Honestly, I cannot get over the news about how Japan was inundated by that massive tsunami and jolted by that tremendous earthquake a couple of days ago.  I was ashamed of myself dwelling on my little personal and professional problems while people on the other side of the planet were fighting for survival against forces beyond their control.

I prayed and asked for forgiveness; asked for mercy for those deeply affected by the calamity. I immediately thought of my family who as of the moment, are miles away from me. I prayed for their safety and for the good Lord to continuously keep us in His divine care.

Perhaps, one of the reasons why I am deeply affected with what happened to Japan was because I was fortunate enough to experienced Tokyo last year. I have personally seen, heard, smelt, felt and tasted  Tokyo for 14 days!  It was indeed, remarkable 2 weeks of my life! Admittedly, I fell in love with the city and it’s so difficult to reconcile that its northern part was devastated by that natural tragedy.

It instantly came to mind that even the most progressive country has its own sufferings. And that nothing is spared when nature speaks its wrath.

I know Japanese people have been used to strong typhoons, frequent earthquakes and in history, even atomic bombings. How they managed to rise from all these adversities should inspire and motivate not only me but the rest of the globe.

I was hesitant to post something pleasant about how I love that city and that country with their culture and their food of course, but life has to move on. Thus, this entry.

Second to our very own local dishes back home, I love Japanese foods. As mentioned, I am lucky to have tasted authentic sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki and sukiyaki when I was in Tokyo. So everytime I see Japanese food stalls and restaurants wherever I go, I cannot help but crave for some bites. 😀

About a couple of weeks ago, I went to one of the malls here in Penang that I frequent every weekend. And I did not resist the temptation of having Japanese for late lunch. Here was my set then…

Japan’s greatest contribution to gastronomic history : sushi!  

Other than sushi and sashimi, Yakult is the next best thing Japanese people introduced to the world!

This set meal came with soup+noodle bowl and a small cup of custard dessert as sweet ending!

Free small pitcher of iced cold green tea and drinking water to wash everything down.


I had that set meal from Sushi King in George Town, Penang…

Diners can directly get their sushi from the conveyor belt …

besides the set meal I had, I also opted to order ala carte. Sushi King’s Soft shelled crab temaki –delicious! 😀

I ate this lunch set at the heart of Penang 2 weeks before that catastrophe happened in Japan.  At least, it reminds me of good memories I had from Tokyo; a breather from those actual photos of news online.

Japanese food. Japanese culture. Japanese innovation. Japanese people. Japanese way of life. These are the things I love about Japan. And so until after they rise on their feet from the devastation they had, they’ll be constantly in my prayers.  

So help us, God!



  1. time check : half hour past 4 in the morning, sunday… time to doze off, gelo!
    Have a blessed new week, everyone! (I already heard anticipated mass last night).

  2. .. thanks for your entry for my blog contest doc, appreciated much!

    .. love yakult! di ba sabi nga sana may 1 liter nyan, haha! ilang days na lang diyan na sila gab! 🙂

  3. iba talaga when you have firsthand experience with the place. i know docgelo that you have such good memories in japan kaya you are affected more than we are.

    japan (and the world) needs our prayers. we can do nothing about mother nature’s wrath talaga…kahit super yaman ng country, when you’re devastated by mother nature, devastated talaga. at least nga japan was prepared for this, kahit papano.

  4. what happened in Japan may happen to any of us nauna lang sila. pero come to think of it, we too have experienced a lot of quakes lately hindi nga lang cya ganun ka lakas. pero one thing for sure, its a sign na.

    in a lighter side of things naman, ginutom ako dyan hehehe gusto ko tuloy mag buffet.

  5. Same thoughts here….I fervently hope that the milder earthquakes still happening would stop…

    Hopes also that the neighboring countries won’t experience the aftermath. Have a lovely week…will be linking your blog to mine as I have finished transferring. 😀

  6. yan ka na naman, after nito i’ll be heading to tokyo tokyo just to satisfy my craving!
    ikaw salarin ng love affair ko sa jap food!

    anyway, same sentiments with Japan. kayang kaya nila ulit makabangon, sure yan!

  7. It’s really horrible what happened but this makes us reflect how fleeting our existence is on Earth. Only God can truly tell. Let’s pray that Japan will recover from this immense tragedy.

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