You know there’s a birthday party when there are…


Party hats…



And more cakes…

Venue dressed to the nines…

The Guests…

And of course, the celebrators!

25 February 2011, Friday, Waziria Medical Square, Kepala Batas, Penang, Malaysia.   A few months ago, the institution that we’re working at came up with an idea to gather its community at the end of each month, outside its classrooms, conference halls without any lectures and meetings and office works but to party for our colleagues who were born on each specific month.  

It was the very first time for the Faculty of Medicine to sponsor and host (I was one of the emcees) this monthly birthday celebration.  With only less than a week to plan, we prepared almost everything, rolled up our sleeves, did multitasking even the blowing of balloons for the love of  our jobs.  *bow!* 😀

                                         What made this birthday party extraordinary?

How often would you see medical doctors who are educators as well from different countries unite in blowing of balloons? hehehe…

(from L-R) Dr. Mila from Myanmar, Dr. Vivian from the Philippines and Dr. Phoo also from Myanmar

How many companies celebrate their employees’ natal day all at the same time?  How many times have you spent your birthday in a foreign ground with celebrators from various walks of life, cultures, religions and colors?  How frequent can you experience a potluck party of food from different nationalities? (oops, that reminds me I forgot to capture the spread at the buffet table!)  Occasion with elements such as these doesn’t happen even on a yearly basis.

I must admit, I enjoyed it! 😀

😀 What’s your most memorable birthday celebration?


PS : Of course, nothing beats special occasions spent with your family and loved ones. 😀



  1. i like the colors of your photos. very realistic. sana di ka matuto ng hardcore editing kasi ansakit sa mga ng ganun.

    most memorable bday:
    an unexpected solo travel in ilocos with insufficient money, no ATm card, and no cellphone in hand.. WTF = Wow That’s Fantastic! ♥

  2. That’s a novel way to celebrate the birthday of a co-worker(s)! When I was working, all we had was a birthday cake for the celebrant at the coffee room and a token gift from all the co-workers…the value of the gift being inversely proportional to the position of the celebrant in the office hierachy.

  3. wow this is a nice. sarap mag cover ng ganyan diba. kala ko nung una isang tao lang ang may bday natuwa ako sa dami ng cake.

    memorable bday hmmmm siguro yung isa sa ofc ng surprise ako ng ka-ofcmates ko ng flowers and cake hehehe.

  4. i had a good birthday when i was with officemates in my previous work, we blew balloons and we had to feast on pacit, ice cream and bread. At least we were together.

  5. hahaha… making those balloons adds fun to the party. i think the idea of “to gather its community at the end of each month, outside its classrooms, conference halls without any lectures and meetings and office works but to party for our colleagues who were born on each specific month” is something other institutions should do. this actually reminds me of the movie Patch Adams.

  6. hye dc gelo.. i really like all your photos.. so real like i want to touch all those cakes.haha and, love to see my lectures are celebrating their birthday wearing cone.. like kids but very enjoyable.. 🙂

        1. oh wow! i’ll take an early off from work on the 23rd to meet my blogger-friend of 17 years who’ll be coming from mid east via manila-kota kinabalu (penang and KL)… my family and i will be staying on the island on the 23rd of march, you might want to join us for dinner for some hawkers/street foods… libre nyo kami!!! hehehe… *biro lang, but if you insist, hahaha*

          wish you enjoy penang! mainit lang dito, sobra!

          1. Naku doc, March 23 2:55pm, flight na namin pabalik sa KL. March 22 6pm dating namin sa Penang. Amazing race ang lakad na ito. Kung pwede ka sa 22 ng gabi doc, meet tayo. Bigay ko yung isang lata ng Purefoods Corned Beef. Hahaha 😀 di ba yun ang pramis ko sa isa mong post.

            1. wow, talagang may pasalubong ako? hahaha…
              i’m not sure, sa march 22… but i will try. let’s communicate via email. you can find it on the “contact docgelo” page of this site. if you must, you may email me your itineraries in line.. kung meet tayo sa 22 at available ako, sa georgetown lang siguro. i can suggest some food places for you to explore depending on your preferences and sense of adventures. see you on my inbox! i’ll reply perhaps tomorrow night. thanks!

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