Je suis tellement heureuse pour vous. Dis bonjour à Ma’am Santos 🙂

Que Dieu vous bénisse toujours 🙂

(I’m so happy for you. Say hello to Ma’am Santos 🙂 May God bless you always) -This was one of the several comments I’ve received on facebook after I’ve posted a photo of my son and wife’s arrival in Penang International Airport last Saturday. Those words came from my wife’s student, Myeen, who’s born in Belgium and raised in France.  Pinas but spent her 10 years in Belgium and had traveled France and some countries in Europe. I always have my widest smile every time she posts comments on French; such a beautiful language I wish I could learn. Won’t you be happy if others are happy for you and your family as well?

20 March 2011, Sunday : On board the ferry that takes us to and from Butterworth to Penang Island; ferry takes approx 12 minute ride; kinda relaxing for me unless there's inevitable little isolated hassles. (tingnan nyo si ate, nakatingin sa mag-ina ko, hehe!)

And so I became the happiest man alive on the day I finally brought my family to Penang. They’ll be staying here with me until God knows when.They arrived safely from Manila to Kuala Lumpur via Cebu Pacific (4-hour-flight) then had another flight from KL to Penang via Air Asia (about an hour-flight). I saw them coming out of Penang Airport at around 6:10PM last Saturday. That moment was surreal!

We’re all thankful to the Lord for despite the vertigo episodes that Tina was having during their entire flight until they reached Penang (imagine, she fainted down to her knees in front of the immigration officer at Kuala Lumpur-LCCT airport) plus the fact that she was only one to carry all the 37 kg of check-in luggages and 13 kg of handful of cabin-bags, not to forget that the rains (only) poured from heavens when we’re already in the cab enroute to our condo, they arrived safe and sound. God was indeed good all the time!

Tina wanted to hear mass the next day but I knew there’s no scheduled English mass last Sunday at the parish where I frequent so we postponed it the following weekend.

We hopped onto Rapid Penang bus, hit the roads to the jetty, transferred to the ferry then took bus again to the Island. (Cest la vie for we’re still living in Penang mainland, but before August hopefully, we get to transfer to a new place in the Island itself).

I took them to Queensbay Mall, one of my favorite malls in Penang Island where I usually spend my days off inside its coffee shops and cinemas. Tina and Gabby only had one chance to go to Queensbay during their 2-week-break here last December.

At the Queens food court, we feasted on Beef Fried Rice, Yee Mee noodle dish, peanut and lotus balls (aka buchi) and Too Foo Far in brown sugar, of in Pinas we call it, taho less tapioca or sago. Sarap kumain pagkasalo pamilya!

Then we watched the movie that had Johnny Depp’s voice, Rango…

Rango : "No man can walk out on his own story."

It wasn’t difficult to like Rango for the three of us are all followers of most Johnny Depp’s kiddie-movies. The fantastic visuals and spectacular scenes plus the splendid voices rendered to the animated cast made the movie truly entertaining. Rango, like most contemporary cartoons is filled with matured themes and quotes that kids might find to early to absorb. Like how many kids can easily grasp the importance of a hero finding his true self? Nonetheless, I saw Gabby smiled and laughed at few chase scenes and that was enough for me as I start to fill in those days that we’re away from each other.

The following day after my work hours, we visited few of our colleague-friends’ home-away-from-home.

Gabby, striking his seriously wacky pose at the hallway of the condo we visited.

It’s so comforting that my fellow MD lecturers welcomed my family to their living rooms (actually, i personally requested if we can peek in at their condos for Tina to have an idea of how Pulau Pinang urban living looks like). You don’t have idea how hard it is to live as an expat with barely friends and relatives you have lived with since you existed until you become one.

Chance led me to discover the song that’s so apt for our present family status.

I honestly don’t know who Bruno Mars is and am completely clueless with his music until I stumbled upon this wonderful song that speaks my thoughts exactly. Please do yourself a favor, click the video and sing to your heart’s delight! Let me know of what you think.

Tina and I are aware that we took the big leap as we begin to live and thrive here in Penang that’s absolutely far from our own comfort zones. We’re taking one day at a time; hopefully in God’s will, we may be able to become happier, healthier as we begin our new life here.

What’s most important now is we’re one family again.

God bless all our loved ones!



    1. thanks, marga! 🙂

      we’re moving in to another condo that we’ll have it on our own (for now, we’re occupying the master’s bedroom with toilet & bath tub + veranda with good view of the island and are currently sharing the 2 storey-penthouse with 4 other male colleagues, one of them with his wife too), perhaps on or before august, God willing, we can move in to the island.

  1. oh my nataranta ka siguro ng malaman mo na nagfaint si Tina. Good thing they arrived there safe. Ang hirap nga ng situation nya having the vertigo while carrying all the stuffs. Well i can see and feel in your post na you’re so happy for being complete again.

    1. forgot to include in the post that i was on the phone talking to her before her dizziness became intolerable that led her to faint in the queue at the immigration in KL. you’re right in stating that i was really worried after that, she didn’t answered my phone calls as i hurried to penang airport.
      nevertheless, i thank the good Lord for always guiding us. 😀

      so nice to know people, although you haven’t met, can be so happy for others!

  2. yan ang gusto kong kwento mo doc, yung masaya kang nagsshare ng experience with your family! ilang araw nalang anjan na din si rob! (tell rob where to buy some Beryl chocolates) hihi

  3. thank GOD for this blessing docgelo. alam mo naman i want to see you happy! good luck in this new chapter in your family life!

    PS: musta si rob? model tourist ba? he he!

  4. Great to see that you are reunited with your lovely family ! I wish you and your family a happy future in Malaysia !
    But of course… you are always welcome to come back to the Philippines 😉

  5. ngayon parang nasa pilipinas ka na lang talaga. good for you doc. sana nga tatagal pa talaga sila diyan. kakalungkot naman malaman na natumba pala si tina.

  6. Congrats Doc nandyan na pala ang family mo….hinay-hinay lang doc ha, lol. Naks another chapter of your life begins 😉 so anong nangyari kay Tina nun nagfaint pala siya? Dinala ba siya sa clinic?? grabe ang hirap nun…

    I wish for more blessings and success in life….pa autograph doc ha hehehe….I like Bruno Mars and I love the song you shared, swak na swak nga sayo, pati sa kin rin hehehe….Ang laki na ni Gabby, poging pogi buti na lang nagmana kay tina LOL…can’t wait to read of your next posts, living as a family uli plus other colleagues in the same roof, hirap yata nun ah? hehehe

  7. happiness is contagious. it spreads, the people who know you recognize that that’s why they celebrate with you. even in my case, I haven’t meet you, your wife and Gabby but I can sense it. You and your family brims of happiness…it overflows…and every time I look at your photos…..I feel it too.

  8. this post made me cry…
    having recently taken the big leap to be away and out of my comfort zone. i’m happy for you. life is indeed better when you are near the ones you love 🙂

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