It has been 5 days since I had my very first DSLR -a Nikon D7000 and I am guilty of not spending time to learn its modes and functions, haven’t completed reading its manual yet, nor finished browsing tips and write ups on online forum for newbie on photography.

If only there’s a training-workshop here in Penang for beginners on this hobby, I’ll be first to enlist my name; I so wish to attend. For now, the cliche ‘practice makes perfect’ serves as my driving force.

Today, I brought Alfonso with me at work and here are the things we captured…

IĀ  clipped Gabby’s ID photos on one of the schedules in front of my work desk.

Here’s one of the lecture rooms in the medical university-college where we work.

Some of the school’s Anatomical Models used in teaching…

Skeleton not in the closet…

Anatomic models take 2…

Babies in utero…

DOC ANNA, of the blog Centromeredaw and one of my bubbliest Pinoy colleagues never ran out of poses for the cam… We enjoyed this impromptu shoot, hahaha šŸ˜€

I had fun clicking Alfonso and capturing my colleagues’ smile on frame.

Here’s Doc Ted on very early morning Skype…

Fun never ends even on black and white…Doc Beeboo, who’s one of my professors in Biochemistry back 1997 in Med School, now my colleague and Doc Carlo, one of my housemate-colleagues and batchmates in Medicine…

Doc Beeboo and Doc Anna’s kulitan moments…

Doc Roy and by now, you know her, DOC ANNA.

My colleague-friends are versatile models; they can shift moods in a heart beat!

Isa kang modelo, Anna Liza! jejeje šŸ˜›

My other Pinoy colleague-friends trooped and smiled ears to ears…

(from L-R) Doc Beeboo, Doc Anna, Doc Genny, Doc Brenda, Doc Roy of the 23 Pinoy MD-lecturers in this side of Penang…

(L-R) Doc Brenda, Doc Anna, Doc Naomi, Doc Roy and Doc Genny…

…they’re few of the best exports from Pinas!

Till my next photoshoot, hahaha! šŸ˜€Ā 





  1. You are good litratista but Alfonso is making you a better one. Keep shooting! How do you get your colleagues to smile the way they do? I usually get the middle finger salute when I tell my buddies to smile before I take their pic…..I figured it is my cheap camera LOL.

    1. i still have to learn more things but i have to rolled my sleeves and stop being lazy. tamad kasi ako magbasa ng online forum on photography particularly for beginners, di pa din matapos basahin ang manual.. anyway, paunti unti, magagamay ko din sana si alfonso.

      i wouldn’t mind having a cheap camera if i could be in those places you’ve cruised, you’ve traveled…

  2. I am looking for a friend Dr. Fidel Fernandez from the Philippines who is teaching medicine in Penang. Does anyone have his cell number so that I can get in touch with him? I will be in Malaysia the first two weeks of June.

    Charles McKnelly,
    Glorious Praise Fellowship Hong Kong.
    Phone 852-91666232.

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