Either in black and white ….

or in burst of colors…

Siti Kadijah Market or the Central Market of Kota Bharu in Kelantan appears to be interesting to me and to those who have experienced it.

Some say that you’ll learn a lot about a place when you explore its public market. I cannot agree more.

From the fresh garden produce…

To dry goods that are uniquely appealing…

This vibrant 3 storey public market was the first place we went to after we hopped into a taxi cab that toured us around which was referred by the hotel where we checked in.

How could we miss Kota Bharu Central Market when in fact it’s one of the most photographed places in Kelantan. It’s nothing but common market but it frequently draws crowd particularly tourists perhaps because of its unexplainable charm.

Tina found a pair of cheap brooch pins with lady bug design for only RM 5 (PhP 70)

We bought two malong for only RM 10 (PhP 140) each for pasalubong to one of our friends.

The Kelantanese woman graciously posed with Gabby with her nicely printed merchandise

We’ve been to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok that’s so huge that even a day isn’t enough for you to enjoy.  But nothing compares to our very own Divisoria! :p

Do you usually explore public market/s when you travel?

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  1. parang hindi cya market hehehe although i prefer to buy sa market kasi madami kang mabibili duon na mura. You’ll notice kasi na may item na nasa market for this price then you’ll find it exactly the same sa isang high-end store almost 2x or 3x the price. and madaming good and hard to find items na sa market mo lang mabibili.

    1. palengke sya, marian. ground floor has all the wet goodies (yes, poultry and beef, fish, veggies, fruits) while the other floors has the dry ones.

      forgot to mention it’s octagon in shape.

  2. when travelling to local cities, public market is one of our must-see place. why? because items are cheaper and there are plenty of good finds 🙂

  3. hi doc gelo, i live in kota bharu. it is a pleasure seeing u visiting my hometown :), kota bharu……long time not going back to kota bharu.

  4. The market looks like interesting to visit nga, pero wala pa rin tatalo sa Divisoria hehehe, yun nga lang baka pag nilabas mo ang camera mo sa divisoria e hindi na makakabalik sa bahay mo o sa bag mo hehehe…maganda dyan hindi nakakatakot mamalengke, di ka kakaba-kaba hehehe at malinis pa.

  5. Yes, I do. Mas naaappreciate at nakikila ko yung lugar through their palengke. Although in some travels, hindi ko rin consistently nabibisita ang market. Bigla kong naalala yung malong ko na laging kong dala sa mga travels.

  6. I like the fabrics design, and the bling bling just like in Vietnam market, you can buy colorful and unique design. How is the price? The produce same as in Pasig market.

  7. Lovely photos doc…I must be reading your mind, I’m doing a post on our local markets in Sydney next week…in Australia we don’t have as much fresh produce, (unfortunately), more handicrafts and art pieces.

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