Appreciating feathered species doesn’t happen on a daily basis.

I and my 3 fellow expats dared the unforgiving sun last Saturday as we spent our weekend afternoon at Taman Burung Pulau Pinang or Penang Bird Park in Seberang Jaya which is about 7km from Penang Bridge Toll Plaza and also 7km from Butterworth Ferry Terminal.

Although we walked several meters from the bus stop just to reach those aviaries under the Malaysian sky and despite the fact that I perspired as if there’s no tomorrow, hehe 😀 I definitely enjoyed it for it gave me an alternative to my usual weekend inside a coffee shop of a mall.

The story of that ugly duckling that bloomed into a beautiful swan never fails to remind me that everyone may improve for the better. Swans may have been an icon of pristine fate in the same way that colorful birds like this blue and yellow macaw can also turn a negative mood into a brighter one in an instant.

From cute little ducks…

to my first sighting of pelicans…

and storks which I always perceive as the ones that deliver babies from the clouds as cartoons would depict them…

it was not difficult to morph into a bird lover in a blink…

Pink flamingos, yellow-beaked whatever and lotsa feathered creatures…

I wish someday I can capture them in flights and in their natural habitats.

I’d like to learn how to photograph them beautifully.

Do you like birds, I mean feathered creatures? 😛





  1. wow you impressed me here. Love all your shots with the birds. I find it hard to take photos of them since they move a lot and here they are all clear 🙂 love your shots with you holding the birds. hehehe natawa ako sa mga expressions ninyo 🙂

    1. hi iana! coming from a fantastic photographer like you, thank you!
      naku madami pang wacky shots kami kaya lang di ko na lang pinost, hehe…
      as in tagagtak ang pawis dahil sa init at sila sa takot matuka ng ibon, haha!

      it was a bit tiring but i really enjoyed this weekend with them!

    1. i still have to visit singapore hopefully soon jo, with my family of course. and when i get the chance, surely jurong bird park will be on my list of must-see.

      thanks, idolo ko kayo sa blogging at photography! *walang bola yun!* 🙂

  2. it pays to have naturally colorful subjects. ganda ng mga kuha doc. i particularly like your shot of the owl and the blue parrot. kakatuwa ang mga ganitong lakad.

    good to know that there’s an english mass nearby.

  3. wow, hey doc.. nice shots.. ganda!

    last saturday nasa Avilon naman kami, but its nothing compared there! Nice!


  4. wow, nikon na nikon dating ng mga kuha ah. galing talaga.

    i like birds, i have a pair of lovebirds at home 🙂

    yap this would be a good change from the coffeeshop chillaxing.

  5. ang ganda ng pics mo docgelo! i’m also not into birds…but i love their colorful feathers! i love the owl sitting on your shoulders in one of the pics!

  6. Your passion for photography is now very evident Doc Gelo – Nikon D7000 has got you moving all over Penang never mind the heat 🙂 But it’s the opposite with me in NYC where it’s mostly a shivering finger touching the shutter as I try to capture a shot outdoors.

  7. alam mo Doc, wala akong interest sa birds, or any kind of animals, pero may ingget factor ako sa cute na owl na katabi mo! ang ganda ng mga kulay ng birds!!!

  8. Lovely, colourful birds! Ahh…

    It’s nice to see all these birds from all over the world just in one place (the zoo) but I’d say it’s more interesting to see them in the wild. Sigurado marami sa Malaysia kasi maraming trees. I’ve seen a lot here in Port Wakefield (South Australia) along the Samphire Coast- this town is the most important spot for migratory birds. I am actually wondering why poultry farms are located in this place- very high risk of avian influenza.

    Ayos ang bird photography niyo Doc Gelo, ako walang tiyaga sa wildlife photography, it takes time to capture beautiful images. Try ko rin yan kapag hindi ako busy. U

  9. .. ang gaganda ng kulay nila! remember the mynah bird that lg gave me as a gift? malapit na siya magsalita then namatay siya, after nun ayoko na mag-alaga ng ibon. 😦

  10. catching up on your posts Doc. 1st of all—congrats to gabby for grabbing the 2nd spot. BIG achievement yan.

    2nd—about the birds.hahaha. ang kukulay ha. 105mm ayt? me bokeh effect na at suitable for this kind of photography dahil sa telephoto sya. now that I also have my 200 mmm lens, pwede na ko mag bird hunting like you Doc. hehehe

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