisine was so inviting, thus we gave in.

Only those who have hypersensitivity to prawns and cheese would say no to these sumptuous dish…

peborit ko 'to!

Nice to know : UDANG is the local term for shrimps / prawns in Bahasa Melayu.

How do you like your plate to be seasoned?  Mine, not too much. I have an aversion to strong spices.

Fish and beef : perfect on a plate!

Here we go again : shameless display of our pig-out plates… yum! yum! yum!

Tina and I loved the Korean beef (the one with sesame seeds). Tender. Juicy. Tasteful. Although it isn’t my favorite, there was lamb cuts too that was hard to miss. No after-taste actually.

Tina’s plating was beautifully done… agree?

tina's plate

…as if she’s not hungry! haha! 😛

My taste buds also tried the pasta, potato wedges and local crunchies that weren’t that greasy.

can't get enough of those prawns

Every meal must have sweet endings!

What would you pour in your ice cream? chocolate syrup? kiwi? orange? the flavors were too many to handle!

We never forgot to eat fibrous fruits!

Sublime. Divine. Irresistible.

I posted a teaser on facebook about this food porn that it’s not our common gastronomic adventure. On the second thought, it was! The spread might be a bit less than usual but the elements of casual dining I enjoy the most were all there –good food, friendly ambience, affordable price, impeccable service,most of all, the company of my lovable family.

What do you look for in an eat-all-you-want dining?


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  1. hi doc! new template? or iba lang naglload dito sa proxy ko? hehe

    the buffet is mouth watering. specially the baked prawn, nakakamatay titigan!
    rob always brags that you are the best buffet eater ever! naway makasama kita sa isang buffet paguwi mo! =)

    1. im still loyal to my old template.

      i know we’re avid fans of prawns. kahit anong luto, ang hipon ay hipon! sarap!

      now, rob was correct on that! i have mastered the art of buffet eating, i think. hahaha!

  2. i just so love buffet mahal lang kasi sa hotel pero super sulit naman nga talaga. and i just could not take my eyes off that shrimps. grabe kahit yata yan lang solve na ako hehehe

    1. this one -mura lang.
      because we’re guest in the hotel (na mura din lang ang accomodation even if it’s the only 5star hotel in kelantan), we received 20% discount.
      all in all we only paid less than RM 500 (less than PhP7K) for accomodation (use of amenities too!) and our dinner buffet (for 3 : gabby, tina and me) inclusive of taxes and charges. mura na compared sa iba, compared sa manila!

  3. shrimps lang sa akin at konting rice okay na.

    i look for variety in my buffet. one time we were in reno, nevada and casinos are next to each other. dinner time we wanted to go to a buffet but we didn’t know which one. what we did was go to each buffet and ask if we could take a look and see what they are serving. we made our choice because of the extensive dessert one buffet has 🙂

    1. naku po! you reminded me of those spreads in vegas hotels!
      sarap doon! i’ve only the buffet in vegas once but wow, they’re still vivid in my memory… hahaha…

      yung breakfast buffet doon na may hash browns sarap! and the crab legs, long legged pati crabs! hahaha

      1. sinabi mo pa. when we were there nga eh tinanghali kami ng gising. but we still went on the breakfast buffet. tapala 30 minutes na lang at lunch buffet na. so we paid for breakfast and had the lunch menu as well. solb as you would say.

        ganun pala style ng mga tao dito they would go when the shift is coming so they would pay less. some do that for lunch and dinner too 🙂

  4. kaya mo pala ako gusto bumisita sa blog eh. gusto mo lang ako inggitin. haha. well, nainggit ako! ang sasarap naman nyan, especially the desserts! i love sweets kasi.

  5. .. sabi ko nga kay chyng doc na di ko alam saan mo nilalagay ang mga kinakain mo sa mga buffet! siguro may ‘extra’ stomach ka, hehe.

  6. Yummylicious!!! Grabe nakakataba na naman hehehe….The prawns look yummy! I usually eat seafood, sashimi, sushi and salad when we go to all you can eat buffet restaurant (yup ganyan tawag dito, parang baliktad tawag sa Pinas, di ba? hehehe, kasi mas mahal seafood e para makabawi sa bayad hehehe…ang laki na ni Gabby at si Ms. Tina pretty pa rin 😉

  7. pilipinong pilipino! halo halo ang pagkain s aplato! hehe!

    i want to try the potato wedges! i’m into potatoes nowadays!

  8. I can see the Dad/Husband side in you – if you were probably traveling solo, you wouldn’t mind trying for example street food to sample local dishes (and blame yourself later for having diarrhea, if ever that happens! haha!)

  9. those plates of food sure do look good Doc! when we go to eat all you want, we always look for sashimi, crabs and oysters and good steak…a good dessert spread is a must as well!

  10. i think tina is very pretty… kahit simpleng naka t-shirt lang, pero pretty pa rin. i like her smile… and i love that dessert spread too! =)

    1. carla, thank you so much for those sweet words!
      my wife will surely love your comment. 🙂
      i fell in love with her beyond her smile actually!

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