Have you ever thought of spending at least an hour of your week with no worries even a bit; and just be child-like again? Thinking about it almost seemed like a luxury already but I did. I already did. 😀

Five weeks ago, I decided to pursue my frustration want of learning to play the violin.  I know I am a beginner and I will not have to be defensive in stating that it’s never too late to learn anything because it’s damn true. If you must know, every hour of my theoretical and practical violin sessions with my 21-year-old (read : I’ll be turning 35 on September) Chinese teacher, who has been a violinist and a pianist for 5 years and counting and a very patient and passionate at her work (she does other jobs too), I never think of any worries and do nothing but enjoy the moment. It’s always fun to be child-like again!

I always look forward to my Wednesday dates with Amanda (my violin). Browsing and reading music scores from these kiddie-beginner’s books accompanied by CD, however difficult (to coordinate my hand with my eyes) is always fun for I like what I’m doing . Aren’t they cute? haha! 😛

It’s hard to learn violin when you don’t have any background in playing the piano, worse, in reading the notes. But there’s nothing difficult for someone who perseveres!

haha! 😀

FYI, I’m done with more or less, 10 practice songs with bowing and open hand and just started learning to play the violin with the songs using 1 finger (After 10 or more songs, then we’ll proceed with 2nd finger, 3rd finger and lastly the 4th with variations on notes of course).

I also dared myself to learn a bit of taking photos (some called it photography) last month and began to look at everything as a photo-opportunity. 😀  Everything is almost picturesque with Alfonso (my Nikon D7000).

One of my senior colleagues, who happens to know photography since I’m 2 years old, have been generous in sharing some of his tips and whatnot about the hobby. He advised me and another fellow to buy and read some photography books and magazines because, according to him, it is only through it and by practice that we will learn. I couldn’t agree more.

One afternoon at Popular Bookstore in George Town, Penang, he suggested a book which I bought the next day. It’s by 2 Asian authors with title, A Billion Shots.

The book is beautiful. The photos are fantastic. I am considering sharing it to my few readers, by buying a new one and have it as one of the prizes to my upcoming blog anniversary contest (This humble site will turn 4 on May 8 and the small-time-blogger-from-Penang, ehem, that’s me! hehe, is thinking of throwing another contest for his tribe or cult(?) (that’s you!) next month).

Other than those books, I also took the word from my senior colleague to buy affordable photo-magazine that features D7000 and tricks on how to capture gorgeous pictures.

Time is all I need to browse and absorb them all.

What have you been busy browsing?

It’s fun to forget about work. forget about hassles. forget about monthly bills. forget about homesickness. forget about people who don’t value you. even for just an hour. The moment is priceless!


PS : I used to read few of Dan Brown books and would like to continue on more titles when i find time. I’d like to continue reading paperbacks soon… And you?


14 thoughts on “SOME THINGS TO ABSORB

  1. i have books that i picked up from library book sales last year and haven’t touched them. been too busy with this and that. but i admired your tenacity to learn new things.

    i have to do something about my goals too. you are inspiring.

    ilang tulog na lang ano doc anjan na two loves mo.

    1. thanks, maria. ang status ko nga sa fb yesterday e, “5 days more and i’ll be the happiest man alive!” …they’ll be here on the eve of saturday. 😀

  2. naks naman si Doc, can’t be reached na talaga (o wala lang akong signal dito?? hahaha)…keep it up Doc! I wish I could do more than just browsing the internet hehehe, I’ve been absent from blogging lately and I’m learning photography too so I might as well join your contest ha, hehehe since I’m jobless wala akong datung to buy that book lol, ako naman gusto ko talagang matuto ng piano hayyy…I wish, I wish….miss u doc 😉

  3. docgelo, tuloy mo lang yan violin lessons my. my sister also took lessons for mga 5 years. she played for my mother, who loves music.

    ako, i like reading a book when i want to “escape” from it all. read….or sleep! he he!

    1. i’d like to continue on the violin lessons for as long as possible; once a week lang naman e. problem is, by august we’ll be transferring to a new condo in the island so it’s a wait and see if i can still cope up with the schedule. perhaps on weekends or so.

      i have my moods; sometime i like to read paperbacks, at times i’m too lazy.
      sleeping? i just found out last weekend that sleeping at 12MN and waking up at almost 12noon the next day can give me euphoria! hahaha 😀

  4. .. di ko kaya yung ganyan na sunod-sunod na commitment sa sarili, haha. o sadyang tamad lang ako ever since .. ay alam mo pala yun!

    .. the last book i read was a jonathan kellerman, then i have an elizabeth gilbert novel in my travel bag that is still sealed in plastic, hehe.

    .. lapit na dating nila tina diyan! ready na rin ako! 🙂

    1. toxic nga kung madaming ginagawa pero i need variety here, otherwise boredom will kill me. at least i get to relax and escape from everything at least an hour every wednesday (after work hours).

      and just so you know, i already arranged my sched with my violin class on wednesday next week to fetch you at the airport with my family. gusto mo pa ba ng motorcade, parade at banda to welcome you to penang? haha! 😀

      4 days to go and i get to embrace tina and gabby again… this time it’ll be for good. wala nang uwian until may kontrata kami at di sumusuko dito.

      see you here in penang in a week!

  5. go go go Doc. Just do what you love and nourish it. i like to have some worry-free, stress-free day yung gagawin ko lang ang gusto kong gawin. like going to the mall kahit hindi ako bibili ok na ako duon or just watching tv the whole day.

  6. Amanda, Alfonso? Mahilig ka yata sa A doc. hehe.. i used to buy books from booksale. I admire them and read a few pages then finally decide to buy them.. But when i get home, they add to the collection of papers stucked in the corner. Perhaps, i should find time reading outside the house because its too comfortable reading it inside, finding myself dreaming in minutes (but no better than Brunner’s) 🙂 Thanks for sharing doc!

    1. hi ralph. you’re a keen observer; you know my name is angelo, my son’s antonio and actually, the names of my “babies” amanda and alfonso are reserved for, if any case my wife and i will have more babies in the future. haha! e wala pa, so gamitin na lang ang pangalan sa camera at biyolin.

      brunner ha… hehe! 😀

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