It took me 7 months of being an expat in Penang before I found myself admiring the charm of Lebuh Chulia at dusk, a famous street in Georgetown. I have only known Lebuh Chulia as the most frequented street by foreigners in this UNESCO World Heritage City. It’s one of the usual streets where the most common form of public transportation in this side of Malaysia, the Rapid Penang Buses, pass through making it hard to miss.

After spending an afternoon with the birds and aviaries in Penang Bird Park, I with some others trooped to the island once more to hear anticipated Catholic Mass last Saturday then off we went to Lebuh Chulia to experience its quaint hawkers at night.

This street comes alive at twilight!

Hungry mouths from Penang, travelers and tourists, backpackers and expats from all over the globe who usually look for authentic and affordable dishes that Penang has to offer, never miss to go to those food stalls along Chulia Street.

Pehaps, I was initially lured by those hawkers at Gurney Drive but I can now attest that  Lebuh Chulia boasts of exciting night scenes other than those must-try dimsums, noodles and other gastronomic delights.

These remind me of “turo-turo”, Recto Avenue, and the fish balls and barbecue stalls in sidestreets of Manila…

It was fascinating for me to spend few minutes of people-watching; also found myself amazed at how vendors and those people who tend to these food stalls exert efforts in making a living probably every night at Lebuh Chulia.

Business must have been sooooo good!

Can’t help but to enjoy people-watching too…

Here comes the part of my shameless display of what I chow down…

So if and when time comes you get a chance to visit Penang, particularly Georgetown, you may want to consider dropping by at Lebuh Chulia at dusk.




9 thoughts on “LEBUH CHULIA AT DUSK

  1. I see why this is a popular spot for tourists and expats. The street reeks of culture and aroma of delicious food. Two things a traveler would want to experience about the place is right there. I gather this wouldn’t be your first and only time to partake of their mouth-watering offerings?

  2. naku ginutom ako ngayon ang aga pa. nakakatuwang kumuha ng mga candid shots ng mga tao no. so natural ang expression. hehehe natawa ako dun sa isang pic, kita na yung pw_t ng girl :p tas yung isa naman parang nagagalit yung babae sa asawa nya hehehe.

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