Four years of blogging. 248,232 hits and counting. Comments I value. And more importantly, blogger-friends and readers whom I so appreciate unconditionally. These and more are the little perks of having my own virtual universe. 🙂

Before you know the winner to my BLOG CONTEST 2011, allow me to share my own answers to my queries. 

1. If you are to live a different life, what would it be, where, with whom and why?

I’d like to be a chef in Paris, living with my (same) family and do nothing but cook and travel the rest of the globe. 

2. What is the most unforgettable meal that you had and why?

Previous Noche Buena during the time that my family is still complete – with my grandparents still living and all the feasts meals I’m having with my own family.

3. Why do you follow Beyond Toxicity (shameless flattery, c’mmon it’s my blog anniversary haha! but honest answers would get a plus!) ?

Let me modify the question : Why have you been blogging for 4 years now?

I started blogging just to have something for my son (children to come, hopefully) to read and browse someday. I never expected that it would be an extension of my social life.  Often, comments really help me in making a decision or post a reminder and at times, can be amusing. It’s more than rewarding.

How did I come up with a winner? I asked a favor from Doc Jane, who’s a Pathologist from Philippine Heart Center, an educator, a schoolmate in Med school and presently working with me here in Penang, with Tina to pick 3 choices after I printed all the participants’ entries. Both Tina and Doc Jane who are non-bloggers made their choices separately. I also made my own (believe it or not) impartial choice. The common choice stood as winner.

The unanimous pick :

1. If you are to live a different life, what would it be, where, with whom and why?
-Hmmm….T\this is hard. But if I had to answer (remember my Wimpy kid post?), I would say I would like to live duting Jesus’ time, as a commoner, just to see if I would believe in Him then. :)

2. What is the most unforgettable meal that you had and why?
-Ang hirap naman nito! Ang dami eh! I guess the last “meal” we had as a family before my mother dies. Kumpleto kami nun sa NKTI. We ate KFC in the cramped hospital room, as all members of the family were there. If I could have meals like that every day, I would.

3. Why do you follow Beyond Toxicity?
-What can I say…I’m a nosy person! I love reading about other people’s lives! He he! Just kidding! Seriously, I feel I learn something when I read your blog, not to mention I feel like I’m keeping up-to-date with a “friend.” :)

And the winner is….*drum roll, please*


*Grace, kindly email me your address where I can send your prize. My email is at the “CONTACT DOCGELO” page at the upper portion. Thanks! BTW, you didn’t win because you were insistent!

Terima Kasih to all those who joined. I know it’s not because of the prize but you wanted to share the fun.

Read the other entries here ->BLOG CONTEST 2011


9 thoughts on “AND THE WINNER IS…

  1. O-M-G! H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S! I am speechless! Para akong tanga na nakangiti sa harap ng computer ko dito sa office!

    To the panel of judges: THANK YOU! Sabi ko na wala akong swerte sa randomizer, pero sa judging may pag-asa ako! he he!

    Terima kasih also!! Will email you docgelo!

    PS: Bwisit, may nakita pa ako error: “before my mother dies” s/b “before my mother died”! he he!

    1. don’t worry grace, grammar wasn’t a factor at all. the mere fact that your answers effortlessly touched us and almost moved us to tears (your last meal with your entire family before your mom’s deathbed).

      congratz! got your email already and this comment-glitch was initially in my spam but nonetheless recovered. thanks again!
      will notify you after i send the prize.

  2. OMG! H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S! I’m so happy! Mukha akong tanga dito na nakangiti sa harap ng computer ko!

    To the panel of judges: THANK YOU! Sabi ko na malas ako sa mga randomizer, per kung sa judges, may pag-asa ako! Yay!

    TERIMA KASIH! I will e-mail you docgelo!

    PS: Bad trip, may nakita pa akong mali: “before my mother dies” s/b “before my mother died.”

    Yung mga humihirit ng balato at burger, punta kayo dito. he he!

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