The 2 storey-5 bedroom penthouse at this appartment has been our temporary home in Penang for the past 8 months (but for my wife and kid, only after they’ve arrived last mid March).
Although Tina, Gabby and I are extremely excited to transfer to our “new home” before the month of July ends (oh yes, we thank the Lord we already found a new condo unit to rent- deposit given!), Gabby still likes it here because the place has swimming pool and playground too… nice, isn’t it?
Our little-big boy usually spends his afternoon frolicking in the pool.
But when a party for all Pinoys and our families was planned, the venue was hands down given to our colleagues’ ‘home-away-from-home’ called Kondominium Cassia at Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang which has more gorgeous facilities than our present humble abode.
The Filipino MD-lecturers and our families opted for this beautiful resort-like appartment as the venue of our casual get-together party for our kids and some birthday celebrators few weeks ago.
Tina, Gabby and I didn’t miss the fun! We shared reasonable contribution for the party and even volunteered to bring 2 sets of these :
pâte de crevettes, mangues vertes et aubergines frites (sa madaling salita : homemade bagoong, hilaw na mangga at pritong talong!) Tina sauteed the shrimp paste, sliced the green mangoes and ehem, I fried the aubergine! sige na nga, pritong talong! LOL!
The get-together made us feel we are one with the world, hehehe… My wife felt she’s in a beauty pageant representing the Philippines…
beauties all! from right to left : Dr. Phoo from Myanmar, Ms. Tina and son Kostyk from Russia & Zamboanga, Lyn - Phoo's sister also from Myanmar and of course, my very own -Tina & Gabby from the Philippines

Tina candidly told me that she could have won it effortlessly if there’s any pageant if the contest would give more points on talent portion rather than question and answer! haha! *nose bleed* daw sya, LOL!

Definitely, a party, simple or grand, would be incomplete without something to pig-out.  The spread contained these yummies…

It felt like a feast for all of us Pinoys!

their sweet smiles say it all

Tina and I didn’t take a dip (read : I was a cat in my past life, LOL!) so Gabby was accompanied by his floater and our colleagues at the pool.

floating happily at the wonderful swimming pool of Kondominium Cassia

The moment of being a kid again is priceless!

Life will be so much better if we can only live our lives as simple as children do. *easier said than done, though!*

Imagine a dreamy life where problems and hassles do not exist and all you need to do is to eat, smile and swim!

Tina and Gelo's pride!

How is your summer or whatever season you’re having in your part of your world?


13 thoughts on “EAT.SMILE.SWIM

  1. ang saya docgelo! para akong nag enjoy sa party through your story and pics! i’m happy to know there are get togethers like that in your place!

  2. bagoong, manggang hilaw at pritong talong – samahan pa ng bagong lutong kanin, pritong galunggong at kamatis – perfect meal na yan.

    ang cute ni gabs sa last photo talaga. si tina ba nag lose ng weight?

  3. hi doc! ngayon, i’m dreaming of a resort-type condo dito sa metro manila (ang hirap ng puro rent lang!). dreaming lang naman! like gabby, i think i’d spend every afternoon in the pool! haha. parang kid’s paradise no?

  4. You look like you had a great time – that pool is amazing! Doc, can you please tell me how you are able to put 2 or 3 photos side by side in your blog – I can’t figure out how to do it.

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