As of this posting, I have not seen the 2009 American movie adaptation, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” of the series that was written by Sophie Kinsella; starred a certain, Isla Fisher as the shopping addict. Nevertheless, I had that film in mind as I exerted efforts in waking up early on a supposed to be lazy Saturday morning, hopped on the bus and ferry just to reach Queensbay Mall in Penang Island and grabbed some greatly discounted items with 3 friendly colleagues. Am I a shopaholic? Naaahhh….

Who would pass on the chance of 70 – 80 % off on bedroom items?

Can you resist this ?

Last night, I received a text message inviting me to a Members’ Day at Akemi Uchi, a Japanese shop that sells bed sheets, pillows, comforters, towels and other home items. The message stated a RM 1 (PhP 14) comforter set, up for grab by members (fortunately, I kept the membership card I got after I purchased a regularly priced item last year).

We arrived at Queensbay Mall at 9AM when it’s still closed. *talked about eagerness and excitement*  Had some bites and sips from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, then off we went to the mall’s 2nd level where Akemi Uchi is located. 

When the store opened its door, I rushed to one of its shelves and luckily got one of those ten-limited-offer Queen-sized comforter set, on sale for only RM1 (PhP 14).

Comforter set = 1 piece- 410 thread count Queen-sized-comforter set, 1 Queen-sized fitted sheet,  2 pillow cases, 1 bolster case ALL for one ringgit (or PhP 14)!

I knew the items to be sold for RM 1 (PhP 14) were very limited but didn’t expect that comforter sets will only be 10 pieces. I should have known the right shelf where they’ve put those great buys earlier; could have picked a nicer color. 

I initially offered the RM1-comforter set to my friends, but after I heard a Chinese lady-shopper commented that I am lucky to have one because it’s 410 thread count, I decided to pay for it despite it’s tan, black and red colors (I prefer darker ones).

Look at how my fellows smiled from ear to ear with those loots…

There were foot rugs, bath towels, cotton pillows, tall glasses and throw pillow cases for one ringgit each but each member was limited to 2 pieces of items per purchase only. 😦

I failed to get hold of the towels for myself but handed them to my friends. Nonetheless I was happy with what I got :  RM1-comforter set, 2 pieces of foot rugs, a couple of purple satin-throw pillow cases all for RM 1 (PhP 14) each and a RM 30 (PhP 420) rollaway mattress in blue, 76 cm x 196 cm.

And this photo should have captioned with, “Manong tindero, pwede pa bang dagdag diskwento?” hehehe 😀 (“Salesman, can you give us additional discount?”)

When I spotted this King-sized (my current bed in the penthouse is actually King size) comforter with bear face-print, I immediately got hold of it for I know my wife, Tina more than our son, Gabby will be delighted for this; right, honey?

I bought that too-cute-for-words-comforter set (with King sized comforter, fitted sheet, 2 pillow cases, 1 bolster case) for only RM 119 (PhP 1666) from its insanely original price of RM 919 (PhP 12,866). 

I could just imagine Tina screaming, “Ang cutieeeeee!” once she sees that bear-face-printed comforter. 🙂

My colleague-friends and shopping buddies for this day : doc gen, doc roy and doc jane (standing), public health specialists and a pathologist respectively…

Doc Gen even bought linens for her staff at DOH-Leyte and comforters and rollaway mattress too for her kids…

The faces of happy customers!

Those awesome items and the fun company of my fellow lecturers certainly made my weekend! 😀

How’s yours?




  1. Doc Gelo nasobrahan ko ba talaga ang pag shooping? akala ko kulang pa un hehhehehe.! sarap mamili kapag mura!!!!!!!!!Thanks Dr Gelo for the nice blog!

    1. where in the world can you find and buy a PhP 14 worth of comforter set
      (queen sized comforter, fitted bedsheet, 2 pillow cases, 1 bolster case)?

      only when stores in penang are on sale!

      punta ka na dito, penang is waiting for you.
      let’s go!

  2. I tend to stay away from these heavily discounted store sales because I always wind up buying items I do not need. Masyadong mura, it is almost a crime not to buy LOL.

    1. natawa ako sa linya mong, “Masyadong mura, it is almost a crime not to buy LOL.”

      you never fail to amuse me, bert!
      happy weekend! so where’s your next cruise?

    1. hahaha! hindi kaya ako habulin ng customs or BIR kung mag buy and sell ako? hahaha… sale lang kasi, grace!

      fyi, great malaysian sale here in penang malls starts mid-july to september.
      punta na sa penang, gadgets are cheaper here (dslr, ipad, iphone) pero ang budget ang kulang, hahaha!

  3. shopping galore!!! para ka nga si Becky Bloomwood (Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic)
    there are about 4 sales John and I usually go as in walang mintis – Crocs sale, Mango, Zara at Mothercare. Every 1 item I buy, John usually have 5 for him na. LoL 🙂

    feeling ko mas shopaholic ang mga guys compared sa girls. 🙂

    1. sa’yo na nanggaling iyan, ingrid ha.
      but i cannot blame doc john. i’m also guilty! haha.. but to be fair with me, i don’t splurge too much; i have little to spend, that’s why.

  4. Correct ka dyan bro! Mega-mura. Let’s do it again next month. Isama natin whole group para mega-happy.

    1. doc jane! complete name talaga, hahaha! thank you for dropping by here in my virtual world. ito ang isa ko pang mundo, masaya dito! daming kaibigan kahit di nagkikita-kita at di magkakakilala–nagkakaunawaan! 😀

      shopping next month on your birthday? sure!

  5. fyi, the 3 friends with me in this shopping spree are all born under the sign of taurus and incidentally also, born on dates april 23, 24, 25! how’s that for a company? 😀

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