When he was 4 years old at Nursery, he won 3rd place in their Declamation Contest in school with his poem, “For My Country.”

The feat was carried on to his Kindergarten when he was awarded 4th Place in the same annual contest with his piece, “Planting Rice.”

That was Gabby last year with his classmate, Chloie; then, a year after…

Yesterday, I had a few calls and sent SMS to my wife, Tina at lunch time but she missed them all. I forgot that she attended to our son, Gabby’s declamation contest held at one of the function rooms in Ateneo De Manila University. No, Gabby’s not enrolled in ADMU, but it has been always a venue for their preschool’s extracurricular activities including graduation rites (usually at Henry Lee Irwin Theater).

It was only few hours after that my wife answered my call then I heard the great news that Gabby won 2nd place in their declamation contest, beating few sections of Preparatory students. Congratulations, son! Ang husay mo, manang-mana! 😀

We love you, Gabby! We’re so proud of you, son!

See you here in Penang in 3 weeks time! 😀

PS : You may not have won first place in those contests, son, but always keep in mind that your mom and I have you as our  champion forever! WE LOVE YOU SO!


16 thoughts on “GABBY WON AGAIN, 3 YEARS IN A ROW!

  1. uy may ka-love team si gabby sa picture! =) ako rin nun elementary sumali sa declamation contest, The Plight of My Son yata title. ayun naman, walang award. hehe. galing ni gabby!!!

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