Class pictures are always fun!

Here are my son’s latest with his classmates and teacher+principal in his Preparatory class, his 3rd and last year in Pre-School….

formal photo…*try to spot Gabby, if you can..*

then that wacky pose… *Gabby didn’t strike his antics; maintained his sweet smile from ear to ear!*

We may not have everything yet, but life is best with Gabby!

Congratulations, anak on your graduation from Pre-school.

See you in 12 days here in Penang, dont forget to bring your mom, hehehe!

I love you!


12 thoughts on “THAT’S MY BOY!

  1. ay naku kahit nakapikit ako kilala ko na si gabby 🙂

    congratulations. naka decided ka na doc kung san eenroll si gabby?

    tuwa naman ako sa last line mo …. don’t forget to bring your mom!

    happy days are here again for you and the fambam.

  2. Kita ko ang big smile ni Gabby. You have a very smart and talented kid!

    Thanks for stopping by. I am taking it easy on blogging. I have been following your posts and photos. They are so informative and I salute to your zest. I love your photo journalism.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I’m happy that your family will re-join you soon. Natawa ako dun sa “don’t forget to bring your mom” heehee.

    PS. Parang may kahawig na artista si Teacher on the left (or siguro dahil sa hairstyle nya). 😉

  4. Doc Congrats kay Gabby!! And to you too for having a smart son 😉 miss you na doc dami ko nang namiss sa blog mo, I hope I can catch up….ingats

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