I am not complaining but as a Catholic, I consider working during Holy Week particularly last Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as one of my atypical experiences to date.  The fact that I have been exposed to  several activities like watching and at time, participating in religious procession in Marikina City, and to my wife’s family tradition of chanting the Lord’s Passion or pabasa during these Holy days for several years, and doing Visita Iglesia (visiting churches to pray and do Station of the Cross) with her and my immediate family before, I needed to remind myself that we’re now based in foreign shores amidst religious and cultural diversities therefore things like going to work on previously celebrated holidays in our own country are just mundane and ordinary. Resistance as they say, is futile. Acceptance is difficult at first but offers great relief.
The Altar of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish, George Town, Penang on Good Friday 2011 where Holy Masses are celebrated in English, Mandarin, Tamil and Tagalog (every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month)

This year’s Holy Week has been personally different in the sense that the turn of events kept me grounded. I sincerely said my apologies to my Creator, and to those people I’ve wronged and received some sorries in return too. Admitting your fault and taking the blame may be a sign of weakness for some, but I believe otherwise. I feel, it takes tons of strength and courage to say you’re sorry about something and far from being arrogant. Humility in this day and age is still alive or at least, we take efforts in keeping it viable in our bloodstream.

Chance officially led me last Friday to leave work earlier to spend some time with my family and reflect. Before dusk, we attended the Station of the Cross delivered in English and Mandarin at Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in George Town, Penang. This is one of the churches here where I find solace and peace of mind amidst uncertainties of living an expat life.

On a lighter note, just when every Catholic soul on Earth was fasting, my family and I only observed total aversion to pork for almost a week as our annual sacrifice; our appetite has been as usual 😀 

Sinfully, we indulged a little.  Below are the proofs of my confession.

Although Beryl’s chocolate has been a favorite of most tourists who visit Malaysia, the diversity of choices from other brands is almost limitless.

We found this store called Cocoa Boutique located at Jalan Bagan Jermal, Pulau Pinang; it’s a stone throw away from Gurney Mall.

Vezzo Chocolate has wide unique variety : chili chocolate, curry chocolate, fruity chocolates (durian, banana, rasberry, apple, orange), tongkat ali chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, nutty, tiramisu, milk and dark and the list goes on…

I gave my wife and kid the liberty to choose their preference. We got (from top left to right) orange chocolate, tiramisu, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cappuccino, almond+white & dark chocolates (Penang and Malaysian mini-bars) and rasberry chocolate.

Exquisite. Exotic. Exceptional. These are the 3Es on the label of these sweet-tooth temptation.  I have to state, these handmade chocolates are luscious enough to clear out your worries and make you feel stress-free even for a bit. Its texture and flavors are enticingly delicious.

The important thing about Lent is not giving up chocolates but it’s to give up sin.

How was your week?

Happy Easter, everyone! God bless!



  1. Chocolates are great anytime for me. I wouldn’t give them up during Lent but I do hope I could give up committing sin – it’s just hard being an imperfect human!

    Happy Easter Doc!

  2. I always remember the lesson from Our Daily Bread “you cant gain strength if you cant accept your weaknesses”.
    So true! Our God cant help and save you if you think you’re already saved.

    Happy Easter Doc. Ahen, Beryls! =)

    1. sounding so profound, chyng! *clap, clap!*
      seriously, really appreciate your sharing!
      happy easter too!
      and yes, i thought of you while i uploaded beryl’s!

  3. How cool…chocolate with a flag on it…you can be patriotic and delicious at the same time! Thank you Docgelo for reminding us that Easter is about more than the chocolate. Happy Easter from Australia.

  4. .. holy week passed by here at work like usual. bought some of those beryl’s for ‘pasalubong’ the last time i was in kl. 🙂

  5. Wow, sa mga shape and color ok na ako, kasi ang sugar level, pero dark chocolates pwede.
    Gabby I love you snaps. I Love you most.

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