This blog is taking a short break from Kota Bharu, Kelantan Series to celebrate 2 wonderful events today.

The world is incomplete without mothers. I love my own. and I love the mother of my son. Mabuhay ang mga nanay!

Meanwhile, my universe is incomplete without my blog! It’s the 4th birthday of Beyond Toxicity, a blog that is more than my virtual soul but something that gives reverence to and fun! And to all people all over the globe (naks, global!) who spent/spend time browsing my posts, more importantly, the valued readers who left/leave comments and frequent my humble site, Maraming Salamat po!

As for my little blog contest, we (the 3 judges : doc jane, tina and myself) already came up with a unanimous winner. The name, the entry and how we chose the winner will be included in one of the posts within the week, so stay tuned! Terima Kasih to those who joined! I really appreciate it!


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