12 February 2011. Saturday.   One of my housemate-colleagues and I left our penthouse in Butterworth, Penang at around 8:30 in the morning.  We rode the Rapid Penang bus to Jetty for about 10 minutes where we met one of our senior fellow medical educators who happens to be our inspiration, mentor and our driving force to pursue this hobby called photography.:D

At the jetty, we hopped on the ferry for that 12 minute ride and reached Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. We went to the camera shop where they bought their Nikon D7000 (I got mine 7 days ago from a different store) and took our quick bites for lunch after.

Our first plan was to go to Penang Hill and spend the day for photoshoot. But just before getting in another bus, I took the initiative to inquire from the dispatcher if the renovations in the funicular in that site were already done. The answer was negative so we decided to go take another route – Penang Butterfly farm.

But soon enough after we learned that Penang Butterfly farm’s entrance fee for adults doesn’t fit our budget (read : the 3 of us have Nikon D7000 but remain considerate of our pockets), we just took photos of some flying living things outside that park (which I will post in the succeeding parts of this series) and left after few hours.

Yet I enormously enjoyed the day despite the looong joy ride and dozing off episodes inside the bus. And what saved our day was my suggestion to go to Lebuh Chulia (Chulia Street) in Georgetown (near Jetty) where a cultural celebration was about to unfold.

Fortunately, I got a free Penang tourism magazine from the rack at the entrace of Butterfly Farm, browsed and learned about T’sai Shen Tau event.


The God of Prosperity has arrived.

The iN Penang tourism magazine excerpts :

“Just as “Jingle Bells filled the air during Yuletide, the sound of  drums and cymbals and the tune, T’sai Shen Tau (The God of Prosperity has arrived) takes over the Chinese community gears up for the fifteen day-long Chinese New Year celebration.

On the 12 February, the CNY & Cultural Heritage Celebration organized by the Clan Association Youth Committee is not to be missed. The event is initiated by the Penang Clan Council and the State Government to Celebrate  Georgetown’s UNESCO listing as a World Heritage City.  From 3:30PM to midnight, there will be a series of cultural events that showcase Chinese history, culture and arts. Huge crowds are expected to throng the enclave comprising Chulia Street, Armenian Street, Soo Hong Lane, Ah Qyee Street, Acheen Street, Cannon Street, Kampong Kolan and Jalan Kapitang Keling.”

Hence, we arrived in Chulia Street at past 4 in the afternoon and witnessed a  burst of diversity.  Remember, Penang is composed of 3 major races –(in no particular order)

Malays, Indians and Chinese…

Three races. 

Three colors. 

Three tongues.

One City.

One Nation.

Here are some of my captures from the streets and cultural shows that motivated me more to learn the skill and appreciate the hobby.

FYI, Most, if not all Indian women here in Penang wear their Sari proudly on a daily basis.

“The wise man belongs to all  countries, for the home of a great soul is the whole world.”  –Democritus




to be continued….



25 thoughts on “T’SAI SHEN TAU : 1ST OF 3 PART-SERIES

    1. hi ms. nance! how’s your side of the globe? how are your flowers in that part of New York? will visit your site soon.

      thanks and enjoy your new week!
      God bless 😀

    1. general! dockie! buti na lang sinamahan nyo kami at nagawi tayo dito!
      it was an amazing experience.

      i cant wait to view your photos and carlo’s masterpieces *you know what i mean* 😛

  1. Galing ng pictures! Really captured the festivities. Reminds me of the elaborate fabrics and throw pillows my mom used to enjoy buying from our Southeast Asian neighbors. So, this is how it looks like with real people 😀

  2. OMG—nakabili kanapala Doc? at d7000 pa ha. talagang dimo napigilan ang tempttion. pero cool gadget yan. like I said. I am dying to have one. winner sa low light yan. it takes time and patience talaga. at least makikita mo ang progression sa mga kuha mo. ang maganda dyan. ang daming possibilities. like these photos above. ang kukulay. welcome to the world of dslr. welcome new nikon baby.hehehe

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